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 Super Sentai Chapter 32: Engine Sentai Go-onger

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PostSubject: Super Sentai Chapter 32: Engine Sentai Go-onger   Super Sentai Chapter 32: Engine Sentai Go-onger Icon_minitimeThu Jul 26, 2012 7:16 pm

Super Sentai Chapter 32: Engine Sentai Go-onger 0446

(Counterclockwise) Miu, Hant, Renn, Sôsuke, Saki, Gunpei and Hiroto.

"Pressing forward on the road of Justice!"

Engine Sentai Go-onger is the 32nd program in the Super Sentai series, which aired from 2008 to 2009.

Including the earth humans live in, the Human World, there are 11 Alternate Dimensions altogether

Three Engines from the Machine World crossed dimensions in pursuit of the three Ministers of the Gaiark, a machine clan which thrives on pollution. They're found in the Human World, which the Ministers plan to conquer through pollution. Finding out that they can only stay in their giant forms for a small period, the Engines' navigator robot, Bomper, recruited three people at a racing circuit to become the Go-ongers to fight together with the Engines. They're soon joined by two more people who see them in action. Some time later, a pair of ESPer siblings connected to Engines also appeared: Though they had frictions initially, they joined the crew as well.

Vehicles and racing are chosen as the themes for the Rangers, and the motif is about Ecology; the three Gaiark Ministers represent land, water and air pollutions respectively.

Go-onger was... weird. The series took a sharp turn to comedy, sacrificing a significant plotline for Running Gags, Character Exaggerations, and overall tried to be much Lighter and Softer than an average Super Sentai title. For many, this came off as a polarizing shift in the wake of the dark and story-heavy previous series. It didn't help that people weren't informed beforehand about the series being a deliberate attempt at comedy. The incorporated Green Aesop was also seen by some as a bit preachy (though it was for the most part Played for Laughs). That's not to say it's all bad; there are many moments where it's genuinely fun, funny, or both, especially when looked past the seemingly childish premise. Even to the brink of parody.

The Members are:

.Sōsuke Esumi/Go-On Red: The Hero. A former race car driver. Not a thinker, and expect him to go gung-ho in a battle.

.Renn Kōsaka/Go-On Blue: The Smart Guy. A bus driver. Essentially the manager of the crew, and smarter than he looks. He's the team's repairman. When he becomes Go-On Blue, his strength is magnified.

.Saki Rōyama/Go-On Yellow: Previously a vendor. Always cheerful and comforting. Initially the only girl in the Go-onger crew.

.Hant Jō/Go-On Green: A freeter boy who lost his previous job because of Gunpei. Hyperactive, spacey, naive, and often the butt of jokes. Surprisingly cute.

.Gunpei Ishihara/Go-On Black: A By-the-Book Cop who resigned from the force to help deal with the Gaiark. As The Number 2, he's the serious one - in comparison) - and also actually competent - again, in comparison.

.Hiroto Sutō/Go-On Gold: The older brother. A no-nonsense Genius Bruiser. The Rival to Go-ongers, but particularly to Sōsuke.

.Miu Sutō/Go-On Silver: The younger sister. Warms up to the others sooner than her brother. Has a Love-Hate Relationship with Sōsuke.

The Main Villians are Jump to: navigation, search

The Main Villians are Barbaric Machine Clan Gaiark are machine-men from the Machine World whose numbers are scattered during their war with the Engines. By the end of the series, only Batcheed, Babatcheed, and Chirakazky remained at large. Most of them are Laughably Evil except one member.......

.Land Pollution Minister Yogostein: The Commander and the apperent leader. His full name being Baron Yogorex de Stein, is the golden-armored general who leads the Gaiark's land-based Barbaric Machine Beasts, using the Yogospear as his weapon. Though a serious sort, he rejoiced to see his subordinate Hiramechimedes arrives to aid him in destroying the Go-ongers. Despite continuous failure, his faith and esteem he felt for his vice-minister never faded as he showed concern for Hiramechimedes' well-being and has been in a state of mourning since his death before leaving Hellgailles Palace to clear his head and find himself. By the time he returned, Yogostein was more rage-filled and decides to rely on his own power, creating Hammer Banki to destroy the world rather than remake it into an ideal environment for the Gaiark. It was after his creation was destroyed that Yogostein saw the error of his ways as the other Ministers forgive him for his reckless action. Prior to the events of the movie, Yogostein developed the Savage Machine Beast Recycle program, using his spear to remove the Ugatz's Souls from their bodies to revive the Savage Machine Beasts in a Minister team attempt to tear down the dimensional barrier. However, the plan failed and Yogostein sets up a new one with the accidentally created Kegalesia Soul. Soon after, Yogostein resumes acting on his own when he begins a new project to unearth the Horonderthal from his rest, setting up a chain of events that would not only dispose of Go-on Red, but being able to upgrade himself as the new Horonderthal King to rust the entire city. However, his upgrade is canceled by Engine-Oh G12 before being destroyed by the revived Go-on Red in a one-on-one duel.

.Hiramechimedes: The Evil Genius and Yogostein's vice-minister. Fiercely loyal, and in return, Yogostein values him more than anything. Whenever inspired with a plan, the 3 light bulbs on his head flash as he says "Pok-Pok-Ping!" with the sextant and protractor on his chestplate indicating the plan's greatness. Originally a second-rate inventor of many of the Gaiark group's arsenal, he plotted to assassinate Yogostein to become the new Land Pollution Minister and be somebody. However, after seeing his brilliant mind recognized by Yogostein as he awards him with the yardstick-stylized sword Hacalibur and his title on the day the Gaiark attack Machine World, Hiramechimedes devoted himself to his master's cause without question as he became feared by the Engines, making them frightened husks of their former selves in his numerous victories which they eventually overcame. However, on the day the Gaiark were expelled from Machine World, Hiramechimedes mysteriously disappeared during the fight only to resurface months later on the Human World to serve under Yogostein again after settling some loose ends with the Wing Engines as he thought he had handled, only to be once more pursed by them and the Go-on Wings.

Eventually, Hiramechimedes, along with Yogostein and Bōseki Banki, stages his apparent banishment from Hellgailles palace as part of a plan to deceive the Go-ongers and kill Go-on Gold. However the plan goes wrong yet again with the arrival of Engine-Oh G9 and Hiramechimedes refuses to return to Yogostein out of shame, spending long days of calculation for a means to kill the Go-ongers. After a vain attempt to destroy the Go-on teams, Hiramechimedes finally finds the answer he had been looking for: to beat the Go-ongers at their own game with raw power rather than with intellect. To that end he sneaks back into Hellgailles Palace and, in spite of Yogostein's pleas, infuses himself with a hundred times the Bikkurium amount that a Savage Machine Beast needs for "Industrial Revolution". In consequence, the stress of this destroyed Hiramechimedes' mind as he upgrades into a more powerful and insane babbling form called Detaramedes. Though he almost defeats Engine-Oh G9 after executing "Big Industrial Revolution", Detaramedes's downfall comes from Sōsuke's reckless refusal to give up. In the end, Go-on Red scraps Detaramedes with only the Hacalibur remaining for Yogostein to pick up.

.Water Pollution Minister Kegalesia: The human-looking general with the Kegastick who leads the Gaiark's sea-based Barbaric Machine Beasts. She has artificial human-like skin that regenerates and shoots steam from the projections on her back armor if she is in a foul mood, and the handle on her head cuts off this leakage. While under the guise of Rena Kegareshi, Kegalesia develops a vendetta against Hant due to his falling in love with her guise and calling her loving things, like "pure," which are offensive to members of the Gaiark. It was this taboo that she could never fall in love with Nigorl, as his ideas were the opposite of the Gaiark's. While the Go-ongers were trapped in Samurai World, Kegalesia accidentally separates her Kegalesia Soul from her body, with her soul set into Bomper by the other Ministers to convert the robot into Bompelesia so they can take advantage of the situation by setting a trap. However, Bomper manages to regain control and ejects the Kegalesia Soul prior to being reinstalled back in her body. She occasionally joined Saki and Miu in the 3-girl idol group G3 Princess, though the second time ended with her enlarging and being knocked into the distance by Engine-Oh G12. When Yogoshimacritein arrives, Kegalesia is reduced to a mere henchman forced to obey him. She is annoyed when Yogoshimacritein uses her and Kitaneidas as human shields against the Go-onger's attacks, seeing him for what he is and his methods not to her liking. As an act of defiance against the dictator, she helps in destroying the Infinite Wastebin before she was heavily damaged by Yogoshimacritein. She gives the location of the Deus Haguru Magear to Go-on Red, Blue, and Yellow before shutting down.

.Air Pollution Minister Kitaneidas: He leads the Gaiark's sky-based Barbaric Machine Beasts and uses the Kitaneibar as his weapon and can turn himself into smog as well as execute his Air Pollution Attack. He is the best card player among the three ministers. He experimented with Bikkurium's potent abilities prior to using it on Barbaric Machine Beasts. Kitaneidas is reduced to a mere henchman when Yogoshimacritein arrives and is forced to obey him. He is agitated when Yogoshimacritein uses him as a human shield against the Go-ongers, and as a final act, he destroys the Infinite Wastebin before he is forced to shutdown by Yogoshimacritein.

.Crime Minister Yogoshimacritein: Yogostein's father and the true Big Bad of the series. He is a Complete Monster and DEAD serious unlike the other members. wields a double-ended Kanabō-like weapon and Yogostein's father. Being the total opposite of his son and most ruthless of the Gaiark, Yogoshimacritein desired to rule all the Braneworlds, playing part in forcing the Gian Race Engines into the verge of extinction and oversaw the destruction of the three Braneworlds by Kireizky. After Kireizky's death, Yogoshimacritein uses his fallen minion's Bottomless Wastebin to enter the Human World, using it as a means to feed from in order for him to use his signature inhereditary attack Justice Dissolution, which can convert those it hits into wavelengths as long as the Deus Haguru Magear is active. He uses it to take out Hant, Gunpei, and the Go-on Wings, along with their Engine partners, Carrigator, Jum-bowhale, and the ancient Engines. His other attacks are Puppet Regime which can turn his subordinates into his puppets, Ration Provision Bullet. He uses his staff to unleashes his most powerful attacks: Enforcing Voteand Closing Despotic Proclamation: Yogoshimanifesto Break. Eventually, Yogoshimacritein reveals to Kegalesia and Kitaneidas that he never cared for his surbordinates and will sacrifice them as long as it is to accomplish their plan. After losing the Infinite Wastebin to the ministers, Yogoshimacritein fatally damages them both before making his way to the Deus Haguru Magear to power himself up until he is trapped in the Bikkurium chamber as the gear is destroyed, causing the entire Hellgailles Palace to collapse around him. However, Yogoshimacritein reconstructs himself from his gears and attempts to destroy the city until he is halted by Hant, Gunpei, and the Go-on Wings. Once the primary Go-ongers join the fray, Yogoshimacritein enlarges himself in a process called Third Industrial Revolution and battles Engine-Oh G12 until he is finally destroyed by the G12 Final Grand Prix attack.

Super Sentai Chapter 32: Engine Sentai Go-onger Great_11

The Irken Empire Shall be victorious

It's time for The Irken Empire Hour, Today's broadcast will feature Wario's Political beliefs and thoughts...

Super Sentai Chapter 32: Engine Sentai Go-onger 079

...Oh Right

Zim's Theme
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Super Sentai Chapter 32: Engine Sentai Go-onger Empty
PostSubject: Re: Super Sentai Chapter 32: Engine Sentai Go-onger   Super Sentai Chapter 32: Engine Sentai Go-onger Icon_minitimeWed Sep 05, 2012 1:41 pm

The land Pollution guy-wow talk about going GREEN.
I could see how this show would attract alot of views looking at the the environment.

The evil genius always scary when you have one of those around.

The article was well written with such detail and insight-WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Super Sentai Chapter 32: Engine Sentai Go-onger
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