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Guilala(monster) Empty
PostSubject: Guilala(monster)   Guilala(monster) Icon_minitimeSat Jul 10, 2010 9:42 pm

Guilala(monster) Guilal10

Species Mutation

Height 50 meters (164 Feet) (give or take about 10, not including antennae)

Weight 15,000 tons (according to video box cover)

Guilala A.K.A.: Gilala, Girara, and Monster X is an alien kaiju from outer space


A species of kaiju created by the explosions of stars. Made out of a special form of condensed energy. Normally found in little contained spores. An unknown alien race once attached spores to a space ship from Earth. One spore was carried back and the guilalium was taken off. The spore broke open and Guilala came out and grew to monstrous proportions! He/she/it destroyed most of Japan in the search for energy. Lured by powerful nuclear energy to the Mt. Fuji spaceport, but was covered in guilalium. Blocked from the energy all around, Guilala became a spore again, and was sent on a rocket to orbit the sun forever.

Eventually, another UFO crashed to Earth, bringing yet another Guilala to the planet during the time of a G8 Summit. Realizing the danger of the creature, the president of the United States of America convinces the other world leaders to personally fight back against Guilala instead of fleeing, and each country decides to use their own secret weaponry against the beast. A North Korean general plans to destroy the Guilala with a nuclear missile, but he has been warned that if he did it he will spawn hundred, even thousands of Guilalas. However, the monster is not rendered successfully taken care of until two Japanese journalists discover the legend of Take-Majin, a god which must be awakened to save mankind from the monster. This attempt finally succeeds and Guilala was defeated for a second time.

Fighting Ability

Like a lot of kaiju, most human defenses just bounce right off of him. However, he seems to be a bit stronger at blocking stuff then most. He once took a direct hit to the head by a kamikaze jet without even flinching! Not only does he have strong defense, but strong offense. His bashing skills are generic, but he does have some originally not generic special moves. He can shoot fireballs out of his mouth, absorb energy to become stronger, and even turn into a ball of energy to move from one place to the other while destroying everything around it! Even though he has strong attacks and a tough hide, he is still very fast! Not only is he agile, but he can run at fast speeds too. As a whole this silly-looking monster is actually one of the most powerful kaiju around!
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