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 Ultra Series: Introduction

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Ultra Series: Introduction Empty
PostSubject: Ultra Series: Introduction   Ultra Series: Introduction Icon_minitimeThu Jul 05, 2012 1:38 pm

Ultra Series: Introduction 0360

the Ultra Series Live-action Japanese tokusatsu franchise based around humans who attain the power of gigantic alien heroes and fight attacks of the fifty foot monster/alien of the week. The show has lasted for decades and the various "Ultra" characters possess a lineage to rival various Anime in complicated lore around them.

The many incarnations over time vary widely over tone, shifting into Darker and Edgier territory with Ultra Seven, Ultraman Leo, Ultraman Gaia, and Ultraman Nexus; others, like Ultraman Cosmos were much Lighter and Softer; finally, series such as Ultraman Tiga maintained a balance between the two extremes. Tonal shifts were sometimes brought on by edits. Cosmos being toned down due to current events or Nexus becoming edgier in an attempt to reverse declining ratings.

It's Prototype is called Ultra Q which is a cross between the Twlight Zone and Godzilla

The Series has several things in common:

Number 1: Ultramen

Ultra Series: Introduction 0362

Ultramen are a race that are responsible of the formation of the Space Garrison and live on Planet Ultra. There are many Ultramen in other universes, each with different origins.

The Ultramen weren't always supernatural Soldiers, they were once perfectly normal Human-like aliens, living on a planet located in Nebula M78. However one day their sun went out leaving the planet in darkness, not giving up hope that worlds greatest minds toiled for an unknown amount of time until the created a solution: an artificial sun called the Plasma Spark. On the day that it wasturned on the planet was flooded with light. However there were unexpected side effects, the people of the land of light became beings of light as they began to change into strange silver beings that could manipulate energy. The race had a strong sense of justice, believing their where given the power of Ultra for a reason they created the Space Garrison, an organization that enforces freedom and peace through out the known universe. As they battle evil across the stars, more evil minded races began to see them as a threat and began to work to destroy them, such as the people of Barbarou, Temperor and Baltan. The greatest threat to the Land of Light came from a being called Emperor, who with an army of monster and aliens, attacked the Land of Light in an event known as the Ultra War. Though the Land of Light was conquered, the Ultras fought back and reclaimed their homeworld. The hero of this conflict was the Ultra named Ken, who dueled the Emperor in a battle that left both with matching wounds and forced the emperor to retreat for thirty thousand years. After that, the next great threat to the Ultras came from within, a young and powerful Ultra named Belial broke the laws of the Ultras and attempted to steal energy from the Plasma Spark for himself. For this crime he was burned by the Plasma Spark itself and exiled by his fellow Ultras but he returned a dark mockery of an Ultra warrior. Fused with Alien Reiblood and weilding the Giga Battlizer, he marched with his hundred monster army on the Land of Light with the intention of destroying everything only to be bested by Ultraman King himself who locked him away forming the Space prison and sealing his weapon in the Valley of Flames in the Monster Graveyard. Since then the Ultras have known relative peace as they continued their never ending battle against evil.

Ultramen are beings of light whose natural size is always that of a giant (the average adult is usually between 150 and 200 feet tall). They are usually red and silver (although several color variations have been seen in recent years) with yellow almond-shaped dome eyes (although there are exceptions to both the shape and color) and various abilities, most notably to fire energy beams from various positions of crossed hands. Their primary weakness (in the Showa universe and a few other, this weakness is not aboslute for Ultras of other universes) is a limited power supply, meaning that they cannot stay in giant form for long, usually no longer than three to five minutes. Ultras are beings of light and therefore feed on light but Earth's atmosphere naturally filters out most of the light that hits it, dwindling their energy supply. This is marked by a light, usually on their chest, sometimes on their forehead, called the Color Timer or Warning Light. It generally starts at blue, turns red and begins to blink with increasing frequency as the Ultra's power dwindles.

At this point the Ultra has a few options; find a way to finish the batlle as soon as possible, leave the Earth's atmosphere to recharge, revert to human form or risk certain death. An Ultraman does not have this issue in space and some series say that the problem is that the Earth's atmosphere is so badly polluted, regardless they can survive much longer in space where unfiltered sunlight reaches them, thus there is no time limit in space or on planet lacking Earth like qualities. To counter this time limit and an Ultra will almost always gain a human form or merge with a host. If the host was recently killed then the Ultras powers will revive them as they share a lifeforce with the Ultra.

Another thing of note, is the Ultras are appearantly difficult to permanently kill, numerous times an Ultra has died only to be revived by another member of their species. Also a large amount of energy seems to revive them, usually supplied by their human allies, even when competely destroyed, such as Mebius who was killed by Alien Emperor and revived shortly thereafter by the life energy and bonds with his friends. Several Ultras have been killed in the Showa universe only to be revived 'in the nick of time' by another member of their species......AMAZING

They also have a set of abilities:

.Spacium Ray: All if not most Ultras can fire this beam or a variation of the spacium ray in from a crossed hand position in either a T, L or even X style. There are other ways in which a beam can be fired like a simple outstretched hand or from a jewel on their forehead, etc. Though each beam varies in power, the basic spacium ray and all other types are powerful enough to destroy the average monster in one shot.

.Strength: All Ultras have super strength which is not usually seen unless they are at human size. They can easily lift monsters their own size and larger over their heads and throw them, it should be noted that the punches and kicks from Ultras have caused monsters immune to conventional weaponry to stumble and show physical pain. For all their strength, they are weakened by Earth like atmospheres and cannot exert all of their vast strength in such an environment or they will quickly run out of energy, thus all memebers of the Space Garrison are trained to pace themselves.

.Flight: All Ultras can fly under their own power, this ability is perhaps the lease stressful one the have. They can also been known to fly interstaller or even intergalactic distances.

.Mental Abilities: All Ultras have the power or potential for telepathy even between solar systems, but some are trained to use a form of telekinesis called Ultra Willpower.

.Barriers: Ultras can erect energy barriers to protect themselves from enemy fire.

.Light Powers: Ultras being beings of light, can manipulate it for various effects, from missile strength energy blasts, cell alterating beams, a burning aura to incinerate a latch on foe, energy constructs etc. Their limit is only to the individuals traning and experience.

.Ultra Signs: a form of long distance travel using their light powers appears as a series of alien characters made of light, usually only other Ultras can see them but some aliens and monster can also see them and replicate.destroy them.

.Outer Space Adaption: Ultras can survive in space, in fact they are more at home there than in earth's atmosphere since there is no oxygen to filter out light and weaken them. As such they are stronger in space or on none earth like planets than here where their energy is quickly used up. They can also survive underwater as they do not breath.

.Worm Holes: Ultras can create worm holes to travel the vast distances of space under reasonable time.

.Size Alteration: Ultras can change their size from giant to microscopic and anything inbetween, some can even enlarge themselves beyond their regular size.

.Energy merging: An Ultra can share their life energy with a human, fusing the two into one being, which transforms into ultra form using a device. This also can revive a recently killed person, though they will require the Ultra's energy to survive since their life force is gone.

.Human Mimic: An Ultra may simply take on a human form, though this body works on the same principle as a host body, it also shares any injuries with the Ultra form and vice versa.

Number 2: Ultraman King

Ultra Series: Introduction 0363

Height: 193 feet, 58 meters

Age: 300,000 years

Ultraman King is the most powerful Ultra in the Universe, and the true ruler of the Land of Light. In the 2009 film Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie . He is considered to be and respected as the "God" or Elder of all Ultra heroes. Despite the name, he is not the king of the Land of Light. He is supposedly all powerful and undefeatable, but lives on his own on the King Planet. From his own planet King, as well as his second in command Yullian, ran Nebula M78 and kept everything in check as he observed the evolution of the Ultra Brothers. He has a beard and crown.

Number 3: Father Of Ultra

Ultra Series: Introduction 0364

Real Name: Ken

Height: 148 feet, 45 meters

Age: about 16, 000 years old

Father of Ultra is the Commander of the Space Garrison. He first appeared in the 27th episode of Ultraman Ace. He is the husband of Mother of Ultra, the father of Ultraman Taro, Ultraman Ace (by adoption) and Ultraman Mebius.

After the great Ultra war of M78, Ultraman King, the ruler of Nebula M78, wanted the formation of an elite task force to patrol the universe, and the one that defeated the infamous Alien Emperor, became their leader, and that was Father of Ultra. With Ultraman Zoffy, the king's grandson, in second command, the squad of heroes started with five members: Zoffy, Ultraman, Father of Ultra's nephew Ultraseven, Ultraman Jack, and Father of Ultra's adopted son Ultraman Ace.These would become known as the first five Ultra Brothers. Ultraman, Seven, Jack, and Ace served a year on Planet Earth, defending from monsters and aliens.

Number 4:Mother of Ultra

Ultra Series: Introduction 0365

Real Name: Marie

Height: 131 feet, 40 meters

Age: about 140,000 years

Mother of Ultra is one of the most important members of the Space Garrison, as she is mostly a medic. Her debut was in the first episode of Ultraman Taro and is the mother of Taro.

Her husband is Father of Ultra and is his equal in terms of command and fighting ability.

Number 5: Land of Light

Ultra Series: Introduction 0366
Ultra Series: Introduction 037
Ultra Series: Introduction 0367
Ultra Series: Introduction 0368
Ultra Series: Introduction 0369
Ultra Series: Introduction 0370

The homeland of the Ultras, The Land of Light or Planet Ultra is a clear planet, with somewhat clear green colored buildings. The matter of the planet is made of crystal, and can be broken with a strong hit. The Planet is itself composed of floating, huge lands, circling it's center, similar to a galaxy, in the center there is a very strong light that lights up the entire planet, which is where the Plasma Spark is located and where the Ultras receive their energies from. If the Plasma Spark was removed or stolen, all ultras will be turned into stone.

The Land of Light is a monarchy, ruled by Ultraman King, even though he has his own planet to live on. His second in command is Yullian, and his adopted sons Ultraman Leo and Astra. The Space Garrison ,controlled by Father of Ultra, is an organization that seeks universal peace and justice, and functions as the security group of the Planet.

Number 6: Monster Graveyard

Ultra Series: Introduction 039
Ultra Series: Introduction 038
Ultra Series: Introduction 040
Ultra Series: Introduction 0371

The Monster Graveyard is a location in the Ultra series. It is the burial grounds and afterlife of all the fallen monsters and aliens whom had been destroyed by the Ultramen over the centuries.

Not many details have been mentioned, but what is known that the Monster Graveyard is a distortion of spacetime that is located somewhere in the universe. The Monster Graveyard acts as an afterlife and burial grounds for the Monsters, Aliens, and Sentient Beings (both good and bad) whom have been defeated by the Ultramen throughout the decades (and possibly centuries.) When any opponent is destroyed by an Ultra, their soul is lifted and sent to the Graveyard where it would reconstruct their bodies, but force the victim to reside in the Graveyard for the rest of eternity until it is revived by an outside source.

The Graveyard also appears to be inter-universal as monsters from other Universes have been confirmed to reside in the Graveyard as well.

it is said to be 600,000 years or older.

Number 7: Reiblood

Ultra Series: Introduction 041
Ultra Series: Introduction 0372

Height: unknown

Although not physically seen with a prominent role, Reiblood's first mention and appearance was seen in the second-to-last episode of the original Ultra Galaxy series. He it told by Kate to be the creator of all Reibloods and Reionyx across the universe and that he has lived longer than any previous villain in the Ultra series, surpassing the likes of Belial, Yapool, and Alien Emperor. Sometimes thousands of years ago, Reiblood's body was destroyed, but his genes spread across the universe, creating the Reibloods and Reionyx in hopes of determining who would be his successor by making them battle one another to the very end.

Reiblood acts like the subconcious to Ultraman Belial prior to the events in the present. It is told by Hibino Mirai that after Belial was banished from the Land of Light for tampering with the Plasma Spark, Alien Reiblood appeared before the ultra and fused with him, transforming him into the powerful, evil Ultra he is now.

it is revealed in that Alien Reiblood was still alive, having been sealed deep within Planet Hammer for ancient unspeakable crimes and during the Reionyx Battle. Upon regaining enough power to escape. Reiblood called out to Reimon, to approach him. Upon entering the depths of the planet, Rei is confronted by Armored Mephilas, whom Reiblood had brought forth to test Rei's strength. Impressed by Rei's abilities after Mephilas was defeated, Reiblood finally revealed himself to Rei in hopes of persuading his Reiblood offspring to become his successor. Rei however refused and Reiblood chose to deal with Rei personally, possessing a newly revived Armored Darkness and commanding him to attack Rei. Despite easily pummeling Rei's Gomora as Armored Darkness, Grande and Red King appeared as well, having followed Rei and ultimately Alien Reiblood is destroyed by the combined efforts of EX Gomora and EX Red King.

Reiblood's soul however wasn’t finished yet. As the ZAP SPACY was escaping Planet Hammer as it was imploding, Alien Reiblood spirit emerged from the black hole that was the planet to attempt to pull them back to their deaths. However the spirit was ultimately stopped by the combined forces of Ultraman and Ultra Seven as the two ultras fired a Wide Shot and a Specium Ray, destroying the core of Reiblood's spirit.

Number 8: Ultraman Belial/Galactic Emperor Kaiser Belial

Ultra Series: Introduction 0373
Ultra Series: Introduction 0374

Height: 55 meters

In ancient times, Ultraman Belial was a regular Ultra Warrior, but he was consumed mentally by greed and pride, and decided to take the Plasma Spark to obtain the power enough to control the entire universe. When he had the chance, he went to the Plasma Spark Tower, and was about to grab the Plasma Spark, but the light emanating from it was too strong for him to resist, he started screaming in agony and pain because of the light's power, the Space Garrison captured him, and he was exiliated from the Land of Light to a moon, where Alien Reiblood appeared, Belial asked who he was, and, after proclaiming himself the one that reigns over the universe, he went and started to merge with Belial, even if it was against Belial's will. After the union finished, and both became one, Belial lost his Ultra Warrior spirit, and became pure evil, Reiblood gave him the Giga Battle Nizer (a device that can control monsters), and with his army of 100 monsters attacked the Land of Light for revenge, he arrived and was receiving orders from Reiblood to destroy the Ultras once and for all. Defeating Zoffy, and Mother of Ultra, after dueling with Father of Ultra and defeated him, Ultraman King appeared, making it clear that Belial dishonors the Land of Light, and sealed him in a prison, that became the moon of the Land of Light, and trapped the Giga Battlenizer in the Valley of Flames.

Many years later he was freed by Alien Zarab who gave him back his Giga Battle Nizer in hopes of the two forming an alliance. Instead, Belial betrayed and killed Zarab and is attacked by Taro and a group of Ultra Warriors. Defeating all save Taro, the two fell towards the Land of Light. Standing up to reveal a defeated Taro, he began to attack the other Ultramen. While fighting and defeating almost all of the Ultraman heroes, he went inside the Plasma Spark Tower, defeating the last wave of heroes and started to fight Father of Ultra.

During the fight Father of Ultra was initially defeating Belial, but Belial attacked him with the Giga Battle Nizer

in the scar he had when he fought with Alien Emperor, hurting him and defeated him, later Mother of Ultra attacked him but Belial withstood her attacks and vioelntly attacked her, defeating her as well. Belial was about to kill both Ken and Marie, but when he fired his beam, Ultraman Taro appeared and risked his life to safe his parents, Belial din't kill them, but he took away the Plasma Spark, leaving the Planet dark, and every Ultra being(but Ultraman, Ultra Seven and Mebius) were left helplessly frozen, with only a bit of light being saved by Taro, and Belial went to the Monster Graveyard.

Ultraman Belial arrived at the Monster Graveyard, where he used the Plasma Spark to revive his entire army of monsters. However, Ultraman, Ultraseven, Rei and Mebius arrived at the scene. Belial was surprised to see the Ultra Brothers, but he was more surprised when he saw Rei, after Rei said who he was, Belial told him that they were brothers, and they both should unite and rule the universe as they wish, but Rei denied his request, and Belial somewhat angry, released all his 100 monsters, and the Ultras started fighting against his army, while Belial was watching over the Plasma Spark. Eventually Belial attacked all the Ultras with an electric beam form his Giga Battle Nizer, weakening them. Belial turned to Rei and told him to unleash his true power, Belial gathered his dark reiyonix energy in his hand, and after slapping away Reimon, the young Reiyonix was consumed by the darkness of Reiblood, and entered Burst Mode changing Gomora aswell. The Ultramen started to fight Gomora, but Gomora used the Super Oscillating Wave at Seven, weakening him a lot. At a certain point during the battle, ZAP SPACY arrives with Ultraman Dyna, and Belial starts to fight with Dyna. Belial fought Dyna, and evetually tossed him away, and ordered all monsters to attack. Belial shot a beam that would kill all of ZAP SPACY, angry that they had freed Rei from the darkness, Seven runs and gives his life to save the humans, and before he fell, he sent his Eye SLugger towards the planet where his son was training, and falls unconscious.

The battle raged on, with the monsters almost winning, a strong Emerium Ray came from the sky, killing hordes of monsters, and a being surrounded by light grabs Seven and carries him to a safe zone. Seven tells him that he has all grown up, and dies. Responding to Belial's question, the Ultra, surrounded by anger because of the death of his father, reveals himself to be Ultraman Zero and starts to finish of the remaining monsters easily. He started to fight Belial, disarming him and throwing away his Giga Battle Nizer, leaving Belial in a weakened state, and defeats him, throwing him to the lake of fire in the Graveyard. However, a earthquake occurs, and the souls of the monsters and Belial became one: Beryudora, a huge monster made of a fusion of all the monsters and Belial.

The Ultras started fighting him, and after Zero was chosen by the light and gave him a new weapon, he went directly, supported by the Ultra Brothers, he slashed Belial with the Twin Zero Sword and defeated him. Belial declared he would come back, and Zero responded that he would be waiting. Belial vanished and the monster explodes, finishing Belial's reign of terror. Sometime later, in a huge rock located in an unknown place in space, Belial's corpse was seen, apparently dead, but his eye suddenly lit up with light, and Belial was far from gone...

Belial returns as Galactic Emperor Kaiser Belial, controlling a new army of robotic soliders with his two new allies, Darkgone and Iaron. He conquers the world Esmeralda in another universe and injects Negative Reiblood energy into its protector, Mirror Knight. With the planet's massive supply of emeralds with the ability to be converted into raw energy, Belial plans to use them for his conquest of the universe, starting by destroying the Land of Light. Belial eventually clashes with Ultraman Zero with his Ultimate Force Zero, transforming into his Arch form only to be destoyed by Ultimate Zero.

Number 9: Alien Emperor

Ultra Series: Introduction 0375

Although not physically seen in the series, Alien Emperor's story and character was first mentioned in episode 25 of the series, Ultraman Taro.
Long ago, Alien Emperor was a powerful alien who led a great monster army and attacked Nebula M78. However the Ultras fought back, destroying many of his Legions, leaving the Empera to duel with the Father of Ultra, their battle however ended in a tie, leaving them both with a scar. Alien Emperor was weakened by this, and fled into hiding for generations.

During Ultraman Mebius's time, Alien Emperor's presence was more felt as he was slowly returning to power. When the monster Bogal attacked earth and eventually was killed by Ultraman Mebius and Ultraman Hikari, more of its kind known as Lesser Bogal appeared and proceeded to open a rift between his hideout and Earth. For there he was go on to recruit the aliens: Yapool, Deathrem, Glozam, and Alien Mephilas, creating the coalition known as "'The Four Heavenly Kings'." However once the Lesser Bogals were killed off and the Heavenly Kings were defeated, Alien Emperor had fully regained his strength and decided to take matters into his own hands.

Alien Emperor began his world domination plan by encasing the sun in a rock entity. He also summoned a group of Imperializers to attack different regions of the Earth. At first, Ultraman Mebius was losing the battle against the Imperializers, but after the people of Earth began cheering him on, Ultraman Mebius destroyed the Imperalizers with the same attack he used to destroy Mebius Killer = the Mebium Dynamite. However, excessive usage of the attack on the Imperializers became too much for Mirai's body to handle and thus Mirai was put in critical condition.

Later, two more Imperializers appeared to wreak havoc, this time attacking GUYS HQ. GUYS managed to destroy one of the Imperializers, but was unable to destroy the second. Just as the second Imperializer was about to destroy the GUYS base, a blade slit it clean in half, destroying it completely. It was the blade of Zamusha, an alien swordsman whom had unfinished business to settle with Ultraman Mebius (and Ultraman Hikari,) whom had sided with GUYS so that Mebius would be his kill. Shortly after Alien Fanton and Alien Psychoknio, alien friends of GUYS appeared as well to assist them in the battle.

With his army destroyed, Alien Emperor decided to take over the Earth personally. The Alien destroyed much of Tokyo and finally encasing the Earth in darkness from the coating of a stone-like entity on the sun. Zamusha tried to take out the Emperor in short order, by trying to impale Alien Emperor with his blade, but the Emperor's superior strength and power was far more than Zamusha and the others could handle and then Alien Emperor proceeded to assault Zamshua with his shock waves.

Just then, Ultraman Hikari arrived to assist in destroying Alien Emperor, but was blasted to the ground next to Zamusha. The 2 rivals decided to work together to destroy the Emperor, and GUYS began striking back at Alien Emperor as well, but none of their attack did not harm him. Following his assault on Zamshaa and Hikari, Alien Emperor turned his attention to the GUYS base, and decided to destroy it in order to kill Ultraman Mebius once and for all. Then as he fired a shock wave, Zamusha sacrificed himself and took the hit. Dying, Zamusha realized the truth of protection.

Enraged, Ultraman Hikari grabbed Zamusha's blade and actually managed to cut another scar into Alien Emperor's other side. Ryu of GUYS then charged towards Alien Emperor in a kamikaze dive, but his ship was seemingly destroyed by a single hit of Empera's shock wave (In reality, Ultraman Hikari had saved him and taken him as his new human host.) Ultraman Hikari then unleashed his Hikari blade, but was unable to even hit Empera, as the alien blasted him back with shock waves. At that critical moment, Mirai transformed into Ultraman Mebius. Hikari and Mebius combined their Hikari Shot and Mebium Shoot, but the Emperor simply neutralized the new beam with his cloak.

Alien Emperor decided to become offensive, and struck Hikari with another shock wave, knocking him to the ground. Alien Emepra then struck Mebius with the Dark Beam. Then after one shot, successfully destroyed Mebius. All seemed lost, but little did the Emperor know that killing Mebius was the beginning of his end.

Meanwhile in space, the Ultra brothers (Ultraman, Ultra Seven, Jack, Ace, Taro, Leo, Astra, and 80) were all at work, destroying the rock that was coating the sun with their signature beams. They also telepathically communicated with the GUYS team members, encouraging them not to give up hope.

Meanwhile, Mirai was revived as a spiritual entity that merged with all the other members of Team GUYS as well as Ultraman Hikari, to which gave birth to a new form of Ultraman Mebius, the Phoenix Brave Mode. Alien Emperor's powers were now futile as they were all deflected back at him by Mebius' new form. At that moment, GUYS' final METEOR, an energy-amplifier named "Specium Redoublizer" descended from the skies.

Mebius fired a Mebium-Knight shot through the amplifier, severely weakening and wounding Alien Emperor, whom was withering in agony as scale after scale was being ripped apart from his body. Meanwhile the captain of GUYS, Shingo Sakomizu suddenly merged with another Ultra that came onto the scene, Zoffy. Zoffy joined the battle, firing his M87 beam through the amplifier, and linking it with Mebius's beam. With Alien Emperor still not destroyed, Mebius performed a final technique, the Mebium-Knight Dynamite. The technique was so powerful it destroyed the amplifier and fatally wounded Alien Emperor.

As he was dying, Alien Emperor finally recognized that it was the bond between the humans and the ultramen that enabled Mebius to defeat him, realized the futility of his actions, and slowly transformed into light before dissipating.

Alien Emperor's cape and boots can be seen worn by a robot known Mecha Zamsha. The newly reunited Four Heavenly Kings tried to resurrect the Emperor by merging Mecha-Zamu and the Giga Battle Nizer. However, their efforts were prevented and they were destroyed. The Giga Battle Nizer was lost in space and Mecha-Zamu was destroyed to prevent Alien Emperor from ever returning again.

Now on to the show please pick a Chapter:

.Chapter 1: Ultraman

.Chapter 2: Ultra Seven

.Chapter 3: The Return of Ultraman

.Chapter 4: Ultraman Ace

.Chapter 5: Ultraman Taro

.Chapter 6: Ultraman Leo

.Chapter 7: Ultraman 80

.Chapter 8: Ultraman Tiga

.Chapter 9: Ultraman Dyna

.Chapter 10: Ultraman Gaia

.Chapter 11: Ultraman Neos

.Chapter 12: Ultraman Cosmos

.Chapter 13: Ultraman Nexus

.Chapter 14: Ultraman Max

.Chapter 15: Ultraman Mebius

.Chapter 16: Ultra Seven X

.Chapter 17: Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey

.Chapter 18: Ultraman Zero
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Ultra Series: Introduction
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