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 The Frycook What Came from All That Space

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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PostSubject: The Frycook What Came from All That Space   The Frycook What Came from All That Space Icon_minitimeTue Oct 13, 2009 2:26 pm

The episode begins with Dib trying, yet again, to persuade the class that Zim is an alien. After Dib snaps and loses his mind for a brief moment, the ceiling of the classroom is destroyed and a large alien descends into the room. The alien grabs Zim and blasts off back into outer space. Once on the large alien's ship, Zim realizes that the ship is an Irken vessel, and the alien is an Irken. The alien reveals that he is Sizz-Lorr, the owner of the Foodcourtia restaurant, Shloogorgh's, to which Zim was banished after ruining Operation Impending Doom I.

Sizz-Lorr explains that, after Zim left for the Great Assigning, The Foodening began. The Foodening is Foodcourtia's most disgusting event, when so many snackers come that their combined gravitational pull is so great that nothing can leave for 20 years, even though only 1 year passes outside. Since Zim was Sizz-Lorr's only employee at that time, Sizz-Lorr was left alone without help. After the Foodening, Sizz-Lorr tracked Zim down to Earth.

Sizz-Lorr locks Zim in a cage and flies the ship to Foodcourtia. On the way to Foodcourtia, Zim calls GIR and tells him to call The Tallest and explain what happened. Sizz-Lorr catches him in the act, and wrestles him away from the transmitter. The ship reaches Foodcourtia, and Zim is brought back into Shloogorgh's and forced into the uniform. Sizz-Lorr explains that the restaurant is equipped with a security system that will make Zim explode if he tries to leave and makes Zim clean the whole restaurant. at this point, a cute little Alien child points at Zim and screams 'He's gawna s'plode mamma!' which he does three more times in the episode.

GIR is watching TV in Zim's house when Dib visits, wondering where Zim is. GIR finally remembers that he was supposed to call the Tallest for him. Dib asks if he could watch, and GIR agrees. GIR calls the Tallest, and says a bunch of nonsense, such as "and then my master flew to the moon on a rocket made of flamin' cheese!" Dib interrupts and asks the Tallest their weaknesses, the coordinates of their planet, etc.

Back in Foodcourtia, Zim freaks out about his mission and how he won't be able to fulfill it, but Sizz-Lorr doesn't care. Zim laments his situation with Eric the Blob, a regular customer to Shloogorgh's. Zim says he'd escape, but the security system would make him explode. Eric reveals that he is a galactic repairman and knows a lot about the security system. He says that it was used in a Vortian prison, but was discontinued because prisoners were escaping by hiding in trash bins (it turns out that the scanner can't detect life signatures if they're surrounded with enough material). Eric leaves the restaurant, and Zim makes a plan to escape (which he screams out loud, and yet no one notices, except the Alien child).

The next day, Zim asks to be put in the kitchen instead of on the cash register. Sizz-Lorr agrees, thinking that Zim's pain would be even worse in the kitchen. When Eric the Blob comes in again, Zim makes his order, and buries himself in Eric's food. Eric unknowingly eats Zim, and walks out the door. Once outside, Zim jumps out of Eric and begins to run. Sizz-Lorr sees Zim and chases after him.

Zim steals a taxi from the cab service and tries to fly away,(the 'he's gawna s'plode' child sees this and points) but Sizz-Lorr grabs onto the taxi and tries to capture Zim. Zim eventually succeeds in losing Sizz-Lorr, and barely escapes the Foodening, leaving Sizz-Lorr on Foodcourtia without help yet again (this is the 'He's gawna S'plode' child's final appearance). Zim flies back to Earth where he finds Dib and GIR dancing around his house, while the Tallest are still watching (probably because they have nothing better to do). Zim chases Dib around the house while screaming, and the Tallest cut the transmission.

in my opinion I think this may be a spoof of those movies where the main chacter is a frycook
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The Frycook What Came from All That Space
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