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 The Filthy Finale Part 1

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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The Filthy Finale Part 1 Empty
PostSubject: The Filthy Finale Part 1   The Filthy Finale Part 1 Icon_minitimeSat Dec 28, 2013 10:55 am

Mansion, inside, day

(We see the Almighty Tallest Announcing something)

The Filthy Finale Part 1 Almigh12

Almighty Tallest Red: People of the Irken Empire, we shall begin our latest gladiatorial combat round today.

Almighty Tallest Purple: Snacks are included!

Parade Music:

(As a Parade lead by the Vice Admiral begins we see they throw two gladiators into the forest where the combat will begin. They are revealed to be Zim and GIR.)

Zim: GIR this is going to be a very long day.

GIR: I'm Hungry!

The Filthy Finale Part 1

Opening Theme:

Forest, Day

(We see Zim and GIR walking through the forest.)

Zim: I can't believe my own leaders betrayed me, I just this was some conspiracy against me, but in reality it was everyone who turned against me.

GIR (Singing): Hey, let's go! Hey, let's go! I'm happy as can be Let's walking go in the wood, you and me Ready, set, come on, let's go! Over the hill, across the field Through the tunnel we'll go! We'll run across the bridge And down the bumpy gravel road Creep beneath the spider's web Ready, set, let's Go!

Zim: This is crazy. Wait a minute, GIR what are you singing?

GIR: Oh you mean that song, Zim?

(GIR takes out a Iphone like device and starts playing the following song)

Music Played:

(As They continue walking we see a silhouette watching them.)

Silhouette: This is the promised day! The day I finally get to fight Invader Zim! I already thought of a plan!

(As Zim and GIR continue to walk GIR notices something.)

GIR: OOOOOO Bread Crumbs!

(GIR wanders in the opposite direction Zim was moving in and as he does that we see the silhouette is still sneaking up behind Zim.)

Zim: Well it could have been worse I could have been stalked by some crazy person some day.

Voice (Off screen): I'm Not crazy!

Zim: Wait a minute, I know that Voice.

(Zim doges an attack from the silhouette and turns around revealing the gladiator looks like this)

The Filthy Finale Part 1 Dib10

Zim: DIB!!!??? How the Heck did you eve get here?!

Dib: I've been following you for years to get closer to you to stop your latest plan. Maybe if get rid of you now, I can turn you into the Earth authorities and save the world!

Zim: You're nuts I don't even have a plan!

Dib: Either way consider this revenge for your plans to conquer earth.

Zim: Couldn’t you leave me alone for once!?

Dib: Never for all those years no one ever believed me about you're plans, now you're going to pay for doing this.

Zim: I knew you would eventually snap one day.

(Zim and Dib proceed to fight, Dib seemingly wins.)

Dib: I won *Laughs to himself*

(As Dib keeps Laughing Zim gets up.)

Zim: Jinxed you!

Dib: WHAT THE!!!???

(Zim proceeds to fight Dib and it quickly turns into a one sided beat-down with Dib on the receiving end, Zim wins. Dib is lying on the ground.)

Zim: Hmmm his pulse is normal..........that's good.

(Suddenly Zim feels a slight bump. He looks down to see Dib headbutting his foot.)

Dib: Oh come on! Why am I not doing any damage!?

Zim: OK Dib you should see some kind of doctor, because you're starting to get on my nerves and you have issues.

(Zim walks away. Leaving Dib lying on the ground.)


(Zim walks into GIR and he sees he's Dressed as a mask wrestler.)

Zim: GIR why are you dressed as a wrestler.

GIR: I am now the legendary Gold Mask, Zim!

Zim: OK GIR, How many times have you watched Jack Black Films?

GIR: A lot of times, Zim.

Zim:  That explains a lot.

GIR: Want a Bread Crumb.

Zim: No thank you.

(Suddenly a robot shows up it looks like this.)

The Filthy Finale Part 1 063

Zim: It's MIMI, But what is she doing here?

GIR: She's in the gladiatorial arena too? Hi MIMI!

(Zim and MIMI proceed to fight, after fighting sometime MIMI manages to overpower Zim.)

Zim: Wow she's even stronger than I remember.

(GIR and MIMI proceed to fight on a bridge as Zim manages to doge them on the bridge as he makes it to the other side of the bridge)

Zim: You Go GIR!!!

(................Suddenly the bridge explodes causing GIR and MIMI to fall into the pit below)

Zim: *Cries* GIR!!!

(We hear voices on a loud speaker behind Zim.)

Voices 1 & 2: *Laughing*

Voice 1: Man my only regret was that Zim didn't fall with them.

Voice 2: Yeah it was so great getting Zim in an area that hurt him.

Voice 1: It was ingenious of setting up explosives on the bridge.

(Zim takes out his energy weapon and manages to blast the loud speaker as he storms angerly near the mansion the Almighty Tallest are in, he walks in.)

Mansion, inside, Day

Almighty Tallest Red: This is going to be the last we ever see of Zim!

Almighty Tallest Purple: Get the snacks were going to celebrate.

Almighty Tallest Red (Singing): Tick, tock, tick tock tick tock, Listen to the rhythm of the king's clock
They say the demons come disguised, As a members of the flock, But I... I don't buy that junk.


(WE see a Furious Zim enters the room they stand in.)

Almighty Tallest Red: What happened to your sense of optimism your love for the way the state of the world is in, Zim?

Zim: Well, you guys ruined it!

Almighty Tallest Purple and Almighty Tallest Red: *Laughs*

Zim: Now is this the part where you tell me how you deliberately ruined my life and are now planning to enslave the galaxy and ruin other people's lives.

Almighty Tallest Red: No, this is the part where you'll flail around in excruciating pain when you're forced to fight your former friend.

Zim: What did you do to Tak?!

The Filthy Finale Part 1 Tak_an11

(We see a trap door opens and Tak appears with a blank expression on her face.)

Almighty Tallest Red: Me and Purple managed to inject her with a black liquid that makes a person go nuts we did it to her in the past, that is why she betrayed you.

Zim: What?!

Almighty Tallest Red: We injected her with more driving her to HP Lovecraft levels of madness, she lost the ability to talk.

Zim: Tak, Are you OK

(Tak attempts to attack Zim but he manages to dodge it.)

Almighty Tallest Purple: Pass the popcorn.

(Zim and Tak proceed to fight one another, Tak manages to defeat Zim)

Zim: Wait, Tak.

(Tak stops trying to attack Zim)

Zim: There's something I want to give you.

(We see the following scene)

The Filthy Finale Part 1 Zim_gi10

Zim: I'm Really sorry for all the trouble I may have caused you! I Would've saved you if I didn't knew what happened to you at the moment! I want you to have these tulips and chocolate! I really like you a lot and want to continue the relationship we had in college! I really care about you and think you're a lovely person!

Tak: *Blushes* W-why thank you Zim!

Almighty Tallest Purple: Our plan was destroyed by the power of love! How can this be!?

Almighty Tallest Red: What are we going to do!?  

(Zim and Tak take out laser weapons and point them at both of the Almighty Tallest.)

Almighty Tallest Purple and Almighty Tallest Red:  *Screams*


(The Almighty Tallest are reduced to dust as a figure watches. GIR and MIMI walk in.)


(Zim hugs GIR as GIR smiles.)

Voice: Well It appears you defeated my superiors!

(Everyone turns around to see an alien who looks like this.)

The Filthy Finale Part 1 Fleet_10
The Filthy Finale Part 1 Fleet_13

Zim: and you are..........

Fleet Admiral: I am the Fleet Admiral of the Irken Empire, since you have defeated by superiors, I have no choice to fight you because you pose a great threat to my power.

Zim: Bring it on!

Tak: I'm not afraid of you!



. The arena is a reference to the Hunger Games

. GIR is singing the opening to Totoro

. The Black Liquid that the Almighty Tallest use to drive Tak into madness is based on the Film Prometheus

. GIR'S alter ego Gold Mask is based on Nacho Libre
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Government Concil
Government Concil

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The Filthy Finale Part 1 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Filthy Finale Part 1   The Filthy Finale Part 1 Icon_minitimeMon Dec 30, 2013 8:11 am

That was a lot of fun to read lol! Looking at it over a Looking at it over a Looking at it over a 
 lol! lol! 
The music was interesting never heard it before cheers cheers 

Loved the surprise with zim and tak-who knew-personal growth on both parts study study study 

Like the admira kinda of samuri'ish-hey 47 ronin?

Look forward to the sequel to be continued-funnu snacks included lollol
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The Filthy Finale Part 1
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