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 Could You Explain Franken Fran?

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Could You Explain Franken Fran? Empty
PostSubject: Could You Explain Franken Fran?   Could You Explain Franken Fran? Icon_minitimeThu Apr 25, 2013 4:17 pm

(We see Zim and GIR in a doctor's office)

Zim: I'm Going to see a doctor today, I need a check up

GIR: OK Can I came too?

Zim: Sure you can come I need sombody to keep me calm, I'm Nervous.

(Zim and GIR wait for some time until a doctor enters and sees them they look like this.)

Could You Explain Franken Fran? Franke10

Doctor: Hello Sir, I will be you're doctor for today.

Zim: Good to see you.......................................WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO YOU'RE FACE!!!???

GIR: Why Hello Miss, You look that one kind lady who sold me all that Deadly Night Shade, she was rather reclutant to give it me though.

Zim: This is going to be along check up.

Could You Explain Franken Fran? 0515

We now bring you to you're article.


Could You Explain Franken Fran? 013

Music for the First Half of the Article

Franken Fran was a horror-comedy manga by Kigitsu Katsuhisa a Real Life Female Doctor with a twisted sense of humor that set and makes Prometheus look like child's play in the Body Horror category. A Radio Drama adaptation was released as well.

In a distant, rarely-visited part of Japan, the world's greatest surgeon, Naomitsu Madaraki, once lived in a large, Gothic-style mansion. But he hasn't come home in ages. Instead, the professor's "daughter", Fran Madaraki, lives there with a large amount of her own ghoulish creations and her "younger sister" Veronica. She's a very unusual girl, what with the stitch patterns on her face and the giant bolts on either side of her head. Just as skilled at surgery as her father, and if you're willing to pay her price, she can do everything up to and including raising the dead.

Fran believes that a life should be saved no matter the cost, and keep that in mind, since the results of her surgeries are rarely pretty.

The end consists of Fran being trapped on a sunken ship beneath the ocean, where oxygen deprivation soon leads her to experience a surreal dream, Veronica is no longer a bio-weapon, The dream culminates in an enormous party, which every character to have ever appeared in the comic attends. The "party" then (from the reader's point of view) concludes just as the most important guest - Dr. Madaraki - arrives, a tearful Fran throwing open the door to welcome him in.

In the real world, Veronica manages to find the sunken ship, and spot the unconscious Fran through one of the portholes. She knocks on the porthole, trying to rouse Fran with words.

The final page of the comic shows Fran back at the Madaraki estate, plowing through a standard day of work. It is left ambiguous as to whether she truly was rescued, or whether it is merely part of her hallucinations.

Fran Madaraki

Could You Explain Franken Fran? Franke10

Music for the Second Half of the Article

The protagonist of the story, Fran lives at the Madaraki estate. Though she is often mistaken for Naomitsu Madaraki's daughter, she is actually his greatest "masterpiece." She has a unique view of morality, finding certain cases emotionally-moving and experimenting out of the goodness of her heart.

While most often aloof, she has shown that she is aware that her actions ruin lives, and is very capable of using her talents to punish others, should they seriously offend her, such is the case with a group of spies sent to steal her and Dr. Amatsuka's secrets and research. Fran is able to make her clients' dreams come true and very often their nightmares as well - the consequences of her actions are extraordinary. Even so, Fran carries on without a concern. During surgery, she is able to increase the number of her arms and operate at a greater speed. Her one oath is to never take life, believing that "regardless of the shape or form, if it can function as a living organism, it is good."

Veronica Madaraki

Could You Explain Franken Fran? 014

Music for the Third Half of the Article

Veronica is a bio-weapon crafted by Dr. Madaraki for his own protection. As such, she is notably violent, though bound to a humane battle etiquette and creed: "to attack while causing as little suffering as possible" In addition to her naturally high combat ability, she is trained in the handling of weapons and the setting of traps in the field.

Although her first appearance is as somewhat of an antagonist, she quickly joins Fran at her home and resumes her guard duties with Fran as a charge. She does not hesitate to eliminate anything that threatens the estate, though is usually rebuffed. As she was created after Fran, Veronica regards her as a big sister

Dr. Naomitsu Madaraki

Music for the Last Half of the Article

The creator of Fran and her "siblings." An unseen character, he owns the mansion that Fran lives in but has not lived there for a long time.

During the second World War, Naomitsu worked for the Biochemistry Division, earning fame and the title of "Devil of Biology" and "Spider's Thread" due to the nature of his experiments. He is considered a top-class thinker in the field of biotechnology. Given his service in the war, he is presumed quite old, constantly traveling the world for the sake of his research. His current whereabouts are unknown to Fran. Dr. Madaraki defines World War II to be "a war to destroy the gods" because of its promotion of scientific development and the erosion of religion accompanied by it

He might be in a fate worse of then death. No one has seen Madaraki in an unknown time, Madaraki is old and may have been approaching death, Madaraki might have spent a lot of time near Fran, Veronica doesn't appear to know where he is. (And maybe she was investigating Fran until Fran took her apart), In a book that specializes in ironic situations, Madaraki might have had a big one coming. The worst part of this is, that if Madaraki is suffering in a room someplace in the mansion, it logically should be worse than anything we've seen so far.


Zim: Well that was close, I nearly lost my lunch

GIR: Wow at least I got a lolly pop, I wonder if Dr. Naomitsu Madaraki is actually that wheel chair bound doctor we had to fight ealier.

Zim: I seriously doubt it, but you can think that

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Government Concil
Government Concil

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Could You Explain Franken Fran? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Could You Explain Franken Fran?   Could You Explain Franken Fran? Icon_minitimeSat Apr 27, 2013 4:17 pm

Wow this is an article that truly is weird. I never hear of Frankenstein Fran- I think it would be cool to see the movie.
I agree that this is gross. But for some reason people like tot be scared.

The images you selected were cool The music was definitely cool to listen to.

Good job
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Could You Explain Franken Fran?
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