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 Character Alignment Chapter 2/3: Evil alliances

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Character Alignment Chapter 2/3: Evil alliances Empty
PostSubject: Character Alignment Chapter 2/3: Evil alliances   Character Alignment Chapter 2/3: Evil alliances Icon_minitimeFri Mar 16, 2012 7:28 pm

There Are 5 types of Alliances: Lawful (Order), Neutral (Indifference to Order vs. Chaos), Chaotic (Chaos), Selfish (Self intrest), and Stupid(Lack of intillengece). This section tells about the fources of Evil there are 5 types:

Lawful Evil

Character Alignment Chapter 2/3: Evil alliances 0132

The ordered sort of Evil, that often ends up in charge. Can be a lot like Lawful Neutral, but nastier. Well-structured, large-scale and often scarily successful evil. May believe in keeping order at all costs, or may simply believe that a well-ordered system is so much easier to exploit. Whether an Obstructive Bureaucrat is Lawful Evil or Lawful Neutral is basically a function of whether he enjoys what he's doing (see above example of kicking the family out of the house). People who blindly believe their doing good are almost always this alignment snd if a God Is Evil, he's almost always Lawful Evil. On the "bright" side, the Worthy Opponent and Noble Enemies are often Lawful Evil (if they're evil at all), as they tend to develop a "Code of Honor" to guide their actions, and can in fact be dependable allies in an temporary alliance situation where other alignments might fizzle out. In circumstances where you are not a threat to their intentions, Lawful Evil might well be the "lesser of the five evils", but on the other hand its the one most likely to win and the one that most frequently causes suffering on a grand scale. Emperors or dictators in general tend towards Lawful Evil - mostly since they plan to construct their very own empire that you'd better fall in line with - as do many Villians. A mercenary who always keeps his contract (good or evil), but enjoys a job where he gets to hurt people, is Lawful Evil and more likely to end up working for the bad guys.

Neutral Evil

Character Alignment Chapter 2/3: Evil alliances 0133

Sometimes known as the Jerk. The Neutral Evil Alliance can be even more dangerous than the Chaotic Evil Alliance - simply because you can't be sure of which way they'll swing in the end. Neutral Evil characters are primarily in it for themselves, because while they are usually villains, they can also swing to the good guy's side, like the crafty snakes they really are. They may also just happen to be on the Good Guy's Team because it's better for them at the moment. Why are they so bad? It could be that Evil Tastes Good or maybe Evil Feels Good. Could be that they've given in to The Dark Side. They could be part of an Evil Religion. They could just be, you know, sociopaths. They could take looking out for number one way too far. Or it could be for no readily apparent reason whatsoever. They can be the very embodiment of malice, or just petty thugs.

Neutral Evil types can come in a variety of different flavors:

Type 1 characters are largely or totally amoral and commit evil for self-serving, but not necessarily malicious purposes. They tend to be in it for money and power but may eschew motives like revenge, viewing them as barbaric or simply unprofessional; that does not mean they'll always, or ever, stop their bosses, partners or lackeys from indulging in such behavior, but its not something they themselves are really into, though they may be prepared to attack as a means to an end. Perhaps they are a Goon, or maybe they believe there is Better Living Through Evil, or perhaps they are useless and their talents happen to lend themselves to evil (like, say, a talent for professional hits). They can do things For the fun, but this is rare and will probably be to relieve boredom or because someone has earned their particular enmity, and not pathologically, though rarer and darker types will do horrific things because It Amused Me and honestly not see anything wrong with it. This type is the most likely to pull a trform or fall into an alliance with The Hero, but don't hold your breath or assume they cannot be a Complete Monster. Often form the ranks of Goons or Elite Goons, if evil is just a job, but might be figures of authority or power who will commit crimes or do evil if they think it is advantageous to them. A type 1 will either not understand the difference between right and wrong, or understand but choose wrong anyway, resigning themselves to a life of villainy or perhaps just not viewing the whole Good and Evil thing to be of any special importance in the first place.

Type 2 characters, in contrast, are immoral and deliberately evil. They recognize the difference between right and wrong, at least superficially or that others adhere to it, and willfully and gleefully choose wrong. This does not make them Chaotic Evil as they have no problem working within a system or under someone else's thrall (for so long as it serves them) nor do they have any special desire to bring civilization crumbling down. For them, Evil Is Cool and feels good, and is the best, surest and probably the most fulfilling path to money and power, though they are much more likely than the other types to do things just For kicks. If you cut them a check, they'll either throw it back in your face, or take it and continue doing evil anyway, in one form or another. These guys fill the ranks of the Evil Religion, though usually on the understanding that they will be getting something out of it. Others are sadistic con artists who use a front of benevolence to manipulate others for fun and profit. They might try to justify their actions with What Is Evil? or Above Good and Evil, but it will be with a sly smirk or sneering contempt, though they are just as often Villains who revel being the bad guy.

Type 3 characters on the other hand are egomaniacal; they believe that they are the good, and evil either doesn't exist or is whatever they don't like. These guys are often marked by grandiose Pride and though they might recognize that the rest of the world has different ethical standards from them, those standards are for lesser mortals and they will obey them only when it is convenient to do so, and will break them whenever they think they can get away with it if it is to their advantage — and since they are complete egomaniacs (and occasionally, completely mad), they often believe they can get away with anything and many of their crimes are incredibly risky and carry a high chance of getting caught, because they have what they need, when they don't fall under Stupid Evil. Often elitist and smug with a grandiose sense of entitlement and self-worth, they often think The Hero thwarts their plans out of jealousy or spite, or because they can't recognize how awesome they are or that they are. They treat the bulk of humanity with indifference if not utter contempt, even if if they regard themselves as a Well-Intentioned Extremist, believing themselves to be the center of the world, perhaps sharing it with a handful of semi-worthy competitors and everyone else exists to serve their needs or glorify them. Others don't care about the common person at all except as means to an end, while some are simply the Misanthrope Supreme and will shut themselves off from the trash that is mankind; or, worse, take a Kill 'Em All approach to Put Them All Out of My Misery. A Type 3 is fully capable of doing heinous or petty things For kicks and can be extremely sadistic and vindictive; they just won't consider such acts to be evil because they feel they are entitled to do them, though they might mockingly draw attention to the fact that other people think this is villainous, or grudgingly acknowledge it as part of an Ignored Epiphany.

Chaotic Evil

Character Alignment Chapter 2/3: Evil alliances 0134

If Chaotic Neutral indicates the truly free spirit, Chaotic Evil is the truly evil free spirit. Whereas the Chaotic Neutral is concerned only with his freedom but isn't a really horrible person, the same can't be said for the Chaotic Evil character. They will do whatever they want to (even if, and sometimes, especially, it hurts other people) and (to them) rules don't matter. Whereas a Neutral Evil character will sometimes follow the law if it is convenient, the Chaotic Evil character occasionally takes pleasure in going out of their way to break the law. So why are they evil? Perhaps they're in it for profit. Maybe they are narcisstic or egotistical. Or maybe they're simply insane, most but not all psychopaths fall under this designation.

Type 1 places more emphasis on Chaotic than Evil, believing that their own freedom is the most important thing. They're far from being a noble person (they're still Evil after all), but they value the ability to commit acts of evil over actually committing them. As a result, this type of character can actually side with the forces of Good in the fight for freedom. Don't turn your back though, because this also means that two seconds from now their idea of freedom may change and they'll become your worst enemy. Given a lot of patience, a hugeload of love, a sprinkling of luck, and a great big stick, a Type 1 may gradually reform into Chaotic Neutral or even Chaotic Good, but don't hold your breath.

Type 2 is the exact opposite. They are so Evil that they would rather side with the bad guys just because they're the ones in charge. They place more value in unleashing destruction and mayhem over the ability to do it at any time, so they take orders grudgingly but take them nonetheless. This type of Chaotic Evil makes for a particularly unpleasant brand of Mook, given that they don't care about collateral damage (in fact they deliberately seek it) or destroying any fellow Goons unfortunate enough to get in their way (which makes it even more fun for them). If Mr. Big Bad handles his great big stick skillfully enough, a Type 2 may become Neutral Evil or even Lawful Evil simply out of habit. If, on the other hand, they are Mr. Big Bad, expect them to go out of their way to violate any sense of honour, traditon, loyalty, or responsibility normally associated with the leadership position, such as betraying their own Goons purely For the Fun.

Type 3 is very much feral in nature. They typically have an above average degree of intelligence, but luckily for everyone else they tend to be more about freedom than evil. They believe that you're either a predator or prey for another predator, so to them the only thing that matters is having the strength to take what you want. Lord help anyone who comes across a Type 3 and are viewed as prey, since to them weakness is unforgivable. Similar to Type 2, if Mr. Big Bad intelligent he will be able to manipulate this character to his own benefit, providing they completely dominate the Chaotic Evil character in both power and intelligence. Their guard must be kept up constantly though, as the moment the Type 3 sees an opportunity to take down Mr. Big Bad they will take it.

Type 4 is a fair balance between Types 1 and 2. They love doing evil as much as they love their freedom, and they have just enough self-control to construct a plan that involves doing both at once. They are traditionally MAD with a complete Lack of Empathy (think The Joker). This type is arguably the most dangerous of them all, as they don't care who they destroy or how they destroy them; the fact that they can be destroyed is enough. As a result, this character is usually the one that opposing sides in a conflict will work together to defeat, as a Type 4 is undoubtedly a much worse foe than the ones they currently have.

Type 5 is a Well-Intentioned Extremist who sees himself as Chaotic Good (Just Like Robin Hood) but slowly passed over the line, often without being consciously aware of it.

Selfish Evil

Character Alignment Chapter 2/3: Evil alliances 0135

A Selfish Evil character may well say, "In the land of the blinded, the one-eyed man is king." They push everyone around them, possibly the whole world, down, just to lift themselves up. All in all they believe the end justifies the means.

Stupid Evil

Character Alignment Chapter 2/3: Evil alliances 010

These are the people who seem to think having an evil alignment means doing nothing but evil every waking moment, even out in broad daylight. Like, say, stabbing a peasant while several high-level town guards are watching for no reason other than you were bored. The Stupid Evil character is frequently the type who will betray and murder his teammates on the flimsiest of pretenses (even if he'd gain no advantage in doing so), simply because it's EVIL.

Oh, and they get angry when they have to suffer consequences for their actions, like guards and bounty hunters after them. It's All About Me. If a Stupid Evil person has a choice between accepting a reward for accidentally finding a dog or attacking the reward giver they will choose attacking every time.

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Character Alignment Chapter 2/3: Evil alliances Empty
PostSubject: Re: Character Alignment Chapter 2/3: Evil alliances   Character Alignment Chapter 2/3: Evil alliances Icon_minitimeSat Mar 17, 2012 8:48 am


Who knew their could be so many dimensions to this.

Thank goodness their are more good than evil
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Character Alignment Chapter 2/3: Evil alliances
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