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 Viras (monster)

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Viras (monster) Empty
PostSubject: Viras (monster)   Viras (monster) Icon_minitimeSun Jun 13, 2010 7:22 am

Viras (monster) Viras10

Species alien

Weight 30,000 tons

Viras is an alien Kaiju featured in Gamera's fourth film, 1968's Gamera vs. Viras, known as "Destroy all Planets" stateside. Viras somewhat resembles a squid, with a pair of forward-facing eyes, an owl-like beak and a whistling cry. It has six tentacles upon which it walks, and three more on its head. Viras has no projectile weapons to speak of - it is purely a melee fighter, whipping, grasping and throwing an opponent with its tentacles. It can also clasp the three tentacles on its head together and stiffen them into a solid, razor sharp point. It can then dive headfirst into an opponent and violently skewer it. Viras is an accomplished swimmer as well. Viras was the leader of an alien invasion, set upon conquering the Earth. An earlier attempt by his kind was easily thwarted by Gamera, so Viras employed a mind probe to discover Gamera's weaknesses. Viras discovered Gamera's kindness to children, and exploited it by kidnapping two Boy Scouts and using them as hostages, coercing Gamera to get into perfect position for the launching of the mind-control device. Gamera was then made to rampage through Japan, the targets being the Okomasashi Dam and eventually Tokyo. When the two boys were able to escape, Gamera attacked, and Viras fused with his crew members to become a giant. After a fierce battle, Viras was defeated when Gamera flew with him up into the atmosphere, killing him in the cold, and then dropping him
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Viras (monster)
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