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 A Slim Shady Christmas

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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A Slim Shady Christmas Empty
PostSubject: A Slim Shady Christmas   A Slim Shady Christmas Icon_minitimeThu Feb 10, 2011 1:56 pm

A Slim Shady Christmas

House, night, inside

(We see Slim Shady making himself dinner to eat when suddenly…)

Voices: *groaning*

Slim Shady: What the heck is that noise?!

(Suddenly two ghosts appear in front of Slim Shady.)

Slim Shady: Who are you two!? I don’t have time for this.

Ghosts: We were you’re workers and now we have to sing.

(Suddenly eerie music plays in the background and….)

Ghosts (singing):

(After the song, suddenly the floor opens and they are dragged underneath into some red gas.)

Slim Shady: Well I guess I have to do what those old coots said and do something good.

(Slim Shady opens up the door and heads outside.)

North Pole, day

(Slim Shady walks for sometime up north until he sees an old man dressed in a wizard outfit.)

Mr. Winter: Hello Slim I’m Mr. Winter do you want my magic feed corn.

Slim Shady: You mean prescriptions. I will teach you this

(Slim Shady breaks into song and…)

Slim Shady (Singing): (WARNING MILD LYRICS)

Mr. Winter: Thank you Slim did you know that Santa’s work shop is that way.

Slim Shady: Thanks man I’ll keep in touch.

Santa’s Workshop, inside, day

Elf: Um Santa there’s someone who wants to see you.

Santa: Bring him in.

(Slim Shady shows up and walks in.)

Santa: Who are you?

Slim Shady (Singing): Hi. My name is *what*. My Name is *who*. My Name is *scratching noises* Slim Shady.

(Slim Shady dances around for sometime.)

Santa: Well you’re in our businesses to night well be sending presents.

Slim Shady: I pimped out you’re elf songs and sent a head wear.

Santa: Good….

Slim Shady: You even have a limo instead of a sled.

Santa: WHAT?!

Slim Shady: Did you know it starts in 10 minutes.

Santa: Well thanks for helping Slim Shady.

Slim Shady: I’ll be taking one of you’re worm holes to my house.

House, inside, night

Slim Shady: Well my dinner hasn’t changed I’m going to watch the foot ball game.



. The entire comedy skit is inspired by Rankin/Bass specials and this commercial (WARNING MILD LANGUGE)

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Government Concil
Government Concil

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A Slim Shady Christmas Empty
PostSubject: Re: A Slim Shady Christmas   A Slim Shady Christmas Icon_minitimeThu Feb 10, 2011 4:07 pm

i need you to correct one word tech to teAch.

Plus you got to add the real SLIM SHADY SONG (when he his talking to Santa) Empasis the term Slim Shady cheers cheers lol!
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A Slim Shady Christmas
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