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 End of an Empire parts 1 & 2

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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Name: Invader Zim
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End of an Empire parts 1 & 2 Empty
PostSubject: End of an Empire parts 1 & 2   End of an Empire parts 1 & 2 Icon_minitimeWed Sep 15, 2010 1:57 pm

End of an Empire Part 1

Zim’s base

(We see Zim cleaning up the house and doing various other works eventually he sees a beam metalizing in front of him.)

Zim: Not again! OK WHAT IS IT THIS TIME!!!???

(We see the Almighty Tallest appear in front of them.)

GIR: I Want Snacks!

Almighty Tallest Red: we have a big problem out there.

Zim: a snack shortage?!

Almighty Tallest Purple: you really need to up grade to high def.

(Everyone looks at him as if he said something weird.)

Almighty Tallest Red: anyhow, someone has taken over the Irken Empire.

Zim: you mean there holding the entire planet hostage?!

Almighty Tallest Purple: I really got to get on of those equipment that-

Almighty Tallest Red: YES!!!! But we have the armada on our side but not the Massive. In the New fleet the Massive is the second largest ship in the fleet.


GIR: Rock, paper, scissors-

(Zim, GIR and the Almighty Tallest Run in to the Voot Runner and take off to some other planet as Zim turn the radio on.)

Massive, Inside

Unseen Emperor: let’s see this next add on the TV scene.

Salestron: Greetings viewer! Having problems with people screwing up you’re businesses! Then order here Goons R Us! We sell every type monsters, robots, mutations, soldiers, and weapons. If you’re are a very frugal person then we can give you the Morph-O take any materials you can find and you get a huge monster.

Unseen Emperor: I’ll take the order of the Gigabit.

(He teleports off the Massive and off to somewhere else)

Jungle Planet

(We see the Voot Runner land in a jungle planet.)

Zim: I tried to land to here so the Emperor not find us temporally that we will gather the armada.

Almighty Tallest Red: the contact will happen in 3…2…1 enter signal for all Irkens to attack.

Ship’s computer: contacting all Irkens.

(Suddenly a battle robot known as the Gigabit with all this weaponry appears. Zim, GIR and the Almighty Tallest fight it and its army for sometime eventually destroying it.)

Almighty Tallest Red: Establishing contact with the fleet ok here’s how were going to do it!

Almighty Tallest Purple: Get curly fires on the way!

Massive, Inside

Unseen Emperor: make sure you take care of equipment!

Robot: Sir incoming fleet

(Suddenly the entire Irken armada show up and hit attack the ship there in.)

Unseen Emperor: now to destroy this pitiful fleet!

(Suddenly the beam stops charging.)

Unseen Emperor: how could that happen?!

Robot: only the Almighty Tallest can stop a energy beam and have full control over this ship!

(The Irken Armada destroys everything except the Massive. While this happens Zim, GRI and the Almighty Tallest Fight there way to the top of the building and see the Emperor….he is)

Zim: it can’t be?!


End of an Empire part 2

Narrator: previously on Invader Zim 2010


Narrator: whoops wrong stuff ok here we go!

(We see everything important and then we get back to the show.)

Massive, inside

Robot: ok terminate the prisoners!

(We se every robot raises the guns at the Irken controllers until the Irken Elite show up and blast them to bits.)

Control room

Zim: Mr. Huggy?!

Mr. Huggy: wait a minute have I heard that voice before……IT’S THAT KID!?!?!
Wait…..I should have know everyone is in a costume. That little Zim is here but how did he get into vessel.


Mr. Huggy: I recalled getting sucked into a machine when I was in jail but then everyone was Teleported out of it but I was sent to a further point in time. Why are wearing those strange costumes??


Almighty Tallest Red: How does he meet these people?

Almighty Tallest Purple: hey look at least the cookies aren’t touched.

GIR: it’s that dinosaur.

(Mr. Huggy Teleports out of the vessel after being zapped a couple times by Zim, GIR, and the Almighty Tallest.)


(Tallest Red walks around until he enters the gun room. We see all these Scientists and Zim the High Scientist wears a monocle just in case you’re wondering.)

Zim: Tallest Red?! You didn’t have to come down here! The hyper beam is quite capable of battle!

GIR: I’d like to test it out!

(GIR fires the beam at the flag ship of Mr. Huggy and his armada. Watching for a distance is the Resisty.)

Spleenk: why are the Irkens attacking each other?

Lard-Narr: perhaps their using it as target practice let’s leave!

(The Resisty leaves as the flag ship is blown to bits)

Zim: a job well done GIR…let’s get home!

GIR: YAY!!!!



. The massive looks like this

. The control room of the ship looks like this
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Government Concil
Government Concil

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Name: spongebob
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End of an Empire parts 1 & 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: End of an Empire parts 1 & 2   End of an Empire parts 1 & 2 Icon_minitimeThu Sep 16, 2010 6:03 am

LOTS OF FUN cheers lol! lol! lol!

Love the Ship Whoa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep up the fun great work
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End of an Empire parts 1 & 2
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