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PostSubject: Zigra(monster)   Zigra(monster) Icon_minitimeSun Jun 13, 2010 7:37 am

Zigra(monster) Zigra10

Zigra is an alien monster featured in Gamera vs. Zigra, the seventh Gamera film.

Zigra is a deadly opponent whose appearance is similar to that of a Goblin Shark, possessing a silvery gray, armor-plated hide, a pointed nose, a row of sharp fins on his back, as well as sharp pectoral fins.

Unlike most Kaiju, Zigra is intelligent and capable of speech, presumably by telepathic means. He is an alien from an unknown planet that landed on earth via a small spaceship shell -- the ship sports the same dorsal fins. For much of the first half of the film, he uses a captured human female as an extension of his will to infiltrate dry land. The agent (Lora Lee Virus), possesses a symbiotic relation to the ship and also can put humans in a trance by eye contact and snapping her fingers. After the agent was subdued, the shell was destroyed by Gamera, revealing Zigra's full form. Due to differences in Earth's environment to his native planet, Zigra grew in size to match Gamera's.

Zigra's combat style, like many Gamera Kaiju, is geared towards melee combat. A brutal opponent, he is capable of firing a silk like spray that can paralyze an opponent, and then follow through with vicious slashes with his sharp fins. Despite an otherwise fish-like appearance, he can exist out of the water, albeit with some difficulty: He was immobilized on the beach until he improvised an awkward standing posture with his tail fins.

Zigra invaded earth with the intention of enslaving the human race and raising them like cattle - he came from a planet where instead of people eating fish, fish eat people (thus making the film the first known Japanese instance of the Russian reversal). Like Viras attempted three films earlier, Zigra held a pair of human children hostage in order to force the human race to conform to his plan, but Gamera engaged him in battle. Gamera eventually threw him on land, using a rock to play his theme song on Zigra's dorsal fins like a xylophone before setting the alien shark ablaze with his fire breath
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