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 There’s no Place like Space

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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There’s no Place like Space Empty
PostSubject: There’s no Place like Space   There’s no Place like Space Icon_minitimeMon Feb 14, 2011 2:13 pm

There’s no Place like Space

Japan, day

(We see silhouette making a balloon for some else.)

Kid: Gee thanks mister, it’s a hot day in Japan.

(Suddenly the Silhouette takes out a pin and-)



Silhouette: *KUKUKU*


(We see Zim and GIR wandering through space.)

Zim: Well here we are GIR space the final frontier.

GIR: I like those stars over there.

Zim: Let’s see what that space station is doing over there.

GIR: I like the taste of all the dust.


Japan, store, day, inside

(We see all these people waiting for some coffee, suddenly the same Silhouette takes out a gadget.)

Silhouette: *KUKUKU* Freeze gun!

(HE proceeds to freeze everyone in line and happily takes the coffee and pays as the waiter looks dumbstruck.)

Silhouette: that was so easy.

(We see this silhouette unplugging the equipment for a tanning salon, taking a car apart, and even putting syrup in a fountain.)

Silhouette: I’m going to record all THIS in my journal.

Voice (off screen): Sergeant Major!

Silhouette: Oh Sergeant Keroro! You wanted to talk to me?

Keroro (Off screen): As much as I rated you number 5 on people who like to ruin my life yes we would like you to exam the ionosphere again.

Voice (off screen): I don’t like this guy.

Keroro (off screen): We have to trust him Corporal.

Silhouette: Well I’m coming soon, you Keronian.

Space station, inside

Hobo Guy: Welcome to my space station were going to watch a film.

Zim: How long have you been in this place?

Hobo Guy: About 5 years.

(We see 2 robots one gold one sliver.)

Robot Gold: Could fix the power supply.

Robot Silver: film project not working.

GIR: Cool I like films which one is it.

Robot Gold: I was thinking Tamala 2010, but that’s R rated, so I’m going to watch some film called “Persepolis”. Wait how old are you?

Robot Silver: I can’t wait forever.

(Zim Fixes the power supply and suddenly the projector is working again.)

GIR: Movie starting.

Zim: Now we see one film and get-

(Suddenly the two robot’s bodies stop working.)

Robot Sliver: W-what’s happening?!

Robot Gold: what type of gloomy, insidious, and malevolent person is doing this!?


(Suddenly on the TV screen a yellow alien creature appears resembling a………..FROG?!)

GIR: Hey doctor!

Zim: What is this?

Hobo Guy: Is this part of the film?

Kululu: Oh me, I’m Sergent Major Kululu and this space station is currently mine.

Zim: Wait a minute you’re in league with that crazy Alien.

GIR: You mean Keroro?

Zim: Correct he must be that alien’s mad scientist.

Kululu: Currently I have hacked into the robot’s bodies so…..ATTACK.

(Without any hesitation the servant robots get up and a fight occurs between them and Zim, the robots are detonated.)

Zim: Well that settles everything.

GIR: let’s get out of here.


(We see a computer in ruins and Kululu on the ground his glasses are…...CRACKED)
Kululu: MY glasses, My Glasses.



. the space station and plot was loosely based on Mystery Science Theater 3000

. The robots look like this There’s no Place like Space DecoeBocoe

. Normal adult male Keronians look like this

Keronian Scientists Look like this

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Government Concil
Government Concil

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There’s no Place like Space Empty
PostSubject: Re: There’s no Place like Space   There’s no Place like Space Icon_minitimeMon Feb 14, 2011 3:17 pm

LOVE THE TITLR cheers cheers cheers lol! lol! lol! lol! lol!

I thought the aliens were cute flower

Them taking apart the tanning Salon equipment-some pretty mad tanning CUSTOMERS affraid affraid affraid
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There’s no Place like Space
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