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 Christmas with Invader Zim

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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Name: Invader Zim
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Christmas with Invader Zim  Empty
PostSubject: Christmas with Invader Zim    Christmas with Invader Zim  Icon_minitimeWed Nov 21, 2012 9:14 am

(We Hear the voice of the narrator as we pan across a sky with falling snowflakes)

Narrator: Welcome everyone to our 2012 Christmas special, as a treat were going to tell you not one but two stories that you have never seen before. Shall we begin.

Christmas with Invader Zim


Mall, day, inside

(We see Zim and GIR walking through the mall.)

Zim: I tell you GIR there's pretty weird stuff going on lately.

GIR: Like what, Zim?

Zim: Well I heard that some guy ended up in a simulated reality created by the Professor, but if backfired and resulted in him having daylight hallucinations.

GIR: MMMMMMMMMMMMMM Linoleum, really.

Zim: Yes really, other than that he's fine.

GIR: I just hope that prof. Membrane has no plans on hiring that Mad Doctor again.

Zim: Agreed, the less we speak about the weirdo the better.

GIR: What ever did happen to him, Zim?

Zim: I sent him to the Old Folks Home.

GIR: Why are we at the mall again, Zim?

Zim: We need to pick up decorations for our house.


(We see Zim looking trough the decorations until he sees several that he would like to have.)

Zim: GIR were leaving this mall.

(Zim realizes there's no response.)

Zim: UM GIR, aren't you a little more talkative than this?

(Zim turns around to realize that GIR is GONE.)

Zim: So that's why he didn't say anything...................WAIT WHERE'S GIR!!!???

(We see a montage of Zim looking across the mall for GIR, he looks through things like potted plants, a beauty salon, a movie store, hot topics, and even through the storage room. He eventually get's tired of looking for GIR and eventually rests in a book store.)

Zim: I don't get I check every where I could look where could he be.

(Zim looks around and notices something odd.)

Zim: OK this is the only place I haven't checked so maybe he's here.

(Zim walks around until he gets to the young section of the bookstore he walks around in there until he sees a group of kids gathered up there one of them is GIR. He tries to see GIR until he bumps into a woman. She Looks like this.)

Christmas with Invader Zim  C74

Zim: Sorry about miss.

Lady: Oh, no problem.

Zim: Why are all these kids gathered up here?

Lady: There here to Sandy Claws.

Zim: Oh really, so what's your job in the mall?

Photographer: I'm here to take photos of the kids with Sandy.

Zim: That sounds nice so when does the show start.

Photographer: in about 5 minutes.

Zim: Thank you

(Zim continues to walk through the crowd until he bumps into some parents.)

Zim: Sorry sir.

Man: Did you hear that they fired the previous mall Santa who and replaced him with a new one.

Zim: Really now?

Man: Yes, I’m not sure what the new Santa looks like though.


(We see GIR sitting next to a bunch of kids holding a present with an excited look on his face.)

GIR (Singing): This is so exciting, exciting, exciting, this is so exciting what's happening today.

Old woman dressed as an elf: And now introducing Santa Clause.

(Suddenly A Mall Santa shows up. He is tall, slender, and overall is probably a skeleton. He looks like this.)

Christmas with Invader Zim  Skelli10

Mall Santa: *HOHOHO* Hello Children! Ladies and Gentlemen the pleasure of seeing you all here is all mine!

(The Children look excited, GIR looks confused, the Patents are scared witless, and Zim looks dumbstruck, the photographer looks concerned. GIR then raises his hand)

Mall Santa: Yes little boy, what is it?

GIR: S-Santa, when did you decide to become anorexic? Doesn't the sunshine a lot in the north pole so why are you pale?

Mall Santa: Why my boy it's all right, I'm doing fine after all I have you kids to thank.

GIR: What do you mean?

Mall Santa: I chose this appearance because I wanted to fit down chimneys better.

GIR: Oh, *Sigh of relief* I though you caught a fatal illness or something.

Mall Santa: Not at all. So who wants to hear a story?

Children: I DO!!! I WANT TO!!! NO ME!!!

(The Mall Santa searches through the shelf and Sees a story.)

Mall Santa: Vasilisa the Beautiful.

GIR: OOO What's it about.

Mall Santa: Settle down children I'll tell you. Ounce upon a time A merchant had, by his first wife, a single daughter, who was known as Vasilisa the Beautiful. When she was eight years old, her mother died. On her deathbed, she gave Vasilisa a tiny wooden doll with instructions to give it a little to eat and a little to drink if she were in need, and then it would help her. As soon as her mother died, Vasilisa gave it a little to drink and a little to eat, and it comforted her.

After a time, her father remarried to a woman with two daughters. Her stepmother was very cruel to her, but with the help of the doll, Vasilisa was able to perform all the tasks imposed on her. When young men came wooing, the stepmother rejected them all because it was not proper for the younger to marry before the older, and none of the suitors wished to marry Vasilisa's stepsisters.
One day the merchant had to embark on a journey. His wife sold the house and moved them all to a gloomy hut by the forest. One day she gave each of the girls a task and put out all the fires except a single candle. Her older daughter then put out the candle, whereupon they sent Vasilisa to fetch light from Baba Yaga's hut. The doll advised her to go, and she went. While she was walking, a mysterious man rode by her in the hours before dawn, dressed in white, riding a white horse whose equipment was all white; then a similar rider in red. She came to a house that stood on chicken legs and was walled by a fence made of Bones. A black rider, like the white and red riders, rode past her, and night fell, whereupon the eye sockets of the skulls became luminous. Vasilisa was too frightened to run away, and so Baba Yaga found her when she arrived in her mortar.

(As the mall Santa is reading the story Zim creeps up behind him and notices his bag. Zim looks inside and gives an evil grin at what he sees inside the sack. He takes the bag)

Mall Santa: Baba Yaga said that she must perform tasks to earn the fire, or be killed. For the first task, Vasilisa was to clean the house and yard, cook supper, and pick out black grains and wild peas from a quarter measure of wheat. Baba Yaga left, and Vasilisa cooked, while the doll did everything else. At dawn, the white rider passed; at or before noon, the red. As the black rider rode past, Baba Yaga returned and could complain of nothing. She bade three pairs of disembodied hands seize the grain to grind it, and set Vasilisa the same tasks for the next day, with the addition of cleaning poppy seeds that had been mixed with dirt. Again, the doll did everything but cook the meal. Baba Yaga set the three pairs of hands to press the oil from the poppy seeds.
Vasilisa asked about the riders' identities and was told that the white one was Day, the red one the Sun, and the black one night. Other details are not explained, on the grounds that Baba Yaga preferred to keep them secret. In return, Baba Yaga inquired into the cause of Vasilisa's success. On hearing the answer "by my mother's blessing", Baba Yaga sends Vasilisa home with a skull-lantern to provide light for her step-family, only to find that, since sending her out on her task, no candles or fire will light in their home. Even lamps and candles brought in from outside snuff out the second they are carried over the threshold. The light burns Vasilisa's stepmother and stepsisters to ashes, and Vasilisa buries the skull as per its instructions so no person would ever be harmed by it.

Later, Vasilisa becomes an assistant to a maker of cloth in Russia's capital city, where she becomes so skilled at her work that the emperor himself notices her skill; he later marries Vasilisa. Vasilisa lived happily ever after. The End.

Everyone : * Applaud*

Mall Santa: So who wants to tell Sandy what they want for Christmas?

(The Kids line up with GIR at the end of the line.)


(We see the real Santa outside about to launch is sleigh and Zim carrying the bag full of weird toys )

Santa: What the Hoho Heck are you doing?

Zim: Um trying to get rid of these......

Santa: then let me take them.

Zim: Fine, I was going to use them to scare off anyone who was going to attack me.

Santa: Keep that bag of freaky toys I don't want it.

(Zim looks around and stuffs the bag in the mail box as he casually hums to himself.)

Back in the Mall, night

(Finally the line Gets to GIR.)

Mall Santa: Hi little boy what do you want for Christmas.

GIR: Merry Christmas Santa Clause.

(GIR Takes out the present and Gives it to the Mall Santa.)

GIR: It's for you and your Girlyfriend, the photographer.

(GIR walks away as the Mall Closes.)

Photographer: That went surprisingly well, I was worried you would repeat the mistake made 19 years ago.

Mall Santa: What did He give us anyway?

(They open the box to see that GIR left a Chocolate Cake)

Christmas with Invader Zim  B18

Mall Santa: You know, he seems a bit odd, but he's a nice little guy, I hope we get to see him again one day.

City, streets, night

Zim: GIR I Finially found you where the heck have you been?!

GIR: Oh hi Zim, I just gave the mall Santa a present what did you.

Zim: Oh nothing just spent the entire day looking for you and mailed Tak a nasty present.

GIR: You didn't send her vomit did you?

Zim: No but I did send her a bunch of defective toys that a group of monsters made that will scare her *Laughs*. Oh sorry.

GIR: Want to go home.

Zim: sure thing.

(Zim and GIR make their way to their spaceship which they use to exit.)


(As the snow falls we see the Mall Santa and the photographer making their way somewhere away from town.)

Mall Santa: I forgot to mention, got you a present for christmas.

Photographer: What?

(Th Mall Santa takes out a present and gives it to her, inside is.......................a Rose.)

Photographer: Thank You.

(We see the following scene.)

Christmas with Invader Zim  Jack_a10

Zim's Base, morning, inside

GIR: Christmas, Christmas, Christmas, I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!

Zim: OK let's see what we got this year.

(Zim and GIR unrap the presents and see.)

GIR: I got a computer.

Zim: I got a book on electric engineering.


(We cut outside and see Snowflakes falling.)

End Credits:



. The Mall Santa and Photographer are actually Jack Skellington and Sally from the film the Nightmare Before Christmas

. Santa looks like Christmas with Invader Zim  0483

. The Scene where Santa demands where Zim gets the toys is based on a car commercial

. The Previous Mall Santa was like this

. I'm going to be honest I'm not quiet sure weather or not the replacements are a step up or a step down
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Government Concil
Government Concil

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Name: spongebob
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Christmas with Invader Zim  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Christmas with Invader Zim    Christmas with Invader Zim  Icon_minitimeSat Nov 24, 2012 1:58 pm

FIRST love the new image.

Cool music.

Have to say taken back buy the skeleton santa-but hey it is a bad economy everyone has to work.

Like the touch of the Russian Folk tale-weird how kids did not pick up on creepy Santa.

The line what the ho ho heck are you doing-made me LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All in all great ending that Santa got a cake-which looks soo Good.

Fun Holiday story!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Agree not sure if step up or down and are the Elves also OUTSOURCED HAHAHAHAHHAHAH
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Christmas with Invader Zim
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