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 Chain Gang Run Parts 1 & 2

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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Chain Gang Run Parts 1 & 2 Empty
PostSubject: Chain Gang Run Parts 1 & 2   Chain Gang Run Parts 1 & 2 Icon_minitimeWed Apr 04, 2012 8:32 am

Chain Gang Run Part 1

Zim's Base, Day, inside

Narrator: Prisons are used to keep people from escaping our story involves one of these.

(We see Zim trying to make something, GIR walks right in.)

GIR: What are you doing, Zim?

Zim: Trying to make wanted posters.

GIR: Come again?

Zim: Our empire has to know that Angol Mois (Pronounced “Mwa”) Is no longer sealed up, I also decided to create wanted posters of the people associated with her.


Zim: um GIR, what are you eating.

(Zim looks down and sees GIR with the wanted posters in his mouth.)

Zim:*sigh* GIR we have to got to the store.

GIR: Why?

Zim: Well you ate all my wanted posters and I need paper to create new ones.


(Zim and GIR walk outside only to be knocked out by someone.)

Gugentraz, day, inside

(We see Zim and GIR wake up in.............PRISION UNIFORMS.)

Zim: OK this must be some kind of weird dream that I’m having.

GIR: why is my uniform orange Zim?

(Zim turns to a jailer.)

Jailer: Keep quiet.

Zim: Sir what prison is this?
Jailer: Gugentraz.

Zim: GUGENTRAZ!!!???

(We zoom out and see the entire facility it looks like this.)

Chain Gang Run Parts 1 & 2 Locati14
Chain Gang Run Parts 1 & 2 Locati15

GIR: What is Gugentraz.

Zim: Gugentraz is a Super Prison used on criminals judged right or wrong by Warden Gambino, he is a prison warden who takes thing two far.

GIR: MMMMMMMMMMM Dirt, what do you mean?

Zim: GIR, He once arrested a man just because he picked his nose.

GIR: Who is Warden Gambino.

Zim: Warden Gambino Runs the place, nobody knows what kind of alien he is. What we do know that he forces a harsh method of Justice on people who either committed petty crimes or no crimes at all.

GIR: what now Zim.

Zim: Look! It's Warden Gambino

(We see a alien creature who has wings and horns something like this.)

Chain Gang Run Parts 1 & 2 Jailer10

Warden Gambino: Out of your cells.

Gugentraz, chain gang, day

(We see everyone strapped with chain gang equipment. We see a chameleon-like prison sergeant watching them he looks like this)

Chain Gang Run Parts 1 & 2 Chamel10

Prison Sergeant: Al right maggots listen up, were going to have a pecking order.

Zim: Pecking order?

Prison Sergeant: You guys, the dirt, the worms inside the dirt, and then Me. Any questions?

(We see the Resisty members Lard-Narr, Spleenk, and Shlooktapooxis on the chains.)

Spleenk: Yes do we get-


Prison Sergeant: Let's begin.

(We see everyone breaking rocks with pick Ax like equipment and working.)

GIR: Do you think it's a good idea to break out Zim.

Zim: Yes and No.

GIR: Explain.

Zim: Well first off GIR, Gugentraz is located in the middle of the ocean and is built form the seafloor up so the only way to get out is the entrance. Even though there are space ships to get us out there are massive and blood thirsty sea monsters waiting outside to rip us limb from limb.

GIR: Looks like it's a risk we have to take .

Zim: Luckily they forgot to disarm me.

(Zim then proceeds to activate his energy guns and opens fire on the chains causing them to release, everyone except the Resisty have their chains broken.)

Zim: Run for it.

GIR: Were doing it in style.

(The prisoners then proceed to make a run for it, they are chased around by huge dangerous animals through out there escape.)

Zim: We have got to throw these got to throw these guys off.

Lard-Narr: Our chains are still attached.

Spleenk: At least I brought my game boy with me.

Shlooktapooxis: I like this chase.

GIR: Hey you two ever heard of Lucif-

Zim: He means Lucile.

Lard-Narr: Um what.

(Zim and GIR then proceed to take a different route then the rest of the group, they then go towards a weird hall way.)

Zim: Now to shut the door.

GIR: Right.

(They slam the door behind them.)

Zim: Why do I get the feeling that were being watched or followed.

GIR: Where are all these vines coming from.

(The Vines coil around Zim and GIR resulting in them being dragged to something.)

Voice: That's because you are.

Zim: Who are??

(Suddenly the lights turn on.)

Zim: *Gasp*


Chain Gang Run Part 2

Narrator: Previously on Invader Zim 2010


Narrator: Oops wrong footage

(We see various clips from the previous episode.)

Narrator: Back to the episode you were watching.

Gugentraz, day

Zim: T-this can't be right GIR, a tiny flower with huge vines is carrying us?!

(We see a tiny flower it looks like this)

Chain Gang Run Parts 1 & 2 Lily10


Flower: Hello and welcome to the abounded section of Gugentraz.

GIR: What happened here?

Flower: oh this place hasn’t been used so sea plants started to grow, now if you excuse I'm about have lunch.

GIR: I don't get Zim, what is she eating?

(The Plant opens her mouth and dangles Zim and GIR over it.)

Zim: She's going to eat us!

(Zim Draws out his energy weapons and open fire on the plant vines, after fighting the plant for sometime Zim finally manages to destroy it but...............)

Zim: What the?!

(Suddenly the plant adopts a new and more impressive form that looks like this.)

Chain Gang Run Parts 1 & 2 Biolan10

Plant (Singing):

(Zim continues to fight the plant and this time destroys it by blasting it but her destroys the wall.)

GIR: What's happening?

Zim: We got to get out of here this place is sinking!

(Zim and GIR then flee as far as they can.)

Gugentraz, entrance

Warden Gambino: None shall p-

(The Prisoners, Zim and GIR trample him and get on to the ships and proceed to sail off.)

GIR: *sigh of relief* we finally made it.

Zim: Not yet GIR, there's Colossal Squid in this waters make a run for it.

(The boats spend their time attempting to doge the tentacles of the squids.)

Lard-Narr: If you won't dis-attach my chains then I'll do it myself.


(Zim and GIR nearly bump into one of the squids but manage to narrowly doge it. Zim then eventually send the ship to safe waters. HE then summons the Voot Runner to pick him and GIR up)

Lard-Narr: The Resisty shall soon rise again!

Shlooktapooxis: Boss I don't know where the ship is.

Spleenk: Say Shlooktapooxis want to play on the gameboys?

Shlooktapooxis: Sure thing Spleenk.

Lard-Narr: Well were going to be here for a long time.

Zim's Base, night, inside

GIR: Well we made it home Zim.

Zim: Yeah I’m going to order Pizza but I think I forgot something.

GIR: I think it was the laundry.



. This episode parodies “prison break”, “escape from Alcatraz”, and the Impel Down story arc from the Japanese cartoon “One Piece”

. The scene with the flower spoofs “Little Shop of Horrors”

. for more information on The Resisty click here
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Government Concil
Government Concil

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Chain Gang Run Parts 1 & 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chain Gang Run Parts 1 & 2   Chain Gang Run Parts 1 & 2 Icon_minitimeThu Apr 05, 2012 9:44 am

Zack a prison of the future-that looked quite possible cheers cheers cheers

I also liked t
when the plant transformed to something more scarier affraid affraid affraid

An interesting and entertaining read
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Chain Gang Run Parts 1 & 2
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