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 What does the phrase "Lack of Empathy" Mean?

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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What does the phrase "Lack of  Empathy" Mean? Empty
PostSubject: What does the phrase "Lack of Empathy" Mean?   What does the phrase "Lack of  Empathy" Mean? Icon_minitimeMon Mar 04, 2013 3:00 pm

What does the phrase "Lack of  Empathy" Mean? 0109

Music for the Article

You know Empathy?

That ability to share in another person's emotions. The capability to be happy because someone else is happy, sad because they are sad, and so on. It is closely linked to love and compassion. Guilt, too, comes from the ability of a character to put themselves in the shoes of someone they've hurt.

Yeah this person lacks that..........

What does the phrase "Lack of  Empathy" Mean? Weird_11

A lack of empathy is a major character trait, one that drives many others. Characters that lack empathy feel neither guilt nor remorse, nor any kind of meaningful love. The villain will often have this trait, and will be always be a psychopath or a sociopath.

These characters may feel fear, but not the fear of others, regardless of the situation. This kind of guy can walk calmly through a crazed mob. For good or ill, these folk are not susceptible to social panic.

What does the phrase "Lack of  Empathy" Mean? King_c11

He can seem polite and reasonable and is even kind of goofy in his first meeting with the Hero, but beneath it all, he's devoid of empathy towards anyone, and there's plenty of scenes which show him savoring opportunities to torment humans.

Note that a character who lacks empathy can still be perfectly capable of cognitive empathy; that is, the ability to recognise and identify an emotion- they might not be able to share in somebody's happiness or sadness, but they have learnt well enough what happiness or sadness look like, and coupled with the lack of remorse this tends to result in a ruthlessly effective and manipulative scumbag.

What does the phrase "Lack of  Empathy" Mean? 0143

He also uses a FACADE of being incredibly polite, friendly, civil, charming, rarely outright insults someone, tends to talk in a calm, friendly manner, an all-around charismatic fellow, or sometimes a goofy and silly person, butbut at his core, he's completely self-centered and evil because he will NEVER drop his facade even while he's got you tied up and offering someone a choice between working for him or TRYING TO KILL YOU by dropping someone from several hundred feet and is releshing in this the entire time.

What does the phrase "Lack of  Empathy" Mean? 054

He Will Say things like, "Want to become a magical girl and have your own miracle? Great! Make a contract with me. Oh, and, uh, it'll only cost you your soul and end with you you becoming the very thing you fight through sheer, eventual despair. Toodles!"

Sometimes he can appear in a form that is psychologically appealing to young girls for the 'cutesy' element and playing on the natural inferiority the girls possess into manipulating them into making a contract that ultimately results in their death for so called "Good of the Universe". There's a particular reason he doesn't seem to chose current world victims that are old enough to understand the concept of trust..........

he pretends to be a charming, laid-back guy, but in reality, he's just being condescending; other people are insignificant insects to him and he doesn't hesitate to tell them this, when he doesn't need them anymore. When he realizes Urahara's smarter than he is and Ichigo's a lot stronger than he is, the Mr. Nice Guy -act goes right out the window.

He acts polite and serene almost all the time, even while he uses Intense psychic abilities to mess with peoples heads by implanting their brains with Fake Memories. When someone suffers a mental breakdown due to conflicting memories, the facade drops, revealing a sadistic monster.

What does the phrase "Lack of  Empathy" Mean? Oogie_13

He might act goofy and silly while going around rampaging and attacking innocent civillians people. Including his employers and co-workers.

He is so unhinged that he is all too willing to kill and manipulate anyone who gets in his way, or whomever he believes is a threat to him

The affable demeanor hides a monster and doesn't waver even when he's getting ready to unleash a deadly plague across a country or while his minions are kidnapping and interrogate a harmless person

He may be a pure barbarian who has spent his life carefully learning to pretend to have ethics, manners, and reasons for his actions beyond the basic infliction or avoidance of pain for those times the fiction proves useful.

In some cases thier psychology is so detached from the idea of empathy that some have suggested from how people talk about him that he willed himself to be a blank slate that responds to the surroundings rather than actually being able to grasp people having ambitions or an actual sense of self; he aims to take over his father's throne because his society's values indicate he should do so as the stronger of the two, not because he cares in the slightest about being Emperor. He doesn't even have the a God complex reasoning behind destroying an entire planet from orbit until One of his minions suggests he did it, and barely reacts when she is trying to stop him.

Because he lacks ambition and that's why he is so dangerous, since he honestly doesn't have any long-term interest in any of his undertakings.

In short He has no redeeming qualities and can do any crime you can think of.


FORTUNALLY he is always defeatned by the heroes

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Government Concil
Government Concil

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What does the phrase "Lack of  Empathy" Mean? Empty
PostSubject: Re: What does the phrase "Lack of Empathy" Mean?   What does the phrase "Lack of  Empathy" Mean? Icon_minitimeSun Mar 10, 2013 12:13 pm

article very detailed.
Thank goodness people do have empathy for others.

This trait is emphasised for the story to make a clear villain.

agree i do not like this character
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What does the phrase "Lack of Empathy" Mean?
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