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 No Nonsense Enemy?

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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No Nonsense Enemy? Empty
PostSubject: No Nonsense Enemy?   No Nonsense Enemy? Icon_minitimeThu Jan 02, 2014 7:43 am

No Nonsense Enemy? 066

Music for the Article

Basically, this villain refuses to make a tactical mistake. They may be smart or simply very practical, and won't delay or take unnecessary chances when their objective is at hand. For example, the villain really does think that using their most powerful attack on their opponent is the best solution, and no, they aren't going to do any gloating or reveal their plan before attacking, thank you very much.

He rarely speaks while fighting, and when he comes across the Heroes when arriving at his base, he attacks them instantly instead of questioning their motives.

Despite his serious mannerisms he an be written as kind of a weird guy and has some bizarre quirks such as:

. being loud and over dramatic

. impersonating Elvis

. Often asking his enemy for directions

. When he has nothing to do he talks with enemies as casually as talking to a person he knows,

. before going to battle, asks if anyone has seen his sword - before getting reminded that he is not a swordsman

. he mistakes his walkie-talkie for a phone and attempts to use it for ordering pizza

. prone to telling completely disjointed stories

. prone to break into song for no reason

. Imitating Tarzan while swinging on a vine

. When encased in wax, he thinks it's important to strike a cool pose

. Prone to randomly spacing out for no reason

. He often forgets that he is suppose to be fighting

. Tries to sign up to a newspaper subscription for 2000 years someone has to explain to him that he can't live that long.

. Temporarily forgetting to breathe.

. When explaining his abilities (or even about himself), he only thinks about them and forgets to actually talk.

. Entering a house through the window instead of the door.

. Forgetting to blink.

. Forgets to obey gravity and stands on a wall.

. Sticking some food into his ear instead of his mouth.

. Facing the wrong way from everyone else.

. Wanting to take pictures except he doesn't have a camera with him at the time, and has to have someone explain it to him

. frequently making pop culture references to other forms of media

He told his boss that he would destroy the heroes and take pictures of his victory with the camera he brought.

Don't let this fool you, He's also very, very good at what he does and he plays no games when it comes to fighting or taking care of his business. He goes straight for the weakest area of his opponents every time with no smiling, laughing or gloating at all until he's ABSOLUTLY sure he's winning. He also will attack those who don't show him respect.

He will do everything in his power to destroy the enemy and will only chat with them if it means manipulating them into falling into his trap or doing a task for him.

No Nonsense Enemy? 068

He doesn't usually mess around, unless he's absolutely sure he can do so and has the time for a minor distraction if it wasn't for the fact the heroes are more powerful than him, he'd probably win.

He quietly listens to his opponent's commentary, and after he was done, without so much as a single word, uses his most powerful attack on him.

These guys destroyed a massive amount of opponents in a single day. Not to mention, they invaded a Country on the very day they declared war, completely forfeiting the five-day grace period they gave them.

They do end up making various mistakes as the story unfolds explaining their powers, chatting with their opponents instead of just attacking them, or underestimating their opponents power BUT they only do it when they THINK they're winning.

As an added bonus if you want to here a musical number they might sing click Here
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Government Concil
Government Concil

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No Nonsense Enemy? Empty
PostSubject: Re: No Nonsense Enemy?   No Nonsense Enemy? Icon_minitimeTue Jan 14, 2014 1:19 pm

I never realized how many mistakes they make lol lol forgot to breathe-really lol
The music was a fun selection-never knew he could sing lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! 

But everystory can use a good villain  cheers cheers 

good job
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No Nonsense Enemy?
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