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 What is Laughably Evil?

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PostSubject: What is Laughably Evil?   What is Laughably Evil? Icon_minitimeSat Apr 28, 2012 12:23 pm

What is Laughably Evil? 0184

Villains can be many things... magnificent, horrific, philosophical... but special attention goes to the villain that makes you laugh. It might be because he's an idiot, it might be that you empathize with him, or it might be simply that his actions are so unexpected. In any case, some villains will always be funny.

Of course, funny does not always equal weak. Praise be to the villain who can cause a chuckle from his audience, right before viciously thwarting the hero's best efforts. In fact, if done correctly, the very things that make a villain Laughably Evil can make them downright disturbing once they begin crossing the line. Villain laughing at faking someone out with a gun with a "BANG!" flag coming out? Funny. Same villain doing the exact same laugh when shooting them for real a few seconds later? Creepy. A truly well written one can manage to pull off both at once. Just because a character is Laughably Evil dosen't mean that they're harmless.

However the worst they get is Faux Affably Evil.

He can be Dumb, Incompetent, Snarky, or just so mind-bogglingly evil that he becomes hilariously awesome just through his very existence.

he's trying as hard as he can from the start, and is increasingly frustrated and upset by his repeated failures. When he finally comes close to victory, it all evaporates due to sabotage by The Heroes. It's hard not to feel sorry for him.

Sometimes while introduced as a serious threat, he quickly fell into this, which had the side effect of making him popular with the fans, which saved him from being killed off at the end of the season and led to him getting a happy ending in the final episode.

They takes time out of his busy day tormenting others and attempting world conquest in order to knock a child's ice cream cone out of his hands to fulfill a snide wish by his sister.

He then laugh maniacally at his own "evil deed" and resulting in both of the kids kicking him in the shin simultaneously and high-tailing it, to his angry surprise.

Did i forget to mention HE HAS NO IDEA WHAT HE'S DOING!!!

Not to mention he's is a loser whose plots go only so far before backfiring spectacularly.

He is the kind of guy who wants respect from others, and just wants to beat up the hero for the sake of it, which is why he buys Monsters online from Big Bad. Of course, The Hero always wins the day, so this villian never gets the respect he wants.

A potential villain who is consistently a failure or never gets the respect that he thinks he deserves, and may even be angry that the heroes don't take him seriously.

He may not necessarily be inept or have a laughably mild idea of what counts as villainy. This is sometimes a relative situation, and the hero's Rogues Gallery just happens to include people more showy, better financed, or just plain scarier than him.

This does not mean that he doesn't bear animosity aginst the good guys.

He's probably jumping at the opportunity to outdo his rivals and the hero. But there is something about his perseverance or attitude about the whole thing that is just short of sympathetic.

He tries to be evil, but his evil plans usually involve things like stealing the King's leather pants, asking to borrowing a Child's Puzzle and not returning it for three weeks, and pushing him off a boat and into the sea. And on top of that, he is very easily distracted.

His schemes to conquer Earth always seem to end in disasters of some kind.

He is the kind of guy who wants respect from other, and just wants to beat up The Hero for the sake of it, which is why he buys weapons and monsters online from Mr. Big Bad. Of course, The Hero always wins the day, so our Villain never gets the respect he wants. They can be so pathetic, you can't help but feel sorry for them. They even occasionally team up with the heroes when the fate of the world is at stake, showing that they're not really evil and not really all that bad, he's just mean, misunderstood, misguided and a completely incompetent half-wit.

He may not necessarily be inept or have a laughably mild idea of what counts as villainy. This is sometimes a relative situation, and the hero's Rogues Gallery just happens to include people more showy, better financed, or just plain scarier than him.

He's probably jumping at the opportunity to outdo his rivals and the hero. But there is something about his perseverance or attitude about the whole thing that is just short of sympathetic.

Sometimes they are a group of people who have a theme, but also an individual quirky personality to each which may seem oddly familiar. They are allowed to act funnier than The Commander. They mainly provide a distraction to the heroes until the real plot kicks in. Mr. Big Bad has little qualms with killing them off if they fail consistently, possibly because their jobs often entail a bare minimum of intelligence needed. Some groups are filled with backbiting and betrayal, with the occasional Minionshipping. Occasionally, one or two of the bunch will have a change of heart, and Reform. That person is almost always a loner to the rest of the group anyway, especially if they become the New Guy. Sometimes they're a A trio made up of a domineering character and two henchmen. The two henchmen usually look physically different (one short and fat, the other tall and skinny/buff) in addition to having different skills, often Brains and Brawn or an unreasonable facsimile; the position of boss may be gained simply by assertiveness. Their boss is usually convinced they're master criminals, even though the two subordinate characters usually fit the bill for Stupid Crooks. They are never real Big Bads, and the whole group tends to be played for comedy in the long run. They may have no dark motivations other than fortune or fame, and it's easy to sympathize with them through their repeated defeats. They usually have a certain degree of Protection.

The Heroes are requiring you to fight them multiple times through the story. They quickly devolve from being actual threats to pesky nuisances, something the party may comment on.

Sometimes, there's a higher-up that the team's boss is accountable to. That higher-up is usually closer to Mr. Big Bad, and considers the team, boss and all, to be ineffective at best. In many recent Catroons, the boss is usually more attractive and the opposite gender of the lackeys. However they always keep popping up, requiring the Hero to fight them multiple times through the story. They quickly devolve from being actual threats to pesky nuisances, something the Group may comment on.

Their goals can be as grandiose as any other villain's, but the way they go about their plans makes one wonder what they'd do if they ever win. Instead of putting the heroes through a Death Course, it'll merely be an obstacle course strewn with riddles. Rather than threatening to use Snake Venom in the heart of London, they'll use sleeping gas to get away with a heist. If they capture the hero, expect only the most benign of Death Traps (usually with a tub of Mr. Pibb instead of a Shark Pool); and instead of outright harm, they'll use feathers to tickle the hero into submission. Or, they may say they're trying to do something truly evil, but they will fail, every time.

Specific evil plots will usually include amazing magic devices that mildly inconvenience people and get the hero involved; often, these plots are of such a scale and intricacy that if someone gave this guy a business corporation, they'd be so rich, they wouldn't need that giant Gold-only Orbital Magnet to steal the world's supply of gold.

But, then again, where's the fun in that?

The only people "seriously endangered" by them are the Innocent Bystanders and Distressed Damsel that they occasionally capture, and they end up no worse for wear than if they'd spent the afternoon in a Time Share seminar, which is usually far less entertaining at that, and the villain will probably even provide far better snacks, along with room and board!

Some of the ineffectual and sympathetic aspects are ironic, because he can be the most ruthlessly and crazy of The Hero's regular rivals. By contrast, he spends most of the series willing to do just about anything to get rid of the Hero, routinely attacking with ambushes. He even comments once on being to use deadly nightshade as a weapon.

You might not even think about them at all. They might have a lame gimmick, or a weird name, or maybe they just do not stand out among the Goons. They are not exactly on your radar. Even if you do remember them, you think they are either a nobody or a total joke.

Then along comes a life changing event (and an editorial decision) when they will just not stand for it anymore. Some of them just...have a mental breakdown. Others put themselves through MAD Training. Either way the villain reinvents themselves from the bottom up, into someone who is not only able to show the heroes exactly why they are called their enemy, but often even become the Big Bad or the Power Behind the Throne. This is when a villain decides to become their own powerful force.


Where his antics and are so childish, goofy, and cartoonish that you almost forget that they can be is a DANGEROUS in during a fight.

He might announcing the Heroes doom with a sock-puppet

Some have weird powers such as being very strong, but can transform into a giraffe. No, you didn't misread that. He can transform into an actual GIRAFFE. Even better, he can transform into a half-man/half-giraffe. He sincerely believes giraffes to be powerful creatures and during his fight with the Hero was prone to defending them by saying such things as "Witness the power of a giraffe!"

His power might also have a strange weakness, such as being critically weak to eating vegetables.

He might not be really that threatening, truth be told, but he's a goldmine of hilarious one-liners or just so LOUD that it's hard not to laugh at him.

He tends to use silly-looking toy robots, frequently wiggle his eyebrows, and beg for mercy upon his defeat. Every single time. The guy is a living paradox. The best example of this, is the time he stole the world's strongest robots, while wearing a rather flimsy disguise.

They're evil, powerful, hugely destructive people, but they adore ice cream, toys, and riding around on the little kids' train in the park

They have done never something that doesn't make them look at least partially villainous, yet these same deeds still manage to be funny because of their attempts at evil.

They tend to have funny personality and quirks such as doing things like:

They might talk like an old, fast-talking grandma. Due to his love of talking, he acts as the brains of a group of people. He takes a cynical view towards those who are idealistic, however he also complains about his back frequently and will command his men to massage it. He finds out his dream is to become a princess........................DESPITE BEING A MAN!!!!

He can be the slow and dimwitted partner of another character. He seems incapable of thinking for himself at all and often just does as his partner tells him to do. He laughs freely, but speaks rarely, in contrast to his partner, he speaks very slowly, usually taking most of a scene to articulate a short sentence. He finds out that his dream is to become a pizza delivery boy, which is ironic since pizza delivery boys are known to be fast with their deliveries.

He might be have a flamboyant attitude which includes singing, dancing, and spinning, much to the annoyance of the other people around him.

He can be a cheater and trickster who is supremely confident most of the time and seems quite fond of himself. he honestly cares for his crew, gets upset easily, and doesn't have any cruel actions, at least not ones that are played seriously. The only evil thing about him is that he's a Filthy Coward. But is extremely sensitive to insults or criticism. Any offensive words from others cause him to instantly become depressed, and he usually ends up losing his footing and falling to the ground, barely supporting himself with his arms, while a black cloud suddenly appears over his head. However, he will instantly cheer up when someone praises him

He can very be clumsy, he tends to spill coffee on himself during moments of excitement and short tempered, basically crazy accidents are always happening to him, his agents don't respect him, he can be quite dramatic when he thought he was going to die, he begged his agents to report to the boss and give the position he held to his son, only to be told that the bullet went through his sleeve, dispite all this he is very proud of his rank amoung the villians.

He might also seems to be a little bit absent-minded, as he often mistakes things for other things, such as a giant stormy cloud for a perm, or Scarlet for a relative of his. He apparently likes to dance and will perform dance routines to '70s espionage music, nicknaming people, and state that the Brute standing reminds him of his mother and will even think it's his mom.

He might have an eccentric personality: he adorns shoes that emit sounds of squeaking whenever walking, not caring if others gets irritated by this, and also often tries to act like a mime, but usually breaks character by suddenly talking, though ironically becomes completely surprised if someone actually understood his charade type speech. Whenever his buddy says or does something stupid, he acts as a straight man and slaps him, after which they both present themselves to others like a typical comedy duo after a joke. He also has an habit of trying to explain something to the buddy through odd movements and gestures until his buddy tells him to just come out and say it (though at one point in the movie, Shiki understood what he was trying to say much to Indigo's surprise). Regardless, he is loyal to his friends.

Sometimes He also does not want to become an underling to anyone which is the reason why he did not join the one gang, but is willing to get into a partnership with anyone who shares a similar goal with him, as long as he is treated as no less than an equal. He can be deeply obsessed with a Princess, which leads him to act without thinking straight and usually acts one step ahead of the situation, such as writing wedding invitations before even proposing or realizing that he has no friends to invite, or calling The King "father" before the wedding that The King disapproves of anyways. He is also a madman when it comes to the Princess, as he is willing to go to extreme measures to a Dangerously Crazy extent. He tends to overreact to certain situations that surprise him, such as reacting shocked and depressed when his date turned him down for "not being her type" and decided to cry endlessly, recite a poem, and shave the top of his head in depression. This was shown again when she rejected him a second time.

Sometimes he will often feign intelligence, only to have his true incompetence revealed. Although he is not "stupid" in the traditional sense, he is prone to gross misjudgments that cost him; usually this is due to his overconfidence, including a delayed reaction towards things, he will at first act casually then when it sinks in he will act completely the opposite.

Sometimes they are said to be immensely powerful, but has the mind of a 5-year-old and calls the other characters, INCLUDING HIS OWN BOSS by nicknames. Then he's defeated by the heroes and is reduced to a talking head for the rest of the series.

Othertimes he's an over the top rockstar who's both silly, and far stronger then the last Big Bad.

If you're lucky, it might show up on a late night talk show. But no one, ever, is going to take it the slightest bit seriously now. After all, how can something so hilarious possibly be a crime against humanity?

However, this can backfire against the villain if their ultimate goal relies on things like being able to convincingly intimidate an enemy. A villain who comes off as amusing will often be viewed as a practical joker, and subsequently be ignored.

At time at times this villian is VERY endearing.

Often they are an unusually silly character because they seem to have a few screws loose and they are just all around goofy

Sometimes they are made to appear almost as if all of the things he does are because of being stupid instead of malicious.

Other time they are a cynical, snide, long-suffering and sardonic Only Sane Man (whose evil plans are always thwarted anyway) that he becomes the most
sympathetic character.

They Might be accompied by a sidekick that can't quite wrap his mind around villainy. As such, they often get confused and do "good" things like saying please or thank you or being kind to the heroes in some way by mistake — and get yelled at for it by their superior if caught. This character type tends to be predicated on the assumption that theoretically, this so-called "villain" hasn't properly learned how to be bad. Very much a funny character, and most commonly used in children's shows. They often get a Reform at the end of the series, or earlier if their boss is particularly mean with a Mistreatment-Induced Betrayal.

To put it in perspective, their most fiendish and evil-tempered minion came up on the brilliant idea of tormenting our hero by turning off the water to his apartment and then removing all the soft drinks from the vending machine closest to it...................AND They bought the soft drinks LEGALLY.....They're not monsters after all.

Here's an example of Some funny, HOPE YOU ENJOY

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What is Laughably Evil? Empty
PostSubject: Re: What is Laughably Evil?   What is Laughably Evil? Icon_minitimeSun Apr 29, 2012 6:57 pm

i love the ape that sounds and kinda looks like Elvis-funny. These haters have a comical side-wierd to see.
But it all works out.the best
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What is Laughably Evil?
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