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 The Filthy Finale Epilogue

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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The Filthy Finale Epilogue Empty
PostSubject: The Filthy Finale Epilogue   The Filthy Finale Epilogue Icon_minitimeTue Dec 31, 2013 10:07 am

Alternate Reality, 80 Trillion Light Years Away, spaceship inside

(We see the Spaceship appear into an area that looks like this)

The Filthy Finale Epilogue 065

Dib: To think I was defeated that easily! I Got Sent into Outer Space!

Computer: Now Arriving in an Alternate Reality.

Dib: It Doesn’t really matter because I have a teleportation that can send me back to my normal reality-

Computer: Teleportation device is broken.

Dib: I can't go back! *Screams in shock*

Computer: You do realize that in space nobody can hear you scream. Right?

Narrator: Dib never returned to earth, he spent the rest of his time drifting in that dimension for more or less the rest of his life. He had enough food, water, and oxygen to keep himself alive though.

The Filthy Finale Epilogue

Opening Theme:

14 Months Later........

Earth, City, Night

(We see these crooks sneaking up and carrying bags of money as it is snowing.)

Crook: Hurry we need to get these bags of money out of here before someone finds us.

Voice (Off Screen): Not so fast evil dower!

(We see GIR and MIMI dressed as masked wrestlers.)

Crook: Who are you?

GIR: I am the Legendary Fighter Gold Mask and this is my sidekick Emerald Mask.


GIR: Surrender now or prepare to fight.

Crook: Never.

(GIR and MIMI manage to defeat the crooks and manage to leave them at the police station as Zim watches.)

Zim: GIR, you'll be the best crime fighter this city has to offer.

(We see Zim walking down the streets and seeing various neon signs he goes into a different neighbor hood as it snows, he goes to one house and knocks on the door)

House, inside, Night

Prof. Membrane:............and soon new years is arriving in 30 days my daughter.

The Filthy Finale Epilogue 013

Gaz: At least it's more quiet here.


Prof. Membrane: Gaz, Could you get the door.

(Gaz opens the door both look in surprise when they see Zim)

Prof. Membrane & Gaz: ZIM!!!???

Zim: Hello sir, can I ask you a favor from you.

Prof. Membrane: Sure, anything for my kids' friend.

Zim: Could you turn this into a ring.

(Zim takes out something we can't see it but Prof. Membrane and Gaz stare it in amazement.)

Prof. Membrane: Sure thing Zim.

(We see Prof. Membrane working on it as Gaz and Zim watch in amazement, as the Professor is done he gives it to Zim.)

Zim: Thank You, Sir.

Zim's Base, Inside, Night

(We see Zim and Tak drinking hot chocolate.)

The Filthy Finale Epilogue Christ10

Tak: The hot chocolate you made is delicious, Zim.

Zim: Why Thank You Tak. I only have one concern, what jobs are we going to have in order to support ourselves.

Tak: Because were very smart, we will be detectives.

Zim: That's a great idea By the way there's something I want to ask you.

Tak: What is it?

(Zim reaches into his pocket he pulls out a small black box. He takes out a ring it looks like this.)

The Filthy Finale Epilogue C14

Tak: *Lightly Gasps*

Zim: The last 14 Months have been some of my most wonderful days of my life being with you..........will you marry me?

(Tak pauses for a moment and turns bright red. Zim looks nervous.)

Zim: You don't have to-

Tak: YES!!!

(Tak proceeds to hug and kiss Zim as he looks very happy, GIR and MIMI watch as this happens.)

GIR: I'm Glad to see that Zim finally is happy, after our long struggles as his friend I'm glad to see he's alright.

Narrator: And So they decided to host the wedding on New Years Eve, they decided to get married.

(We see a wedding ceremony and Prof. Membrane dressed as a priest.)

Prof. Membrane: The Priest couldn't arrive so I decided to act as a substitute. Would you take this woman to be your wife?

Zim: I do.

Prof. Membrane: Would you take this man to be your husband.

Tak: I do.

Prof. Membrane: I now pronounce you crazy kids, man and wife. You may now kiss the bride.

(As Zim and Tak kiss they throw the bouquet GIR catches it and eats it.)

GIR: May the Lord Bless us everyone on the challenges we face ahead in life.

(We See Zim, Tak, GIR, and MIMI, Enter a car that is labeled just married and a party begins in another area as they dance GIR eats)

The Filthy Finale Epilogue Zim_an16

Narrator: Our story has come to an end. Everything has a beginning and an end. You see Life and Death is equally bestowed on all creatures great and small, so how you choose to Live and Die is entirely up to you. We will experience many painful things throughout our lives, but there is hope because it will always be overcome.

End Credits:




. GIR and MIMI'S scene with the masked wrestlers/superheroes is based on the Jack Black Film Nacho Libre

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Government Concil
Government Concil

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The Filthy Finale Epilogue Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Filthy Finale Epilogue   The Filthy Finale Epilogue Icon_minitimeWed Jan 01, 2014 12:57 pm

Wow what a great ENDING!!!!!!!!!
Such a surprise lol! Looking at it over a cheers cheers cheers cheers 

One last encore-show what the wedding ceremony looks like girr officiates. the reception girr eats everything but
the food lol lol the crazy outer space gifts the get and cann not quiet explaine lol lol

Fun dance music weird wedding cake etc
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The Filthy Finale Epilogue
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