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 Showdown with the Mastermind Part 2

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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Showdown with the Mastermind Part 2 Empty
PostSubject: Showdown with the Mastermind Part 2   Showdown with the Mastermind Part 2 Icon_minitimeWed Jul 03, 2013 11:16 am

Narrator:  Previously on Ed Edd N Eddy

(We see scenes from the previous episode and it cuts to the events afterward, Eddy and Jonny are dragging a sleeping Ed away from the capitol building.)

Jonny:...............and then everything went black.

Eddy: I hate discussing my scams with you, especially when there's a world destroying lunatic on the loose

Jonny: Right.

(We see several explosions in the distance near the capitol building’s area.)

Showdown with the Mastermind Part 2 Ruins10

Showdown with the Mastermind Part 2

Opening Theme:

Capitol Building, outside, day

(We see several areas of the building are in ruins as Double D and Nazz are facing the Miara infused Mad Doctor. A fight begins between them resulting in the Mad Doctor trying to attack them but Nazz and Double D manage to fend him off and send him crashing into a wall.)

Nazz: Well that was easy.

Double D: Wait I still feel overwhelmed by his energy.

(Out of the Burning area the Mad Doctor glasses are blown off revealing his eyes are bloodshot without them his expressions has changed from smug to furious.)

Mad Doctor: Prepare to join the extinct species that once roamed this planet.

(The Mad Doctor Fires a black liquid that suddenly turns into sharp crystal-like structures, Nazz and Double D Manage to narrowly dodge the attack but it causes several explosions, the Mad Doctor fires this attack several times causing Double D and Nazz to hide from him behind a rock.)

Double D: I have an idea.

Nazz: What is it?

Double D: *Whispers*

(We can't hear what he says but Nazz looks excited about what he plans.)

Nazz: Let's try it.

(They catch one of the Mad Doctor's projectiles and throw it back right at him causing him to explode and reduced to liquid.)

Nazz: Double D, you're such a clever boy.

(Double D turns bright red.)

Double D: listen Nazz, I have a secret I would like to tell you.

Nazz: Go on.

(Double D turns an even brighter shade of red.)

Double D: The truth is I like-

(Suddenly a massive red creature rises up from the Liquid. It looks like this)

Showdown with the Mastermind Part 2 Demon10

Double D: What the Heck?!

Mad Doctor: Did you miss me, because it's going you're last moments on earth. You Fools! You Think yourselves triumphant! You have only taken one step closer to the afterlife!

(Suddenly Ed Shows up and proceeds to attack the Mad Doctor. Meanwhile Eddy, Jonny and a group of other people are stationed in a convenience store near the capitol.)

Convenience store, day inside

Jonny: I'm not going to sugar coat the situation were in but because Eddy is the oldest and therefore the juiciest I say we eat him.

Eddy: Hey blockhead, were in a convenience store eat the candy.

Jonny: Oh right.

Woman: I need to watch little Victor because Wanda told me to.

Eddy: Forget about Wanda and Little Victor you can make new kids through cloning.  

(Ed, Double D, Nazz and the Mad Doctor proceed to fight for a long time after destroying the entire capitol building. The Mad Doctor slowly disintegrates after being defeated)

Mad Doctor: How could this happen to me, I had the power of Miara!

Double D: Begone you foul creature.

Mad Doctor: I Can't go down like this?! I'm better than all of you.

Double D: In what way? You view you're fellow men as ants, are aggressive to everyone around you, absorbed Nukesaku with little to no self-control, prefer to let others do his bidding for you while you are too lazy to do it yourself, you feel anger towards any opposition in you're life, and You're ultimate goal is seeking power over others at all cost to the point you will conquer and replace any authority in you're life.

Mad Doctor: What the heck is that suppose to mean?!

Double D: You sir are pathetic as a human being because you have learnt nothing from you're experiences.

(The Mad Doctor's body suddenly has cracks develop in it causing him to explode as he lets out a shriek of terror)

Nazz: Will he ever come back?

Double D: No, his soul has exploded after Miara became unstable inside him. He's been completely destroyed like Nukesaku.

Ed: HI GUYS!!! *Looks around at the stuff in the convenience store* WOW FREE FOOD!!!

Store Clerk: Hey you have to pay for that.

Ed: Here.

(Ed gives the store clerk some money and leaves with a lot of food.)

Store Clerk: Wait a minute....................these are Chuck E Cheese Tokens

Nazz: Double D, let me tell you a secret, I like you too.

(The two kiss, blush and they start to walk off into the setting sun.)

End Credits:




. The entire episode was inspired by this song

. The Convenience store scene spoofs the film “The Mist”

. The Black Liquid the Mad Doctor fires is a reference to Prometheus

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Government Concil
Government Concil

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Showdown with the Mastermind Part 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Showdown with the Mastermind Part 2   Showdown with the Mastermind Part 2 Icon_minitimeSun Jul 07, 2013 3:18 pm

Wow a great ending. Cool ending that he learned nothing from his life experiences.
The plan that they worked together was an interesting concept.

This was a good writing sequence to the article. A cliff hanger from part one and a good focus on part two
to set things straight in the second.

The music selection was good. I like the purple monster gloopy thing real interesting.

A fun read
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Showdown with the Mastermind Part 2
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