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 Enemies of the Irkens parts 1 & 2

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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Enemies of the Irkens parts 1 & 2 Empty
PostSubject: Enemies of the Irkens parts 1 & 2   Enemies of the Irkens parts 1 & 2 Icon_minitimeSun Aug 15, 2010 7:52 am

Enemies of the Irkens Part 1

Narrator: You May be asking why Zim was called Back to Irk

Zim: I would like to know myself!

Narrator: apparently various cracks in the space time continuum have occurred leading to the founding of “The Alliance” composed of many races who have hated the Irken Empire and Irken race. Why are they attack you ask? Well apparently they think the Irkens are the cause of their plight.

Somewhere in space, The Resisty flag ship

(We see Shloonktapooxis and Spleenk playing some type of alien game system. The Commander Lard-Narr talking to someone on some type of communications device)

Lard-Narr: Commander Lard-Narr from the planet Vort to Supreme Master Quasnax from the planet FarGarr-333! We managed to come into contact with the Miuinisa (pronounced: Me-ooney-Liza) family from Zenon-5

Spleenk: who’s up for round two?!

Shloonktapooxis: I am!

Lard-Narr: QUIET!!!!

(On the screen was a white/gray reptilian creature with snake-like body and facial features, however it had limbs and spoke in a menacing voice)

Quasnax: Excellent! The Miuinisa family from Zenor-5 has been famous for various crimes such as Arms dealings…..

Lard-Narr: you mean illegal weapons…..

Quasnax: I also mean Arms and Legs, their also body snatchers.

Lard-Narr: What is the status of Super Shadow Experiment #989776?

Quasnax: Good…..We managed to send to the Irkens they don’t even know anything about it!

Irk, outside, day
(Incase you have never seen this planet it is Maya Blue, has rings, about 2X the size of earth and has huge cities. We see Zim and GIR land the Voot Runner on the ground.)

GIR: That took 3 hours to get here.


Invader-Marshal: Hello Invader Zim. We have been in a time of crisis the alliance has been attacking us lately.

Zim: how frequently?

Invader-Marshal: well they attacked last week when you were on vacation.

(While the two Irkens were talking GIR is looking around at the building they were fantastic and tall but very unearthly. Just in case you’re wondering what he’s doing?)

Invader-Marshal: we would like you to investigate something that fell days ago. We organized the Invaders to come back early, all of them made it safely. You’re job is to investigate what we call the Starlight.

(GIR Continues looking around until he bumps into another SIR unit. This one stood a foot taller, was very bulky, was white with glowing red eyes, and had 3 fully functioning fingers.)

OMEGA (Note: it sounded sort of like the Supreme Dalek): Greetings fellow SIR unit. I am OMEGA, leader of the SIR unit garrison.

GIR: Cool!

Invader-Marshal: Zim I don’t believe you’ve met OMEGA. He is an upgraded prototype of a warrior sir unit. Of course he was the 6th and only successful model.

Zim: pleased to meet another war veteran. WOW!!! You’re very shiny!

OMEGA: I get that a lot.

(The Invader-Marshal takes Zim and GIR to the Starlight. It is a large (at least 9 feet tall) box shaped object that is jet black and gives off a blue glow.)

Invader-Marshal: this was founded when it suddenly fell form the sky we managed to retrieve it, could you give us a report on it and study it with our equipment and give us a report when the council meeting happens. Which is in 3 hours.

Zim: anything for my empire and my Tallest!
(Zim gets out equipment and starts working)

Somewhere in space, The Resisty flag ship

(We Shloonktapooxis and Spleenk playing video games)

Shloonktapooxis: I WIN!!!!

Lard-Narr: WILL YOU JUST PLAY YOU’RE VIDEO GAMES QUITELY!!!!!! Commander Lard-Narr from the planet Vort to General Modusoperandi (pronounced: Mod-yeso-perr-randy) Miuinisa from the planet Zenor-5.

(Suddenly a Creature appears on the screen. He had yellow skin, a gargantuan head (at least 4 feet tall), small body and blue eyes with black pupils. By the way it spoke in an irritated very slight British accent)

Modusoperandi: Yes!

Lard-Narr: how many paradoxes does it take to fix the cracks in the space time continuum?

Modusoperandi: Checking…..Ok we need at least 345 paradoxes.

Lard-Narr: 345!? I thought you said 3 the last time!?

Modusoperandi: That well the 340 paradoxes are of wiping out the Irken race! 2 of the paradoxes are for getting rid of the horror/fantasy/Psychological thriller films known as Donnie Darko and its squeal S.Darko.

Lard-Narr: How were those films?

Modusoperandi: Awful!

Lard-Narr: how that time scrambler and the Rift Manipulator watch.

Modusoperandi: well the time scramblers done but according to my math if it explodes it will become something like a sun and if you throw Super Shadow Experiment #989776 at it will reset the universe and restore the cracks.

Irk, inside, the capital building

(We see all these Councilmen and Councilwomen they look like the viziers only with brighter multi-colors and huge collars. The Viziers were standing near the Tallest the Grand-Vizier stood closets. He looked the same as the other Viziers only with a gold robe and a bishop’s hat. Almighty Tallest Purple is listening but is eating some food)

Councilwoman: The Irken people are under a crisis we have received reports that the species that joined the alliance are Meekrob, Planet-Jackers, The Marikal from the planet FarGarr-333, a family of criminal Trillen known as the Miuinisa family, the Nhar-Gh'ok and the Resisty. Worse our repots tell us that a lot of suns are going out and You Tallest Purple are…..eating!? How can you eat at a time like this?! Oh wait….it’s lunch time.

Invader-Marshal: I sent Zim to retrieve data on a mysterious object known as the Starlight.

Zim: according to my reports the object is bigger on the inside….

Councilman: how big?

Zim: about the size of an entire population of Irkens.

Councilman: now that’s big

Almighty Tallest Red: Did you find any more data.

Zim: apparently it’s a prison and keeps anyone alive for an unlimited amount of time. If the blue light shines on the dead it will revive them and can heal the injured. It was made from Marikal technology and is known as Super Shadow Experiment #989776.

Everyone: amazing!

GIR: I’m going to eat tacos!

Space, orbiting planet irk

(We see all these ships Meekrob, Planet-Jackers, Marikal, Trillen, Nhar-Gh’ok, and the Resisty they lay waste to all these robots guarding the planet Irk)

Quasnax: attention all Marikal kill all that stand in your way and throw every Irken you find in Super Shadow Experiment #989776!

Meekrob leader: attention all Meekrob soldiers advance towards the capital and capture everyone in Super Shadow Experiment #989776!

Planet-Jackers leader: attention all Planet Jackers soldiers advance towards the capital and techno-jack everyone you see! While your at it techno-jack fun food!

Modusoperandi: attention all members, including cousins, step-sisters, half-mothers and fiancée advance towards the capital! Oh and women you have permission to raid the shopping malls!

Nhar-Gh’ok leader: Just go beat those Irkens up and get the baby toys


Shloonktapooxis & Spleenk: YAY!

(As The Alliance soldiers advance towards the capital building OMEGA and the SIR unit Garrison fight them off however there are too many for a long time however there too many of them.)

OMEGA: Too many soldiers….Time for plan-B activate temporal-shift

(Suddenly every SIR unit vanishes including GIR)



(Every Member of the Alliance shows up and are armed with weapons)

Everyone: wait we didn’t cause it!

Lard-Narr: that’s what they always say!

Shloonktapooxis & Spleenk: wait what do we get for helping you!

Lard-Narr: here’s some ice cream!

Quasnax: attention troops dump them in!

(They throw every Irken in Super Shadow Experiment #989776)

All Irkens: wait! We can help you!

Modusoperandi: CLOSE IT NOW!!!

Almighty Tallest Purple: D’oh!

(We zoom out and see every planet being blown up along with the time scrambler only one planet remains……Irk)


Enemies of the Irkens Part 2

Inside Super Shadow Experiment #989776

(It looks like a TARDIS inside it)

Radom Irken: aw man

Zim: I think I have an idea! We wait for the Backup!

(Zim walks to the consul of the experiment and hit a button)

SIR unit garrison mother ship

Zim: hello OMGEA.

OMEGA: Time shift complete we will be coming here with troops in 3 minutes.

Zim: good here is the place.
(The hologram of Zim leaves)

OMEGA: approaching the Planet known as Irk. Attention all SIR Units if you see the alliance are Meekrob, Planet-Jackers, The Marikal from the planet FarGarr-333, a family of criminal Trillen known as the Miuinisa family, the Nhar-Gh'ok and the Resisty do not let any of them live!

GIR: can we have snacks after this!

(The ships land and the SIR garrison do battle with the aliens heck it was more of an invasion because of how many SIR were recruited! The SIR units get to the room with the Super shadow experiment #989776. We see Lard-Narr, The Meekrob leader, the Planet-Jackers leader, Quasnax, Spleenk, Shlooktapooxis, Modusoperandi, and everyone else in the room are now statues frozen in their posture. GIR opens the Starlight sending every Irken out.)

Almighty Tallest Purple: Thank goodness you got us out of their It was so cramped!

OMEGA: how come everyone is a statue?

Zim: I think they died of cellular decay. It makes you into a statue after sometime.

OMEGA: Mission….


(As everyone walks out Zim steals Modusoperandi’s notes on everything. However he had to breaks the Statues hand off to get them)

Outside the council building

(We see a flaming object in the sky that is giving an unnatural light on the land bellow)

GIR: Pretty colors!

OMEGA: I thought you told us that every celestial body in the universe was destroyed.

Zim: in actuality it is the Time twister but it exploded. I was hoping it was a big game system though.

(Suddenly Zim gets an idea from all the notes he’s reading)

Zim: GIR come along.

GIR: Ok!

Inside the Starlight

Zim: that will do.

GIR: What will happen when we fly it into the explosion?

Zim: well it will fix the universe.

(Zim pilots the object into the explosion as the Entire armada follows him in there and we even see everything going in there and the garrison goes in there)


(This restarted the entire universe and everything including the Irkens and SIR units was resurrected)

Zim’s dreams

(Zim founded Himself in some type of weird place after the explosion it is this empty space as he walks across it he falls through some empty space.)

Zim’s base, inside, day

(Zim wakes up after the strange dream and goes to eat some breakfast)

GIR: good morning!

(Zim then gets dressed and goes down to the lab)

Zim: I have a lot of testing to do

(As the credits roll we see these scenes)

.Zim studying some ancient artifacts

.GIR playing some video games at the arcade

.The Tallest discussing a meeting with the government council

.The SIR units reunited with the Invaders

.The Irken Invaders Celebrating a victory at some alien planet

.OMEGA successfully defending Foodcourtia and winning a battle against a mutant white Neglus this one is 100 meters tall and 750 meters long(the Neglus is dead)

.A group of Meekrob practicing Meditation

.The Planet-Jackers Successfully Hijacking a planet

.Quasnax admiring a statue if himself

. The Miuinisa family repairing a cashed ship of their own

.Lard-Narr holding a meeting

.Shloonktapooxis and Spleenk playing video games

.the stars of the Night sky



.in this episode there are many references to Doctor Who and Donnie Darko

.in one scene tallest purple quotes the Simpsons
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Enemies of the Irkens parts 1 & 2
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