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 Zim and GIR NEARLY Save Christmas

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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Zim and GIR NEARLY Save Christmas  Empty
PostSubject: Zim and GIR NEARLY Save Christmas    Zim and GIR NEARLY Save Christmas  Icon_minitimeFri Dec 03, 2010 3:20 pm

Hotel, night, inside

Narrator: I know that you have read many Christmas tales but there is one I know you never heard of it all started one December night all happy and cozy but then something happened…

(Suddenly we hear something come down the chimney very clumsily IT’S…..)

Zim: GIR next time you find out how to come down the chimney!

GIR: OOOOO coal.

(Zim then advances towards the tree and tries to grab it.)

GIR: But Zim why?

Zim: Because it’s a great way to be frugal, now help me get this thing out!

Kid (off screen): Santa?

Zim: You remember what to do?

GIR: There’s 720 ways to find out.

(Zim and GIR jump out the window of the 1st floor and head back to there house successfully.)

Zim and GIR NEARLY Save Christmas

Opening Credits:

Mall, Day, inside

GIR: So why are we visiting the local mall Zim?

Zim: This because we need to get decorations and gifts to various people we know.

(Zim and GIR notice a kid in front of them.)

Zim: How come there’s a huge line?

Kid: Santa is visiting the malls isn’t that wonderful?

Zim: I know he commits breaking and entering, steals all the cookies, he gets away with it while the authorities never pay attention, and he’s been doing it ever the 3rd century in Europe.

Kid: What…?

GIR: I’m hungry.

Zim: They never learn like back at home.

(Suddenly a news broadcast shows up.)

News Reporter: Sorry to interrupt but breaking news! Santa Is has caught a Virus and Christmas has to be canceled!

Zim: Something can’t be right about that?

GIR: Where is the North Pole?

Zim: contrary to popular belief it’s in the most Northern Point of Russia, and we are going there to see if this is true!

North Pole, day, outside

(We see a place that looks Christmas decorations everywhere.)

Zim: Here we are at the North Pole or Christmas Town.

GIR: This cool look elves!

Elf: Forget it.

Zim: I beat the big guy lives in there!

(Zim and GIR walk up to the biggest building in the district.)

Power Work shop, inside

(As Zim and GIR walk suddenly a Snowman-like Robot moves up to them.)

Mr. Sludgy: Welcome to Santa’s Work Shop I’m Mr. Sludgy. I’m sorry Santa Clause is not evadable-

Zim: We don’t care were seeing him right now!

Mr. Sludgy: of coarse he’s right this way it’s really-

GIR: OOOO mints

(Zim and GIR walk into the part of the building where Santa lives.)

Santa: Oh hello kids I’m- *sneezes for along time*

Zim: Santa?

GIR: Hello.

Santa: I’m going to *Sneezes for along time*

Zim: I have an idea.


News Reporter: Breaking New Santa has decided not to cancel Christmas! Were interviewing him right now!

Santa: That’s right I’m not canceling Christmas.

News Reporter: It’s good to have you back!

Zim’s base, Day, inside, control room

(Turns out Zim is really using a voice morphed to communicate through a robot.)

Zim: I know thank you everybody.

GIR: Hey Zim what are we going to do?

Zim: I guess were going to masquerade as Santa, Now let’s get to work on the mechanics! Radio!


(As this song plays Zim and GIR get to work on various things including their costumes and even testing the sleigh with many humorous malfunctions.)

Zim: Air bags slow….

North Pole, day, inside

Mr. Sludgy: Ok People time to get work!

(We see Zim and GIR disguised as Santa and an Elf)

Zim: Ok people were going to make toys!

GIR: MMM milk and cookies!

Mr. Sludgy: Ok you’re job is to see the kid’s wish list.

Zim: Right it can’t be that hard….



Zim: Ok how are we going to produce an “ancient Video tape”?

GIR: I don’t know but seems good.

Zim: You know all these kids are good but what get’s me is that at least 3 of them ask for things that can’t produced.

GIR: MMMMM the thought of Cookies….

Zim: Is food all you ever think about.

Mr. Sludgy: Why are you not going to use the sled this year?

Zim: We got a sled that can travel a lot faster than yours it won’t need reindeer.


Santa: um guys *sneezes*

(Suddenly a waiter shows with soup.)

Narrator: and so many days past through them preparing for the biggest night of the year eventually the night came……

Christmas Eve, night

Mr. Sludgy: Lord Speed Zim and GIR!

Elves: Were all counting on you!

(Zim and GIR run to their robotic sleigh and jump inside it.)

Zim: GIR quit messing around.

GIR: I know I’m about the cookies.

(The sleigh takes off Zim pilots it.)

Zim: First stop Johannesburg or New Keron.

House, inside

(We see a Keronian tadpole walk out of bed to get a glass of water to see….)

Keronian tadpole: Um….what is this?

Zim: I’m putting the presents under the tree.


(As the Tadpole Watches Zim and GIR proceed to put the presents under the tree and leave, he goes back to bed.)

Zim: Well that’s good.

GIR: Cheer up only a couple billion houses to go!

Zim: Ok then….

(While the song plays the two starts visiting many houses and delivering presents everywhere.)

Zim’s base, inside, night

Zim: Ok let’s call it a night.

GIR: That was good.

Zim’s base, inside, day

(Zim and GIR wake up to see….)

Zim: Presents?

GIR: Santa’s fine again!

(As Zim and GIR unwrap their presents Santa walks to his sled.)


Credits Music:



. Zim Disguising himself as Santa Looks like this

.GIR Disguising himself as a Elf looks like this Zim and GIR NEARLY Save Christmas  Elf11

. Santa Looks like this

. Mr. Sludgy Looks like this Zim and GIR NEARLY Save Christmas  Sludgy10
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Government Concil
Government Concil

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Zim and GIR NEARLY Save Christmas  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Zim and GIR NEARLY Save Christmas    Zim and GIR NEARLY Save Christmas  Icon_minitimeFri Dec 03, 2010 4:15 pm

The BEST ONE EVER santa santa santa santa santa santa

I will print this one out for Haley(sunday school) rendeer rendeer rendeer rendeer

Loved Music Favorite Martian Santa Clause cheers cheers cheers cheers

Loved the beginning Santa Why?????????????????????????????????????? lol! lol! lol! lol! santa rendeer
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Zim and GIR NEARLY Save Christmas
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