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 Zoo in Space

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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PostSubject: Zoo in Space   Zoo in Space Icon_minitimeFri Jun 03, 2011 2:51 pm

Zoo in SPace

Space Station , inside

(We see Zim and GIR enter a alien structure orbiting a planet.)

Zim: Well here we are GIR in the Irken Imperial space Zoo.

GIR: I like it already what exhibit is closest?

Zim: Well there's the Kanzozz Hive......

GIR: Sounds like fun Zim.

Kanzozz Hive

(We See Zim and GIR enter a exhibit where there are strange creatures resembling Bees.)

GIR: In like these guys already there kind of like me.

Zim: Well those thing are the Kanzozz creatures that have the same type of niche on Irk they are responsible for pollinating flowers here on Irk. Oh, and GIR don't try to eat them.

GIR: In like the taste of chips........where are these little bugs coming from.

Zim: Up there, in case you didn't notice it.

(Zim points to a Massive hive on the ceiling of the exhibit.)

GIR: I want to go in that!


(Zim chases GIR on a jet pack in order to catch up with him eventually both enter the Kanzozz Hive.)

Kanzozz Hive, inside

(We see an surprisingly organic looking habitat where the Kanzozz pay no attention to Zim and GIR.)

Zim: Get me out of here before I start chewing!

GIR: Simmer down I like this place.

Zim: Still it feels kind gassy like something is breathing on us.

GIR: Do you think were being stalked?

Zim: Yeah like those teenage gore flicks, remember not go in the shower.

(They turn around to see a 6ft Kanzozz right behind them with a termite queen thorax, the thorax is connected to part of the hive........GIR and the Kanzozz look at each other in amazement.)

Zim: That Thing is the Kanzozz Queen, she produces every single offspring in this facility, did you know that the entire hive is made out of it's cartilage making it a body extension.

GIR: So cool.

(Zim, GIR and the Kanzozz Queen Shake hands, as Zim and GIR walk away.)

GIR: So what exhibit are we going to see next.

Zim: well the Laowana cage is up next.

GIR: This is so cool.

Laowana cage

(As Zim and GIR enter an exhibit with Technicolor plants a creature with tree-like skin, and looks like a cross between a Giraffe and a Brontosaur.)

GIR: What is that thing? I wanna take a picture of that guy.

Zim: a Laowana These guys are a type of herbivore found, like the other creatures found on this ship he's from Irk. It resembles a tree in order to blend in with his background.

(The Laowana notices GIR and briefly LICKS him.)


Zim: I don't think he's trying to eat you. This guy has a lot of food he needs to eat. Heck I don't know when he needs laxatives.

GIR: This place gets better and better! where next?

Zim: The Scooptus pit is up next.

Scooptus pit

(As Zim and GIR walk in the exhibit we see a creature 4 legged resembling a cross between a baboon and a lizard.)

Zim: Well GIR behold the Scooptus a type of predatory creature that ambushes it's prey.

GIR: He's pretty weird like paint chips.

Zim: You're diet's weird.

(The Scooptus then hisses at Zim and GIR when it sees them.)

Zim: Moving on..........To the Slor-Beast.

Slor-Beast cage

(As Zim And GIR walk inside the cage we see a creature resembling a crocodile or a dinosaur with a glowing stomach. It is at least 20 ft tall, it is also asleep.)

GIR: Is that a Slor-Beast?

Zim: Good one Sherlock. He has a bio-luminescent in order to attract pray toward him he will then eat them when they approach. He can however be easily disposed with an energy weapon.

GIR: I like his stomach it really glows!

Zim: Um......just don't get close to it he'll eat you when you approach.

GIR: What's up next?

Zim: The Vizzird cage.

Vizzird cage

(Zim and GIR enter a exhibit where there are things that have a vague resemblance to saber tooth cats, except their scythe-like tusks are curved upwards, they have three legs, and they have eye-stalks like snails.)


Zim: Don't touch the Vizzird they can pack a powerful bite, highly effective predators who hunt in a group. If I was you I wouldn't try to eat that meat.

GIR: Amazing teeth.

Zim: They have a sharp mouthful of those teeth.

GIR: So what's next on this Zoo.

Zim: Well there's the Wange pool.

Wange Pool

(Zim and GIR enter while something approaches the surface of the water.)

Female Zoo Keeper: Stand Back the Wange are eating.

(Suddenly something resembling a Crocodile with a worm-like mouth bursts out of the Water and eats some fish.)

Female Zoo Keeper: carry on.

(As the Zoo Keeper Leaves we see that there's a group of them.)

GIR: Hi guys.

Zim: Despite there physical appearance they behave a lot like a seal would, however they are strictily carnivorous so don't touch.


Zim: Next stop the petting Zoo.

Petting Zoo

(We See Zim and GIR petting some odd looking mammals.)

Zim: These things are known as Fon. They often a lot of plants to feed themselves.

GIR: I like them already.

Zim: it's one of those days.

GIR: Here boy



. The entire episode is based on a field-trip involving the zoo

. The Kanzozz were inspired by this image

. The Kanzozz Queen was inspired by this image

. The Laowana was inspired by this image

. The Scooptus was inspired by this image

. The Slor-Beast was inspired by this image

. The Vizzird was inspired by this image

. The Wange was inspired by this image

. the Fon were inspired by this image
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Government Concil
Government Concil

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Zoo in Space Empty
PostSubject: Re: Zoo in Space   Zoo in Space Icon_minitimeSun Jun 05, 2011 10:25 am

I love the episode cheers cheers
i think steven would like some of the creatures-using my computer at dinner show the gallery alien alien

The visaag=cool especially would the japanese lettering behind.

Gir really enjoyed the trip. My favorite part the creatures cheers Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation cyclops Cool
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Zoo in Space
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