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 Character Alignment Chapter 1/3: Good alliances

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Character Alignment Chapter 1/3: Good alliances Empty
PostSubject: Character Alignment Chapter 1/3: Good alliances   Character Alignment Chapter 1/3: Good alliances Icon_minitimeFri Mar 16, 2012 7:15 pm

There Are 5 types of Alliances: Lawful (Order), Neutral (Indifference to Order vs. Chaos), Chaotic (Chaos), Selfish (Self intrest), and Stupid(Lack of intillengece). This section tells about the fources of Good there are 5 types:

Lawful Good

Character Alignment Chapter 1/3: Good alliances 0128

Basically, they believe Law is Good, and that you do good by upholding the law. Poorly portrayed, he tends to be Lawful Stupid, largely depending on your interpretation of "good". They Come in 3 variations:

1.Law before Good: Like all Lawful Good characters, they face the dilemma of doing the good thing or doing the lawful thing, and they will almost always go for the lawful option. They obey the law, and they are essentially good people who will never, ever side with the forces of evil. But when it comes to the crunch, they'll topple the Evil Empire today and hope somebody else can save the civilians. They have a tendency to clash with Chaotic Good characters.

2.Good before Law: The inverse of Type 1. They face the same dilemmas as Type 1, but they are much more likely to choose the good option when it comes down to it. They give and take lawful and good orders, and they'll never side with the criminal. But when it comes to the crunch, they'll let Mr. Big Bad get away today, as long as it ensures the safety of the civilians.

3.Finding The Balance. They face the dilemmas of Type 1 and Type 2, but when it comes to the crunch, they have some problems - how many civilians are there? What are the consequences of the Big Bad escaping? Can they find a happy balance? What kind of sacrifice must they make to do both? Is it better to do one or the other? When it comes to the crunch, the Big Bad may get away, but he's lost The Dragon, who can lead us back to him. And not every civilian was saved, but all the women and children made it.

Neutral Good

Character Alignment Chapter 1/3: Good alliances 0127

Sweetness and light. Doing good is more important than upholding the law, but law is not a bad thing. Not too caught up in Order Versus Chaos; concerned with moral goodness, but often not willing to enforce it in others. The Messiah is very likely to be Neutral Good. Just think "basically nice person" and you've probably got it.

A Neutral Good character is sometimes a Friend to All Living Things and/or a Technical Pacifist, but they don't necessarily have to be either. Just think "basically good person" and you've probably got it. If they do decide to take up arms, they may have a particular affinity with kneecap and other non-lethal shots.

One of the differences between Lawful Good and Neutral Good is that Lawful Good will always hate Chaotic Evil, and even when the Chaotic Evil character is the resident The Evil Guy they will just barely tolerate them. On the other hand, Neutral Good characters may accept and sometimes even be friends with a Chaotic Evil character (as long as they're on the same team).

Chaotic Good

Character Alignment Chapter 1/3: Good alliances 0129

Rebels and free spirits who are more often than not seen opposing tyrants and other oppressive types. Somewhat like Chaotic Neutral, only much nicer. They tend to believe that things like order, discipline, and honor get in the way of doing good. Or they may believe too much order is bad for everyone. Whatever their stance is, they act on their ideals before they let laws get in the way, and sometimes they dare the laws to get in the way.

character will do good out of a personal motivation to help others, sometimes even sacrificing themselves (but rarely others); however, an important distinction is that they believe in CHOOSING to do good. Obligation and duty doesn't really factor in. Also, they are consistently unselfish characters.

An important aspect of Chaotic Good freedom fighters is that they excel in toppling corrupt regimes, but are often pretty terrible with power and responsibility themselves (as some of the examples show). A Chaotic Good character faces a tightrope walk even more narrow than most Lawful Good characters face because of their competing interests in being a free spirit that wants to do good in the world, and their general disdain for the authority and control over people's lives that they would be wielding to try to do that good.

Selfish Good

Character Alignment Chapter 1/3: Good alliances 0130

character appears just as righteous and moral as a Lawful Good, Neutral Good, or Chaotic Good character. But their reasons are different: They are one of the good guys, or maybe even The Hero, because of the reputation and prestige it gives them. If everyone thinks you're the infallible hero (or at least one of his friends), will anyone ever suspect that you are the one who plundered all of their worldly possessions? Of course not. This "alignment" is more closely related to Lawful Neutral than anything Good-based.

This can also operate as a kind of Jerk with a Heart of Gold when there's a bit more of an emphasis on the "Good" than the "Selfish"; for example, perhaps the character is on the side of the "good guys" seemingly only for the prestige and the girls. But then he gets offered a pretty legitimate opportunity at greater power and self-aggrandizement by the villain or just circumstance... if he'll just turn on his fellows, who he seemingly doesn't really care about. And then... he doesn't. Usually with a mention of how that "isn't his style", or somesuch, perhaps with a wink at the audience that tells you he isn't just in it for the "big benefits". He'll still chase skirts and probably is in it mostly for the cash and the poon, but the "Good" here does mean something.

Stupid Good

Character Alignment Chapter 1/3: Good alliances 0131

In short, the Stupid Good character is "good" to the point of being unable to comprehend that someone else might be bad. As such, she's a Friend to All Living Things, unliving things, and things that ought not live. In short: good, but in a bad way.

This often extends to such utter pacifism that they refuse to kill, attack, or even defend themselves from anything. While most people would flee when faced with a foe which cannot be reasoned with, this person will attempt to talk down the enemy even as they're charging with swords drawn, howling for their heads. This is the kind of person who would attempt to convince the devil himself that his evil crusade is wrong and that he and his good counterpart should resolve their differences with a kind word and a handshake. It is difficult, if not impossible to reason with hardened criminals or terrorists of any sort, both in reality and in fantasy. It gets even more ridiculous when one tries negotiating with entities whose goals include the destruction/domination of the world, or pure manifestations of evil. Yet the Stupid Good character attempts to convert a Complete Monster to the side of good using The Power of Friendship anyway. However they want the best for the world but are just that STUPID

Character Alignment Chapter 1/3: Good alliances Great_11

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Government Concil

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PostSubject: Re: Character Alignment Chapter 1/3: Good alliances   Character Alignment Chapter 1/3: Good alliances Icon_minitimeSat Mar 17, 2012 7:38 am

I loved all the examples.

I try to live as a neutal good-doing good for good sack.

It did make me laugh when i seen stupid good. Enjoyed reading the articles, cant wait to read the other articles.

It show alot of thought put in to it.
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Character Alignment Chapter 1/3: Good alliances
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