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 Machine Parts

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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Name: Invader Zim
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PostSubject: Machine Parts   Machine Parts Icon_minitimeMon Sep 05, 2011 7:42 am

Machine Parts

City, dump, day

(We See Zim and GIR walking through the city dump.)

Zim: GIR Did you know some automobiles were featured in horror stories?

GIR: MMMMMMM Machine Parts. Really?

Zim: Take the story “ From a Buick 8” for example, a bunch of cops
discover that a car is really allowing creatures and plants never seen before in the world emerge into the world.

GIR: Did it get them Zim?

Zim: Well my point is people are completely desperate to make something scary.

(Zim notices a car and begins taking out highly advanced tools out and up grading the car into completely made of Irken technology.)

Zim: Well we have here a fully Irken car GIR.


Roads, day,

GIR: Let's see what's on the radio.


(the radio plays as Zim drives around the town and sees things in his highly advanced car. After driving for sometime, Zim parks the car.)

Zim: Well that was a good experience.

GIR: Wow Zim you're one good driver.

City, day

(Zim and GIR continue walking down the street as a car starts to follow them.)

Zim: Hey is it me GIR or is that car following us?

GIR: oh.........I think he's lonely.

Zim: What is it doing?

(The car notices them and Gives chase.)

Zim: That's not our car.

(Suddenly the car Transforms into some kind of robot.)

Zim: Where did that come from I'm president of the United States!? I did not fund that!

GIR: What the heck is that Zim?

Zim: A synthetic life form.

(A fight occurs between Zim and the synthetic life form resulting in Zim winning and the opponent detonating.)

Zim: well the bad news is this thing destroyed out car completely

GIR: Wait where is the remains of the car being taken to Zim?

(Suddenly the a group of men are taking the car away.)

Zim: Wait a minute those guys don't even work at the dump.

GIR: is it the government? MMMMMM Synthetic parts.

(Zim suddenly realizes something.)


(Zim and GIR run after the cars stealing the machine parts)

Chop Shop, inside

GIR: What's a chop shop?

Zim: a illegal business that dismantles and sells machine parts.

GIR: I like the taste of this metal Zim.

(Zim accidentally drops an explosive and Zim and GIR flee in terror as the entire chop shop explodes disintegrating everything inside.)

Zim: SO you want to get lunch GIR.

GIR: Sure.



. From a Buick 8 is a book by Stephen King

. the Scene with the synthetic life form spoofs Transformers

. the synthetic life form was inspired by this image Machine Parts Moguer10
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Government Concil
Government Concil

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Name: spongebob
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PostSubject: Re: Machine Parts   Machine Parts Icon_minitimeMon Sep 05, 2011 3:32 pm

Very interesting- Who knewk Zim was such a good driver cheers monkey

Some parts that could move on their own would be cool. I thought the point notes at the end were very helphul.

I always like when says OOOOOO lol! lol! lol! lol!
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Machine Parts
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