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 Invader Zim and The Alternate Timeline

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Invader Zim
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Invader Zim and The Alternate Timeline Empty
PostSubject: Invader Zim and The Alternate Timeline   Invader Zim and The Alternate Timeline Icon_minitimeMon Oct 29, 2012 8:50 am

Invader Zim and The Alternate Timeline Invade11


Produced, Directed, and Written by: The Irken Empire, Nickalooden and Paramount pictures

Rating: PG For Viloence, Scenes of peral and some rude humor

Relase: summer time

Country: USA

Languge: English

(We hear a voice do the opening narration.)

Narrator: Millions of years ago a group of Aliens discovered and invented technology that altered the universe greatly, they built a massive empire that spanned across the galaxy and became sovereign of many worlds that they conquered, they are known as the Irken Empire, in the year 2001 they sent a series of sleeper agents known as invaders to far off worlds, one of them arrived at our world known as Earth. His name is Zim and he is accompanied by his robot companion GIR, but one day that would change.

Invader Zim and The Alternate Timeline

Opening Theme:

Zim's Base, inside, day

(We see Zim watching some 1950's monster movie.)

Zim: Hey GIR aren't you going to watch the movie with me.

GIR: I'm coming, I just need to finish making my soup.

Zim: Well today is certainly relaxing, there's no villains so far and Tak has been gone for quiet awhile, What could possibly go wrong.

(GIR shows up with a bowl of soup, the soup is green and its glowing.)

Zim: GIR, did you put in the soup.

GIR: Some berries, Zim.

Zim: Where did you get these berries?

GIR: A yard sale some girl who looked like a cross between a Rag Doll and the Frankenstein Monster gave it to me.

Zim: OK........what was her name?

GIR: Sari, Susie, I foget it's something with an "S"

Zim: You know really weird people GIR.

(GIR eats some of his soup and his expressions start to go crazy.)

GIR: Party dude! Touch my skin I think it's moving!

Zim: GIR what the heck is that in the soup, I doubt that's berries?

GIR: I think that tree is trying to tell me something. I Know that the skeleton was.

(Zim runs into the kitchen to see a jar labeled.........)

Zim: You put Deadly Nightshade in your own soup!?

GIR: Hello talking lamppost. Want to watch the paint dry?

(Suddenly the room goes white and suddenly everything reshapes it's self.)

Somewhere, day

(GIR regains conscience and sees himself at some weird place wearing his disguise.)

GIR: Zim where are you?

(There is no one other than himself in a weird village.)

GIR: Since I’m alone I guess I could have some fun.

(We see a montage of GIR committing random acts of harmless but destructive mischief while wearing a skeleton Halloween costume. In the end he raids a candy store and is seen walking away with a bunch of MASSIVE jawbreakers.)

GIR: That was fun but where's Zim?

(Suddenly he bumps into a bunch of samurai warriors.)

GIR: Hello sir can you help me find my friend.

(Suddenly one of the Samurai knock him out.)

Prison, day, inside

Zim: GIR are you alright?

(GIR regains conscience and proceeds to hug Zim.)


Zim: It's good to have you back, I figured out how the world changed.

GIR: Tell me how it changed as I eat this Jawbreaker.

Zim: There are points in time that are fixed or that they must not be altered, if they are altered then all of time will unravel on it's self, in turn all of history will happen at once.

GIR: Really Zim?

Zim: Yes, someone altered this time line and I know it wasn't you or me.

GIR: Where do you suppose Tak is when this is happening?

Zim: You're guess is as good as mine.

(Suddenly the Samurai take Zim and GIR out of their cells and place them................IN A BATTLE ARENA.)

GIR: OOOO were going to do roman stuff.

Zim: Why couldn’t I just have a relaxing day GIR.

Announcer: Please make way for Empress Momoka Nishizawa of the Empire of Great Japan.

(We see a girl who looks like this.)

Invader Zim and The Alternate Timeline 0318
Invader Zim and The Alternate Timeline 0317

Momoka: *Shy*your too kind, *Angry* Get on with the fight already!

Announcer: Um..............

Momoka: *Shy* excuse me. *Angry* I want my warriors to fight NOW!!!

(Suddenly a group of samurai show up to attack Zim and GIR)

Zim: Ready GIR? Activate Duty mode.

GIR (Robotic): Yes sir.

(Zim and GIR fight their way through the samurai as Momoka looks dumbstruck as her me are being disintegrated by Zim and GIR.)

Zim: Well you know what they say “Bang Bang Bang Have a Nice Dream”.

GIR: Isn't that a song, Zim?

Zim: Yes, yes it is.

(Zim sets up a massive amount of energy explosives.)

Zim: Were busting out of here GIR.


Momoka: *Shy* come again, *Angry* wait this can't end like this.


(Zim creates a massive hole in the arena and manages to hijack a boat along with GIR they sail off somewhere.)

Boat, night

GIR: Hey Zim where are we going?

Zim: Well I was able to detect that whatever caused this event the alterations started in Forks, Washington.

GIR: I always wanted to visit that place.

Zim: I'll drive the boat, you get some sleep GIR.

GIR: Right.

Forks, Washington, day

(When Zim and GIR arrive the weather is foggy.)

Zim: Well here we are in the middle of Forks, we better investigate.

GIR: right, MMMM tree sap.

(As Zim and GIR walk around they see something unusual, three pale people eating hunched over eating.............................something)

Zim: Just what are they doing?

GIR: Let's ask them. HEY MISTER!!!

Vampire 1: Another morsel let's eat.

Zim & GIR: *Gulp* Vampires?!

(Zim fires energy beams at the vampires destroying 2 but one remaining one retreats.)

GIR: Ms. Meyer is messed up.

Zim: I agree, he character Bella just shows us how messed up she is. You want to know something more messed up.

GIR: What?

Zim: Ms. Meyer has never read a single vampire story in her life.

GIR: Really?

Zim: Yes Really.


Zim: We must continue our journey.

(As Zim and GIR continue walking they enter a mansion...........until)

Vampire: I finally found you!

Zim: *GULP*

(Suddenly a trap door opens beneath them causing the vampire along with Zim and GIR to fall below.)

Zim: What the heck?!

(Suddenly something eats the Vampire and turns to Zim and GIR who are nervous. It looks like this.)

Invader Zim and The Alternate Timeline Boogey10

Creeper: Hello I'm the Creeper, I’m going to have a picnic but you can't come.

Zim: Why not?

Creeper: You're going to be the main course.

GIR: W-what?!

Creeper: this is going to fun what's the matter little doggy you're chicken?

Zim: How dare you treat my friend so shamefully.

(A fight between Zim and the Creeper eventually Zim manages to smash the Creeper's shell revealing he looks like this.)

Invader Zim and The Alternate Timeline Walkin11

Zim: What the?! You're a bunch of Bugs!

Creeper: Did I forget to mention that I’m poisonous. Let's keep on fighting.

(Zim just blasts the Creeper and only one bug survives. Suddenly someone picks up the last bug.)

Silhouette: Well done my agent you will have a massive reward for you.

Zim: Who are you show yourself.

(Suddenly the silhouette shows herself. She looks like this.)

Invader Zim and The Alternate Timeline B16

GIR: Who are you again?

Becca: My name is Becca the Great, I decided to alter time so I wouldn't be destroyed and I created the Creeper to be my second in command to protect me.

Zim: You caused all this?!

Becca: correct now you will be destroyed by this big guy, now attack!

(Suddenly a massive centipede shows up it looks like this.)

Invader Zim and The Alternate Timeline Bug10

Zim: Looks like it's time to fight! GIR duty mode.

GIR (Robotic): Roger.

(Zim and GIR fight the Centipede for sometime Zim eventually wins.)

Zim: GIR we have to find Becca before she causes more damage to the world, we have to conquer it to make it a better place.

GIR: Right Zim.

Mountains, day

Becca: Time to commence the ritual.

Zim (Voice off screen): Not So fast Becca!

(Becca turns around to see Zim and GIR standing behind her.)

Zim: Becca why are you doing this?!

Becca: It's fun really.

Zim: Y-you think this is funny?! Look around you, people have been harmed by you're actions and you did this all just for your sick amusement!?

Becca: Yes, yes I did.

GIR: You have issues.

(Suddenly Becca continues the ritual, resulting in the Creeper's last bug transforming into a monster. It looks like this.)

Invader Zim and The Alternate Timeline Chirpi10

Zim: Oh-

GIR (Robotic): Duty mode activated.

(Becca jumps on the Creeper and proceeds to ride to battle Zim and GIR)

(Zim and GIR fight Becca riding on the Creeper, eventually they destroy her and the Creeper.)

Zim: It's over

(Everything fades to white.)

Zim's base, day, inside

GIR: What just happened?

Zim: Time is back to normal were safe now.

GIR: What if Becca comes back?

Zim: A side effect is that Becca and the Creeper were completely erased from history.

GIR: what do we do now?

Zim: Order a pizza.

GIR: Alright!


(We see Zim and GIR eating pizza)

Zim: Well I finally got my relaxing day.


Zim: I'm glad you're happy too GIR.

Ending Credits:



. The Movie was inspired by The Wedding of River Song, Kamen Rider Den-O, Twilight, Ed Edd N Eddy, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Shrek: The Final Chapter

. The Costume GIR wears when he's causing havoc looks like this Invader Zim and The Alternate Timeline C71

. The Empire of Great Japan AKA Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere was what the Japanese Called themselves from 1868–1947

. The Jawbreakers GIR takes looks like this Invader Zim and The Alternate Timeline Jawbre10

. The Character Becca was inspired by Bella form twilight

. If you want to know what I think of the character Bella, well Bella Swan is a horrible character in Twilight. Her obsessive behavior goes from irritating to frightening, her selfishness escalates to include her harming others, and her narrow focus is downright disturbing. However, it is important to note—this does not indicate a change in character. She was the exact same person in Twilight. Her key characteristics simply intensified. She is nothing but a static, useless character who learns nothing from her mistakes, refusing to even acknowledge that they are mistakes, and never, ever changes because apparently, Meyer believes she is perfect as is and can’t bear to change any part of her odious and now officially terrifying personality.

Bella Swan a manipulative, vain, clingy, codependent, obsessive person who thinks their perfect and are above the law. In Twilight, Bella often pretended that she wasn’t using people for her own benefit or stringing boys along because it makes her feel special and she loves the attention. That is not the case here—Bella pretty much outright states that she is using the people around her, and expresses absolutely no remorse for it, instead making it clear that she is justified in this behavior and becomes angry if anyone so much as objects to being treated in such a fashion by her. However, the main thing this novel demonstrated is that she is the perfect match to her psychotic boyfriend. Bella is a psychopath through and through. There are twenty main traits in the Dr. Hare psychopathic checklist. In this novel alone, Bella demonstrated the following:

•Glib and superficial charm: All the ways she charmed Jacob into doing whatever she wanted.

•Grandoise self-worth: Meyer’s repeated insisting that she has the faux-flaw of supposedly low self-esteem did not do enough to cover this up. Bella’s actions routinely displayed how she believed she was better than all of the paltry humans surrounding her, not to mention her firm belief that she is worthy of vampirism, something she worships above all else.

•Need for stimulation and proneness to boredom: Her constant clinging to Jacob and demanding he do things for her that would indulge her reckless behavior, and immediately becoming depressed and borderline tantrumy when he couldn’t be there to entertain her.

•Pathological lying: I don’t think a single chapter went by in this one where Bella didn’t repeatedly and blatantly lie to someone.

•Conning and manipulativeness: Her manipulation of first Jacob to use him to get to her ex-boyfriend and then her manipulation of the Cullens to force them to agree to turn her into a vampire.

•Lack of remorse or guilt: Bella never feels sorry for using Jacob or hurting her father or shutting her friends out of her life. She never even feels that she did anything wrong.

•Shallow effect: Bella very often faked her emotions even though she herself felt nothing.

•Callousness and lack of empathy: Bella’s lack of empathy for anyone who was not her was shocking and disturbing. She never bothered considering how anyone felt about anything she did, particularly towards Charlie, and outright stated several times that she didn’t understand emotion and had trouble faking it simply because she didn’t feel it. She also feels no empathy for people dying; until she believes Charlie is being threatened, she doesn’t care that people are out dying in the woods. She becomes angry at herself for being distressed at witnessing the mass murder of forty or fifty innocent civilians at the hands of the Volturi, and then completely forgets about it once they leave Italy. Finally, she brushes off all of Edward’s concerns and feelings on the matter of her soul because they stand in the way of what she wants; she does outright state that she just cannot see his side of it, and makes absolutely no effort to do so.

•Parasitic lifestyle: Bella has a very low-paying job, but expresses no intentions of going to college and getting a career of her own, instead using Charlie and, to some extent, Jacob, to support herself, and eventually intending to latch onto the Cullens for the same.

•Poor behavioral controls: Several times she expressed a desire to violently hurt someone, and in one case desired to kill someone simply because she felt they were denying her something that was rightfully hers.

•Promiscuous behavior: It is made clear in the novels that she cheats on others to get what she wants. Also, any time she is with Edward, she is attempting to take things further than he is comfortable with.

•Early behavioral problems: Seeing as she did much of this in Twilight as well, and recounted her tantrums and fits from when she was little, this is a yes.

•Lack of realistic, long-term goals: The only goal we have ever seen Bella set for herself is “become a vampire”. When that one temporarily falls through, she makes absolutely no goals for herself, even though she thinks that future is not going to happen.

•Impulsivity: Every single thing she did in this novel was done on impulse; she planned nothing out, from attempting to get herself raped and killed by four men and randomly deciding she is going to jump off a cliff without supervision or instruction. She had an inability to resist temptations, and never once considered the consequences of what she was doing.

•Irresponsibility: Bella’s irresponsibility relates to many of the above points—people ask very little of her, and she very often fails to do even that, shirking her duties in favor of things that she considers “fun” and that are often very hurtful to herself and/or others, such as gladly accepting Alice into her home and ignoring Charlie when he needs her most after the death of his best friend.

•Failure to accept responsibility for own actions: Bella refused to take responsibility for anything she did in this novel, from repeatedly trying to get Edward back through self harm to hurting Jacob at the end. She always managed to find a way to handwave it as something other than it was or make it somebody else’s fault.

•Many short-term marital relationships: While Bella has never married, the root of this is “a lack of commitment to a long-term relationship reflected in inconsistent, undependable, and unreliable commitments in life”. Bella is routinely undependable in all of her relationships, only taking and never giving. Her so-called human friends are only considered her friends when she has no one else to turn to, but once she finds someone better, she shoves them out of her life and ignores them. It is the same with Jacob—Edward leaves her, so she quickly clings to him and showers him with false love and affection, but the moment Edward returns, she goes back to ignoring him like she did before.

•Juvenile delinquency: Bella has violated the law repeatedly since we met her in Twilight. She violated almost every law pertaining to owning and riding a motorcycle, she ran away from home twice (three times if you count the forest escapade), she continually invites Edward into her home despite the fact that Charlie has banned him from the house, she has aided and abetted grand theft auto, and the “Vegas” aside reveals that she gladly partakes in the scamming of casinos, stealing thousands of dollars from them for no reason whatsoever.

•Revocation of conditional release: Bella constantly violates the rules Charlie has laid down in their house, no matter what punishment he lays upon her.

•Criminal versatility: “A diversity of types of criminal offenses, regardless if the person has been arrested or convicted for them; taking great pride at getting away with crimes.” Bella has actually violated the law quite a bit since we saw her, and she expresses great pride in getting away with it. She is gleeful and thrilled with herself to be getting away with owning the motorcycles, which both violates the law and her own father’s edicts, she finds the Cullens’ ways of covering up their existence with various criminal behavior amusing, she plays the car theft they routinely indulge in for laughs, and is very proud of the fact that she circumvents her father’s edict that Edward Cullen only be allowed to see her during visiting hours by having him climb in her window every night, constantly talking about how his supernatural speed, hearing, and telepathy make it very easy for her to get away with it.
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Invader Zim and The Alternate Timeline Empty
PostSubject: Re: Invader Zim and The Alternate Timeline   Invader Zim and The Alternate Timeline Icon_minitimeMon Oct 29, 2012 4:13 pm

Your cousins rebeccas nikname is BECCA.
Wow you eally dont like bella from twilight.Remeber she is fictional and without her you do not have much of a story.

The result a cute girr and zim enjoying quirt time -hahahahah gir saying i love you pizza guy.

I like the music real fun.

I like the creeper the images you selected were good especially for hallowen.

You efforts should be commended-alot of effort whent into this.

LOVE THE ADVERTISING FOR THIS GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers
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Invader Zim and The Alternate Timeline
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