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 Evil Counterpart?

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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PostSubject: Evil Counterpart?   Evil Counterpart? Icon_minitimeFri Jan 04, 2013 6:27 pm

Evil Counterpart? 074

Music to go with the article

A character who looks like the protagonists and has/had abilities and obstacles similar to them, but is evil. Sometimes, but not always, a Big Bad.

Frequently, the Evil Counterpart is the character equivalent of what happens if A single small change snowballs into a major change of events: he represents what our hero could have become as a result of a very small change in his backstory. They also save creators the trouble of thinking up new abilities to give their villains, especially for comic book heroes and video games (where new abilities have to be implemented).

Evil Counterpart? B14

For Example both Evil Counterpart and The Hero had an opportunity to restore a loved one using a forbidden. The Hero, after learning the true nature of the stone, refused to sacrifice society’s undesireables (convicted criminals) to restore his brother, even though he was clearly tempted. The Evil Counterpart, like The Hero, sacrificed undesireables (persecuted “witches” and those dying of the plague, who were more innocent than the criminals), but didn’t hesitate for a moment to restore it's own body. Both are exceptionally gifted with skill, but the Evil Counterpart, unlike the Hero, allowed her natural talent to feed on their ego. The Hero connects with other people like the woman he loves and develops meaningful relationships with the less gifted. The Evil Counterpart, on the other hand, separates themselves from the rest of humanity. If the Hero didn’t have his loved ones to keep them in check to keep him in check, he could have easily gone down this route.

Here are several examples:

• Affably Evil is the evil counterpart of Good Is Not Nice.

• Complete Monster is the evil counterpart of Messianic Archetype.

• Anti-Villain is the evil counterpart to Anti-Hero (or perhaps the other way around).

• Chaotic Evil is the evil counterpart to Chaotic Good and Chaotic Neutral.

• Lawful Evil is the evil counterpart of Lawful Good and Lawful Neutral.

• Neutral Evil is the evil counterpart of Neutral Good and True Neutral.

• Stupid Evil is the evil counterpart to Stupid Good

• Villainious Protagonist is the evil counterpart of both a oridnary Protagonist and Heroic Antagonist.

• Faux Affably Evil is the evil counterpart of Noble Villian.

• the Weird Minion is the evil counterpart of The Load.

• The Brute is the evil counterpart of The Big Guy.

• Evil Genius is the evil counterpart of The Smart Guy.

• The Commander is the evil counterpart of both The Number 2 and The Hero.

• Big Bad is the evil counterpart of the Hero and the Big Good.

• Bigger Bad is the evil counterpart of the Big Good.

• Psychopathic Manchild is the evil counterpart to Man Child.

• Seven Deadly Sins are the evil counterparts to the Seven Heavenly Virtues.

Evil Counterpart? Great_11

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Evil Counterpart? 079

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Government Concil
Government Concil

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PostSubject: Re: Evil Counterpart?   Evil Counterpart? Icon_minitimeSat Jan 05, 2013 7:01 pm

That was an interesting article. The image of skell skelleton was neat to see him doing battle!!!!!!
I appreciated the effort you put into make the list and then descibinh the counterpart-very labor intensive cheers cheers cheers cheers

My favorite character is the stupiid good and evil. For the most part their intension is never to hurt anyone.

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Evil Counterpart?
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