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 GIR Goes Crazy and Stuff

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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GIR Goes Crazy and Stuff Empty
PostSubject: GIR Goes Crazy and Stuff   GIR Goes Crazy and Stuff Icon_minitimeFri Jan 01, 2010 8:47 am

The episode opens with Zim executing his latest plan for destroying the humans: infecting their meat supply (cows) with dookie. Zim decends from his Voot Cruiser, suspended in mid air by a tractor beam, and tells GIR to lift a cow to him using a second tractor beam. GIR starts the task, but quickly loses focus. A brief glimpse of GIR's point of view is then shown, with GIR seeing the cows turn into weenies dressed as a barbershop quartet and singing to him. Amused by his vision, he presses buttons crazily, making the second tractor beam toss cows around wildly. One of them hits Zim and slams him into the bottom of the Voot, covering him in the dookie he planned to inject into the cows. Zim flies home, furious at GIR.

Red means danger.Zim realizes that if the mission is to be a success, GIR's behavioral problems must be solved. Zim decides to use a behavioral modulator chip to lock GIR into his more efficient duty mode. Zim is impressed by GIR's new personality and decides to test him by sending GIR to investigate a police siren. GIR tries to explain that it's only a passing police car and no threat to the mission but Zim insists he do so anyway. GIR leaves and returns a moment later with the police car, having crashed it through the wall into the house halfway into the living room. He loudly declares he's captured the policeman for "meat testing" and demands praise. The policeman then sees Zim out of disguise and begins to panic. Zim decides to replace his brain with that of a squid to make him forget all he's seen and chastises GIR for bringing a human into the base. He then sends GIR to monitor Earth TV while he works on the policeman. GIR sees this order as counter-productive and begins to question Zim's abilities as an Invader as he watches the broadcasts.

Having convinced himself of Zim's incompetence, GIR decides to show his master how information gathering is done. He takes an information storage device to the public library and begins draining the brains of the patrons. As Zim finishes the brain transplant on the policeman (now referred to as Squidman) he hears of what GIR is doing at himself as a policeman and goes to the library, along with Officer Squidman—who is extremely distressed over being out of water and unable to shoot ink.

At the library, Zim confronts GIR, who attacks him, snatching the behavioral modulator chip controller. Zim tells Officer Squidman to help him, but Squidman only tries to squirt ink to no avail ("you don't wanna know what comes out"). GIR then destroys the floor under Zim, sending him to the lower levels of the library. GIR chases after Zim and Squidman follows. GIR corners Zim in a snack machine room and is about to destroy him when Officer Squidman somehow succeeds in squirting 'ink' and covers GIR's eyes with black goop. (He doesn't have a pen in his pocket.) Zim uses this distraction to steal the behavioral chip controller and revert GIR back to his old self. GIR, Zim, and Officer Squidman then go to the ocean where Squidman runs into the surf, going "home". He is immediately eaten by a shark though, at least according to GIR.

In my opinion this reminds me of the teremator films
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GIR Goes Crazy and Stuff
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