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 An Invader Zim Christmas

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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Name: Invader Zim
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An Invader Zim Christmas Empty
PostSubject: An Invader Zim Christmas   An Invader Zim Christmas Icon_minitimeFri Dec 02, 2011 2:50 pm

City, park, day

(We see that there are many kids ice skating in the middle of the snowing park, on a bridge watching from a distance is Zim and GIR.)

GIR: Look at the snow Zim! I like it's taste.

Zim: Well just don't eat the yellow ones.

GIR: Aw man somebody had to ruin it by making some pieces yellow, so what are we going to do right now?

Zim: Well GIR this plan involves ice skating like the other kids.


Zim: Remember that you are not to try to do any stunts not recommended.

GIR: You got it!

(Zim and GIR proceed to jump off the bridge on to the ice and then skate in a manner that seems professional.)

GIR: Zim, I like the feel of this ice.

Zim: Well don't try to do anything too weird.


Zim: Well the Sun is almost shining on this day what could go to wrong.

(Zim and GIR continue skating through the ice and snow as GIR is eating things like rocks and acorns...when GIR suddenly slips.)

GIR: Aw man.



(Zim rises out of a snow after having a collision with the lamp post as he sees Christmas lights.)

Zim: So now I realized what's happening

GIR: What is it Zim?

Zim: It's Christmas time!

(The opening credits start to roll.)

An Invader Zim Christmas

Opening theme:

Mall, day, inside

(We See Zim and GIR walking through the mall.)

Zim: So have you heard about that one toy product that one man guy advertised.

GIR: Explain, as I eat these acorns.

Zim: Well he told kids to beg their parents to buy them, or else the world would end.

GIR: Isn't that far fetched.

Zim: Exactly, I bet he would use a Lucifer Spear if he had the chance and threaten to use it if he didn't get his way.

(Suddenly a man runs up to them.)

Man: Boots shined sir.

Zim: No thank you.

GIR: have we seen this man before?

Zim: Yes GIR, it's Mr. Smith, the man who tried to chop down the one hundred acre wood.

Mr. Smith: I have no idea about what happened but next thing I know my new condo was gone, I was standing in a crater and my money was no where.

Zim: We really don't care for your stories because of you're wasteful behavior Mr. Smith.

(As they continue walking they bump into a old man who looks very troubled.)

Zim: Can I help you sir.

Old Man: Well we ran out of decorations, because we sold too many.

GIR: That's terrible, what should we do Zim.

Old Man: Also we don't have a mall Santa and an Elf.

Zim: Well, sir........I could we could take the job.

Old Man: Thank you! Be here tomorrow.

Zim: Well be there.

(Zim and GIR leave as Zim appears to be planning something.)

Zim's base, night, inside, control room

(We see Zim is discussing something with GIR in the control room as GIR is eating Tacos.)

GIR: MMMMMM tacos.

Zim: Now that I have you're attention, let's begin GIR, were going to break into the mall and give it decorations.

GIR: Sounds outlaw and.......HEROIC just like robin hood.

Zim: I will bring a Stun Orb with me in order to get past the guard cameras.

GIR: I love it, you're one of the best strategist I know, Zim.

Zim: Well thank you.

Mall, night, inside

(GIR Tries to act all stealthy and tries be epic, Zim just throws the Stun Orb and disables all the Guard Cameras.)

GIR: Well that ended the spy experience.

Zim: Time To take care of business, GIR.

GIR: What else is part of the plan?

Zim: Decorate the place.

GIR: YAY!!!!

Zim: We will split up though and take care of business.

(We see Zim and GIR decorating the place, they scatter advanced decorations across the mall.)


(We See Zim waiting for GIR to show up.)

Zim: What could take him so long.

(We see GIR eating some gum balls as he walks over towards Zim.)

GIR: All secure.

Zim: Excellent but....will it work.

GIR: Of course, activate it, you're the best around, Zim.

(Zim activates it to see the decorations work in an dramatic motion.)

Zim & GIR: *laughs triumphantly*

Zim: The Camera's will turn in 6 hours, quick, put on the costumes.

Mall, day, inside

(The Old Man looks around to see all these decorations working along everyone celebrating Christmas. Standing proudly on a throne is Zim dressed as Santa Clause, with GIR as an elf.)

Zim: *HOHOHO* Merry Christmas everyone.

Old Man: Wow, you redesigned this place to look like a winter wonderland.

Zim: Correct, GIR were going to need to keep track of the children who sit on my lap as Santa.

GIR: Here they come now.....wait who is that Nun?

Zim: Oh it's Sister Bernadette, she's a nun for the local church.

GIR: Zim, who is that behind you.

Zim: Why that's..........

(Zim turns around to see a man dressed as a Robed skeleton. His costume looks like this.)

An Invader Zim Christmas C20

Robed Skeleton: Can I join you guys too in this holiday.

Zim: Why are dressed as a Skeleton, it's Christmas.

Robed Skeleton: darn I wanted to join the holiday spirit too.

(Zim pauses........he then puts an elf hat on the man dressed as a Robed skeleton.)

Robed Skeleton: Thanks, but what should I tell the children who see me.

Zim: Tell them you're a migrant worker.

GIR: you could tell them you work here.

Robed Skeleton: What should I tell adults?

Zim: Go stand near the store “Hot Topics” and tell them you're part of a film made by Tim Burton.

Robed Skeleton: Gee thanks Mr. Clause.

(The Robed Skeleton walks away as Sister Bernadette and some small children approach Zim.)

Sister Bernadette: Now kids you can sit on Santa's lap and tell him what you want for Christmas.

Zim: *HOHOHO* What would you like for Christmas little boy?

Little Boy: A Red Rider Bi-bi gun!

Zim: You'll shoot you're eye out.

(Zim turns to GIR.)

Zim: Note to self GIR, Bi-bi guns are almost useless.

(We see Zim talks to some kids until he hears a noise.)

Voice (off screen): *HOHOHO*

GIR: Who said that, Zim?

Girl: is that who I think it is.

(Suddenly Santa appears and is carrying his sack of toys.)

Santa: Merry Christmas!

Zim: Santa is back everyone.

(Suddenly Mr. Smith shows and proceeds to grab Santa's sack. Zim and GIR run after him)

Zim: Mr. Smith!? What are you doing!?

Mr. Smith: So long looser!

Zim: GIR, We have to get him or else Christmas is ruined!

GIR: Wait for me.

Rooftop, night

( We see Mr. Smith about to get away with the sack of toys.)

Zim: Hold it right there you cad! Those are not for you!

GIR: MMMMMM rocks!

Mr. Smith: Well I guess you can play with this thing that I was left with after my condo blew up.

(Mr. Smith summons a Huge robot with one eye ball.)

Mr. Smith: OK You tin can or Transformer-like robot made sure there heart beats are absolutely zero.

(Zim attempts to blast it but it is not damaged, He tries to dodge the robots arsenal of weapons, after sometime of dogging the attacks GIR throws the Christmas Book toward Zim, Zim throws the book at the massive robot causing it to explode when the book gets crammed in the gears.)

Mr. Smith: *Nervous laugh* I can explain about that one.........

(Zim proceeds to kick Mr. Smith Off the building sending him to land on the police trampoline and pelted by the angry kids with candy canes.)

GIR: What now, Zim?

Zim: We deliver it to Santa Clause.

Rooftop, night

Santa: Well In guess there won't be a Christmas after all.

Voice (off screen): Santa aren't you forgetting something!

(We See Zim proceeds to scale the wall with mechanical, spider-like appendages.)

Santa: Well thank you very much Zim for delivering my presents back to me.

(He then takes off into the sky.)

Santa: *HOHOHO* Merry Christmas!

Zim: Let's go home GIR.

GIR: Right.

Zim's base, day, inside

(Zim and GIR run to the presents and unwrap two of them.)

Zim: Wow I got “The Art of War”.

GIR: I Got a sock-monkey.

Zim: Merry Christmas GIR!

End credits:



. The red rider Bi-bi gun is a toy in the Christmas story.

. Tim Burton is spoofed

Zim Disguising himself as Santa Looks like this

.GIR Disguising himself as a Elf looks like this An Invader Zim Christmas Elf11

. Santa Looks like this

. The Robot Mr. Smith controls was inspired by this image
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Government Concil
Government Concil

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Name: spongebob
specices: sea sponge

An Invader Zim Christmas Empty
PostSubject: Re: An Invader Zim Christmas   An Invader Zim Christmas Icon_minitimeFri Dec 02, 2011 4:35 pm

I BELIEVE THIS IS THE BEST RITTEN ONE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


LOVE THE MUSIC santa santa santa santa santa

It really was a great christmas special a new christmas classic cheers cheers alien alien santa santa santa
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An Invader Zim Christmas
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