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 Balgon (monster)

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PostSubject: Balgon (monster)   Balgon (monster) Icon_minitimeSun Jun 13, 2010 7:31 am

Balgon (monster) Balgon10
Balgon (monster) Balgon11

Balgon is a monster featured in the second Gamera film, 1966's Gamera vs. Balgon, (better known as "War of the Monsters" stateside.) Balgon is not to be confused with the similarly named Toho Kaiju Baragon. The similarity in name is probably a coincidence, as katakana only offers a limited number of three syllable combinations. They are both similar to ground-like dinosaurs.

Showa Version

Balgon is a gigantic quadrupedal reptile, with sharp teeth, a long horn on his snout, smaller horns above his eyes, and a long whip-like tail. He has two rows of short spikes running down his back, which begin to glow when the creature is ready to attack. Balgon also possess a very long, stiff tongue with a clubbed tip, and has blue blood.

Heisei Version

The Balgon in the Heisei era only appeared in the Japanese manga Gamera vs Balgon.

Powers and Weaknesses

Balgon has two maijor powers. One of them is his extendable tongue. His tongue has a blunt end that can shot out frost and freeze his opponents. Zedus also has a similar tongue, but it has a spear-like point. Balgon can also use the spikes on his back to project a rainbow out of his back that can destroy a whole line of missles, as seen in War of the Monsters.

Balgon has a deadly weakness to water. In the movie, they kept him under restraint with water. In the final fight with Gamera, Barugon is drown by Gamera. Balgon is also attracted to shiny objects. he was almost lured into a lake with a diamond on a boat, but he used his tongue to grab the diamond and walk away unharmed.
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Balgon (monster)
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