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 Showdown with the Mastermind Part 1

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Invader Zim

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Showdown with the Mastermind Part 1 Empty
PostSubject: Showdown with the Mastermind Part 1   Showdown with the Mastermind Part 1 Icon_minitimeTue Jul 02, 2013 4:12 pm

(We see Ed, Double D, Jonny, Eddy and Nazz standing in front of an area that looks like this)

Showdown with the Mastermind Part 1 Capito10

Double D: Well Here we are at the capitol building here we can find out what really is happening to the world lately.

Ed: Does it involve snacks by any chance.

Jonny: It probably has do with environmental issues.

Eddy: Just as long as I get to break into the safe and raid the money made there.

Nazz:....................Right, there's air tight security in that place they will tackle you when even try to take a single dollar from these machines.

Eddy: Whatever................

Showdown with the Mastermind Part 1

Opening Theme:

Capitol Building, inside, day

(We see Nukesaku talking to a silhouette that has an old and raspy voice.)

Showdown with the Mastermind Part 1 Nukesa11

Nukesaku: here is the key Master, now can we free Miara (Pronounced My-Ra)

Silhouette: Yes we can now free Miara and control all of creation with it.

Nukesaku: When do I get my candy?

Silhouette: It will come, today is now the promised day.


(We see  Nazz, Ed, Double D, Eddy, and Jonny looking around the place.)

Ed: Is there a candy kitchen in this place.

Double D: No but you can learn the history of our great nation.

Eddy: Boring........................

(Suddenly a security alarm activates.)

Voice (Off Scene): Attention, some one has attempted to free Miara this is not a drill I repeat this is not a drill.

Jonny: What is going on here?

Double D: Have you heard the story of Miara?

Everyone: No.

Double D: Miara was an angel who used to serve under our principal's command, he was the most powerful of his angles, but also the most paranoid he craved power to the point he conducted body modification experiments on himself to make himself more powerful. Our Principal had no choice but to battle him in order to save the entire planet. He managed to seal him in an underground area, this spot became the country's court house.

Nazz: So someone wants to free this world destroying being.

Double D: Exactly

Ed: do we get gravy.

(Everyone stares at Ed for a moment and then proceed to walk to an area where they approach a gate that looks like this.)

Showdown with the Mastermind Part 1 Gate_o10

Double D: This leads to Miara.

Eddy: I KNEW THAT!!!!

(As they journey through the gate and underground they stumble on an area that resembles a coffin Ed throws open the casket to find it's empty)

Eddy: So it was empty all along, I knew that.

Double D: Miara was suppose to be in there.................where is he?

Ed: Did he turned into an evil scoop of ice cream?

Voice (off scene): Well, well, well, it looks like you finally made it.

(Everyone turns around to see a withered old man in a wheel chair, with pale skin, a beak-like mouth, needle-like teeth and an exposed brain, he looks like this. Nukesaku is standing next to him.)

Showdown with the Mastermind Part 1 Mad_do10

Eddy: Are you crazy or something, old man stop talking gibberish and tell me who are you.

Mad Doctor: Well, I became this country's prime minister after being resurrected by alien life forms from this dimension through cybernetic reconstruction, they attempted to remove my free will but I fooled them into thinking I was loyal until I destroyed every last one.

Eddy: What happened to you're face?

Mad Doctor: I modified my own body in the name of science,  I'm starting to wonder weather or not I'm alive anymore.

Double D: Speaking of which where is Miara?

Nukesaku: Master ate him.

Jonny: Seriously?

Double D: Oh...............

Nazz: What is it.

Double D: This means that through the cybernetic implants in his body he is about to gain the abilities of Miara.

Nazz: What?

Double D: That mad man has the power to destroy the entire planet.

Mad Doctor: Precisely what I shall use it for.

Double D: Why?

Mad Doctor: I have no longer have any use for you, I only care about my freedom. You're just as worthless as that wretched girl that I created and forced to work as my indentured servant.

Double D: So you look down on us and call us fools, yet you desire you're own freedom.

Mad Doctor: Exactly.

Double D: Then you're being a hypocrite. You desire freedom above all else and yet you actively try to ruin other people's lives by forcing them to work for you without any reward or gain.

(Suddenly his body into massive energy that surrounds him, Ed proceeds to attack him and a massive fight occurs between Ed and the Mad Doctor, as the two fight Ed overpowers him and it starts to turn into a one sided beat-down with the Mad Doctor at the receiving end he manages to doge an attack of Ed's and appears next to Nukesaku.)  

Mad Doctor: Nukesaku, you have out lived being useful to me.

Nukesaku: Does that mean I get candy?!

(The Mad Doctor proceeds to absorb Nukesaku disintegrating him in the process.)

Nukesaku: WHERE'S MY CANDY!!!!????

(Nukesaku eventually vanishes completely after having been destroyed by the Mad Doctor.)

Jonny: Nukesaku! Where is he?!

Double D: He is gone.

Jonny: What?

Double D: He is completely disintegrated, what's left of him has been turned into solid energy.

(Double D and Nazz glare at the Mad Doctor.)

Double D: You would just absorb your own loyal second in command just to become more powerful, you sir are a true disgrace.

Mad Doctor: ME!!! A DISGRACE!!!! It's time to shut you're wretched mouth up! You will pay for insulting me you wretched children.

(The Mad Doctor proceeds to fire an energy beam at Everyone only for Ed to counter it with his body. The energy beam manages to bounce off Ed, but Ed collapses out of exhaustion.)

Double D: Ed are you OK.

Ed: Don't worry I'll be fine, I just need to rest. For a minute there I thought I would get sent to the Pearly gates.

(Double D and Nazz both turn to face the Mad Doctor and are glaring at him.)

Double D: You would attack us unarmed just to get rid of one opponent in order to win.

(The Mad Doctor simply smiles at them)

Nazz: Let's destroy him together.

Double D: I couldn't agree more my dear.

Mad Doctor: Do you honestly think you can do it when I've absorbed the power of Miara?

Double D & Nazz: Let's find out!


End Theme:


. the entire episode was inspired by this song

. The Nightmare Before Christmas and Doctor Who are Referenced in this episode
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Government Concil
Government Concil

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Showdown with the Mastermind Part 1 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Showdown with the Mastermind Part 1   Showdown with the Mastermind Part 1 Icon_minitimeSun Jul 07, 2013 3:07 pm

I like how this has a summer feel of Fourth of July weekend-freesom, visiting the capitol
a big scoop of ice cream lol lol

The music was cool the full metal alchemist and bleach the viseo clip was funny lol
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Showdown with the Mastermind Part 1
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