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 Bon Voyage Invader Zim

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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Name: Invader Zim
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PostSubject: Bon Voyage Invader Zim   Bon Voyage Invader Zim Icon_minitimeMon Oct 08, 2012 9:24 am

School, inside, day

(We see a Girl walking through the school. She talks in a slight British accent. She looks like this.)

Bon Voyage Invader Zim Tak_215

Girl: I know that our target is inside the building somewhere MIMI, that so called Invader will pay for what he did to me.

(Suddenly she quietly sneaks up on Zim and GIR.)

Zim: Well here we are GIR, this school's art gallery.

GIR: MMMMMMMMMMM Bricks I like the one made out of macaroni.

(Suddenly an energy beam is nearly shot at Zim and GIR but they manage to doge it.)

GIR: Zim who was that.

Zim: Tak, the person who wants our jobs and will destroy us for it. Excuse me.

(Zim and Tak proceed to fight for sometime and start to chase each other across the School, MIMI and GIR follow them. They eventually enter where they are about finish each other off when suddenly-)

Teacher (Voice off screen): No fighting in class.

Zim: Sorry Miss.

Tak: He started it!

Zim: What the heck are you talking about?

(GIR, Zim and Tak sit down in a pair of chairs. We see a teacher who looks like this)

Bon Voyage Invader Zim Teache10

Teacher: OK class today you will be leaving this room today.

GIR: Is a field trip Happening?

Teacher: No, Foreign exchange program.

Bon Voyage Invader Zim

Opening theme:

Japan, Air port, night

(We see Zim and GIR walking through an Air Port.)

Zim: Well GIR, I just hope that were not assigned to some family that we already met.

GIR: Hey Zim, you thought of any fake names to use, because I did.

Zim: Yes GIR I did too.

(Zim and GIR bump into a woman. She looks like this.)

Bon Voyage Invader Zim Woman10

Zim: Hello miss how can we help you.

Aki: My name's Aki and I'm going to be the person you stay with for this exchange program.

Zim: Well my name's Yasunori (Pronounced: Yas-OOO-Noree)

GIR: And my name's Junko (Pronounced: Jun-Ko)

(Zim and Aki stare at GIR confused.)

Aki: Really now?

GIR: Yeah!

Zim: So what's for Dinner?

Aki: Well Were going to my house to eat.

House, night, inside

(Zim opens the door to the house and He along with Aki and GIR enter the house.)

Zim: I'll unpack the luggage.

Aki: Well could you cook American food for us.

Zim: Not right now I'm just have to unpack.

Aki: Can I let your friend cook food for us.

Zim: HECK NO!!!

(Zim leaves the room as he drags up the luggage up stairs to find his room.)

Aki: I really don't understand his problem, you can cook for us.



(We see Zim unpacking his luggage in a room until he notices something is creeping up on him.)

Zim: What the heck?

(Zim slowly looks around for until he notices a boy in the room standing behind him.)

Bon Voyage Invader Zim Boy10

Zim: Who are you?

Fuyuki: My name's Fuyuki, who are you?

Zim: I am Yasunori. I will be staying here for a while.

Fuyuki: Are you an alien?

Zim: Beg your pardon?

Fuyuki: An alien, you know as in an Extra-terrestrial.

Zim: No, I just have a very serious skin condition!

Fuyuki: Sorry, I just wanted to ask.

(Fuyuki walks away)

Zim: Why does this place look so familial?


(We See GIR cooking some burgers and he is putting motor oil on them.)

GIR: *Humming to himself*

(Suddenly someone else is in the kitchen.)

Voice (Off screen): Alright you!

GIR: Who me?

(GIR Turns around to see a girl standing behind him. She looks like.)

Bon Voyage Invader Zim Tsunde10

Girl: Yes you, what are you putting in our food.

GIR: I thought you wanted oil in your food.

Girl: Well not that type of oil you-

Aki: That's enough Natsumi

Natsumi: Right.

(Zim walks in the room.)

Zim: This is why I told him not to cook.

Aki: Don't worry, I’ll make dinner.


(We See Zim, GIR, Fuyuki, Natsumi, and Aki eating some rice and beans.)

Zim: Well that was different, but good.

GIR: I want to hear a story Zim.

Zim: Really don't know if they like my taste in literature.

Aki: You can read to us if you guys like.

Zim: It's not like that, you see I don't have books for little kids.

Aki: You can read to us, Yasunori.

(Zim walks away. He takes out a book labeled “The King in Yellow”)

Zim: Once upon a time in the far off world of Hastur, there was an Empire that spanned the entire planet. It had a dying dynasty though for you see their ruler Queen Cassilda had to chose an heir to her throne before she died of old age. The only problem though was throne of her kids was an empty headed socialite, the other was a member of a strange people known as the Brotherhood of the Yellow sign and the last one was a hothead too young to be crowned, just like our friend Natsumi over here.

Natsumi: Hey!

Much Much Later..................

(We see everyone except GIR cowering in fear. GIR looks like he's enjoying the entire story.)

Zim: And as the King in Yellow assimilate the planet the survivors prayed for him to grant them wishes which he did. However, The side effects drove the people permanently NUTS. The End.

GIR: What a great story! What do you guys think?

Natsumi: Never read us another story again.

Zim: Fair enough.

(Zim and GIR walk away as he notices something sneaking around in the house.)

Zim: By any chance do you have anyone here other than you three?

Aki: No not at all.

Zim: where's your husband?

Aki: He's traveling the world Yasunori, he hasn't come back for sometime.

(As Zim walks to his room suddenly a series of arrows nearly hit him.)

Zim: What the-

(GIR walks over to Zim before he is nearly hit with a pendulum and a series of poison darts.)

Zim: This is getting crazy, where are these things coming from?

GIR: Pop-tarts?

Zim: Wait, what?

(Suddenly as they avoid getting hit with the traps we see a silhouette watching them.)

Silhouette: Plan failed MIMI.

Zim's Room

(We See Zim and GIR talking about the traps.)

Zim: Listen GIR, we have to get out of here.

GIR: How Come?

Zim: Did you see all those traps, it appears someone is trying to bump us off and we have to get out of here, but there is one thing I would like to do first.

GIR: Sure thing.

(Zim and GIR quietly write a letter and leave it in their bedroom, before exiting the window. As A robot stalks them it looks like this.)

Bon Voyage Invader Zim Mimi-115

Tokyo, city streets, night

(We see Zim and GIR looking for a taxi cab.)

Zim: There's something else I noticed about Pokemon.

GIR: What's that Zim?

Zim: Well first they trust some of the world's most dangerous creatures in the hands of a ten year old, not to mention that some of these creatures have unimaginable power. Some of these things can actually kill some with just a thought.

GIR: You're right that's not supposed to be in a ten year old's hands.

Zim: You think that's bad. They could capture monsters that hold the power to bend space and time. With it they could recreate the fabric of our very reality.

GIR: I don't really understand what you're saying.

Zim: These Kids have Dues Ex! The Alpha and the Omega! Basically they just gave kids power beyond the Lucifer Spear, the Power of the God in fact. I don't want someone like Momoka Nishizawa that can do that.

GIR: Wow they really need to protect their world better.

Zim: Agreed GIR.

(Suddenly a taxi appears with a female driver in it.)

Taxi driver: Where too sir.

Zim: The Air port.

(Suddenly the Taxi takes out an energy gun and reveals her true form. It looks like this)

Bon Voyage Invader Zim Tak_114

Zim: Tak!

Tak: well it looks like it's time to end you.

(Zim and Tak fight in the taxi for sometime until they crash the taxi.)

Zim: Let's get out of here.

GIR: Right.

(Zim summons the Voot Runner, it looks like this. They Fly off.)

Bon Voyage Invader Zim B10

Zim: Tak isn't defeat but at least we can celebrate our victory.

GIR: Planet Wings?

Zim: Yeah let's go there.

Next morning

Aki: Yasunori? Junko?

(She looks around and sees a letter. It says the following)

Dear Aki

We are sorry but we had to leave because of technical difficulties.

We Wish you good luck with your job.

We hope you have a good time with us while we stayed.

We also are sorry for nearly ruining your dinner.

We also hope you live a long life.

We hope your teenagers grow up, get jobs, and have children.

We Hope your husband comes back.

Sincerely, your good friends, Yasunori and Junko.

P.S. You were a great foreign exchange mother.

P.P.S Yasunori wrote how to make burgers on the back.

(Aki puts the letter in her purse and walks away.)

Ending Credits:



. The Name Zim used “Yasunori” is a real Japanese given name that is used for boys

. The reason Everyone acts oddly to Name GIR used “Junko” is because it's a real Japanese given name that is ONLY used for GIRLS

. Junko means "pure, child", "order, child", "pure, child", "enrich, child", "conform, child", and "truth, child"

. GIR'S Method of cooking was inspired by this Bon Voyage Invader Zim C10
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Government Concil
Government Concil

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Name: spongebob
specices: sea sponge

Bon Voyage Invader Zim Empty
PostSubject: Re: Bon Voyage Invader Zim   Bon Voyage Invader Zim Icon_minitimeWed Oct 10, 2012 3:32 pm

LOVE the Article it was alot of fun to read study study study

Music selection was Spot On!!!!!! cheers cheers cheers

Most unique-Dante iNferno/ The school Girl Days and Loco at the end.

Most Hear warming part-the letter that Zim and Gir wrote to their Host. Touching part that the word HOPE.
and telling her she was a Great Host Mother. cheers cheers

Funny Part -Gir and his cooking-h must have failed Home and Careers-hahahahahahah

I like the cartoons added-good touch
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Bon Voyage Invader Zim
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