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 The Filthy Finale Part 2

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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The Filthy Finale Part 2 Empty
PostSubject: The Filthy Finale Part 2   The Filthy Finale Part 2 Icon_minitimeMon Dec 30, 2013 12:16 pm

Narrator: Previously on Invader Zim

(We see scenes from the previous episode and it cuts to the events afterward, we see Dib getting up and walking in sideways direction.)

Dib: I gotta to find Zim, before he hatches his latest plan again, now I only need to know where he is and wipe out the Irken Empire.

(Suddenly we see Explosions in the distance, Dib looks startled and decides to follow them)

The Filthy Finale Part 2

Opening Theme:

Mansion, outside, day

(We see Zim, Tak, GIR and MIMI fighting the Fleet Admiral he takes little to no damage from the attacks.)

Zim: W-what are you?!

Fleet Admiral: I am the very first super solider of the Irken Empire, I was created through every form of genetic manipulation.

(Suddenly tentacle-like appendages with spikes shoot out of his body as he draws out his sword. The Vice Admiral shows up as this happens.)

The Filthy Finale Part 2 Vice_a10

Vice Admiral: That is so Awesome! Can I Take a picture!

Tak: Who's that Guy Zim? He's very weird

Zim: He's the Fleet Admiral's Second in command.

GIR: MMMMM Rocks. Really.

Tak: This guy is the second in command to this thing?!

Zim: Yes, Everything you just said pretty much explains everything.

Vice Admiral: I'll get the popcorn as you fight those weird Irkens and those SIR Units

(Zim, Tak, GIR and MIMI continue to fight the Fleet Admiral as they do that the Vice Admiral eats popcorn with butter on it. Eventually they manage to do some damage on the Fleet Admiral.)

Fleet Admiral: This is the First time someone managed to damage me! How Strong are you!?

Zim: Well me and Tak have very powerful weapons.

Fleet Admiral: Either way that is nothing, Vice Admiral get the ship ready!

Vice Admiral: Yes Sir!

(Suddenly the Vice Admiral summons a massive spaceship that looks like this.)

The Filthy Finale Part 2 064

Zim and Tak: Whoa!

GIR: OOOOOO Cool! I wonder what it tastes like?

Fleet Admiral: Attack!

Vice Admiral: All right men run stupidly out in the open instead of blasting them from a distance! Don't surrender, no retreat men, we shall succeed where dozens of mechanized doom machines have failed..............Oh wait I'm the only guy here.

(The fight continues while they continue to fight the Fleet Admiral, the ship also attacks them during the fight eventually the group manages to injure the Fleet Admiral with a powerful attack.)

Fleet Admiral: I was defeated by my opponent, however the empire will continue to expand across the universe!

Zim: I'm a afraid that the empire will end soon.

Fleet Admiral: Very Well.

Tak: You're not angry.

Fleet Admiral: I better face the facts there's always someone better than me.

(the Fleet Admiral crumbles into dust after the blast. The Vice Admiral walks out of the spaceship.)

Vice Admiral: Because of you're services, I pardon you of the destruction of the tyrants.

Zim: That's good!


Vice Admiral: However, you have been disconnected from the military for destroying the Fleet Admiral.

GIR: Wait, does that mean were alive or dead?

Zim: It means Me and Tak are no longer Invaders.

GIR: Oh.

(Suddenly the ship blasts at them. Everyone looks at the Vice Admiral.)

Vice Admiral: What?! I Wasn't piloting it!

Zim: Then who-

Dib: Surprise Zim!

GIR: You Again, I wish he wasn't here right now.

(Zim, GIR, and Tak Jump into the ship while MIMI guards the Vice Admiral)

Spaceship, inside, day

(Zim, Tak, and GIR manages to storm their way into the control room.)

Dib: W-what the?! You have reinforcements!?

Zim: Yes I do, and I am sick to death of your antics right now.

(Zim, and Tak fight Dib, but the fight turns into a one sided beat-down. As they walk away Zim starts to tamper with the controls and starts to reprogram the spaceship. He notices a jewel in a compartment it looks like this and puts it in his pocket)

The Filthy Finale Part 2 C13

Tak: We better get out of here.

(Zim hits the eject button sending himself, Tak, and GIR flying out of the compartment leaving Dib inside as the ship vanishes.)

Tak: Great idea activating the self destruct sequence Zim.

Zim: What are you talking about?

Tak: Why did he vanish?

Zim: I activated the teleportation sequence and sent him 80 trillion Light years away from this planet

Tak: Oh.

Zim: my friends and MIMI, let's go home.

Tak: Agreed.


(They leave as the Vice Admiral watches.)

Irkens: All Hail our new emperor!

Vice Admiral: What the heck?!

(The Irkens parades the Vice Admiral Around as he watches in amazement.)



. The Tentacle ability the Fleet Admiral demonstrates is a reference to HP Lovecraft

. The entire episode was inspired by this song
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Government Concil
Government Concil

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The Filthy Finale Part 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Filthy Finale Part 2   The Filthy Finale Part 2 Icon_minitimeWed Jan 01, 2014 12:51 pm

I liked the article-lol when gir was eating rocks.
Great fun with the confusion of what was going on cheers cheers cheers 

One confusion the introduction with the lady on the seat?

I liked the music was cool
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The Filthy Finale Part 2
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