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 The Evil Duo?

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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The Evil Duo? Empty
PostSubject: The Evil Duo?   The Evil Duo? Icon_minitimeWed May 22, 2013 1:32 pm

The Evil Duo? 048

Music for the Article

The Evil Duo are a pair of bad guys who not only provide mass destruction, but also exposition in the form of conversation between them; They are usually have very simple personalities for each other; commonly Brains and Brawn or Brawn and Brawn.

They're a pair of shifty peopel who both like to get The Heroes in trouble

spend the story trying to kidnap and attack people, but are usally idiots. One is dumber than the other...but only slightly.

They always end up getting beat up and having to decide between running or continue to fight

They might be dangerous for example You might ask your self what's worse than one Big Bad?

The Evil Duo? 014

Two Big Bads, working in intentional collusion with each other. Sometimes they will work together just fine; being all respectful and well, but more often than not there will be rivalries between them, and they will tend to break out into a literal example of a Civil War. Sometimes they are friend other times they are in a romantic relationship what is clear is that both work togeather to complete whatever they want they want to achieve. They are not working attacking one another but instead they are working (sometimes witha silight rivarly) side by side.

However in some cases they can be unplesant people

Some can be Vain, Power-Hungry, Cruel, Jealous, Ruthless, Scheming, Cunning, Persuasive, Brutal, Impatient, Cowardly, Uncaring, Unkind, Arrogant, Proud, Vengeful, Manipulative, Arrogant, Greedy, and a complete lack of empathy or remorse for their actions

they can seem polite and reasonable and is even kind of goofy in his first meeting with the Hero, but beneath it all, he's devoid of empathy and also use a FACADE of being incredibly polite, friendly, civil, charming, rarely outright insults someone, tends to talk in a calm, friendly manner, an all-around charismatic fellow, or sometimes a goofy and silly person, butbut at his core, They're completely self-centered and evil because they will NEVER drop their facade even while they got you tied up and offering someone a choice between working for him or TRYING TO HARM YOU by dropping someone from several hundred feet.

The implicit or explicit code of conduct within a social group whereby the standards of morality stop applying past the fence of their back yard.

They may be royalty or a close family or fervent patriots, but the attitude is all the same twords others: They are justified in taking anything and delivering harm upon anyone who would take anything from them. Having Lack of Empathy is on full display; everyone else is a nonperson or fair game.

The Evil Duo? Talles10

If you ever accuse them of being evil and demand that they justify their actions — if they even feel any need to justify something to an outsider — don't expect any remorse about their Dirty Business, or even admissions of villainy, whether regretful or gleeful. These are likely to spit at you that they do not subscribe to your idea of "evil".

They have no problem throwing their own kind out of an airlock when it pleases them or destroying the entire capital when trying to destroy an enemy.........

...............All while being Loud and Ditzy!?

Come to think of it, they seems to think anyone who isn't him is expendable for the sake of their goals

It is always the most common cause of acting irrationally.

The Evil Duo? Talles11

The My plight for their loss to put it lightly........................
......................And I thought Patty and Selma were Bad

More weird this Evil Duo also dosen't see ANYTHING WRONG WITH THIS BEHAVIOR

Fortunally this tends to backfire on the person a lot for example

The Evil Duo? 0183

This is a song that they might sing to you

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Government Concil
Government Concil

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The Evil Duo? Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Evil Duo?   The Evil Duo? Icon_minitimeThu May 23, 2013 3:37 pm

The images were so COOL. I love the way that they looked especially the second one where they are at night time-the colors are so vivid.

The article describes very well the personalities of these characters.

They were really good a good idea. cheers flower alien
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The Evil Duo?
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