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 Gamera vs. Barugon (showa era 2)

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Gamera vs. Barugon (showa era 2) Empty
PostSubject: Gamera vs. Barugon (showa era 2)   Gamera vs. Barugon (showa era 2) Icon_minitimeSat Nov 21, 2009 5:29 pm

Hurtling through space, a meteorite collides with the rocket transporting Gamera to Mars. Gamera, now unleashed, returns to Japan, destroys Kuroba Dam and takes off. Meanwhile, a mysterious group of travellers visit an island in the South Pacific. They plan to steal a huge opal from a cave protected by a local village. Eventually, they journey to the cave and find the opal.

Traveling back to civilization, the only thief to survive the heist leaves the opal beneath an infrared light while playing poker. The light ends up incubating and hatching the opal (actually an egg) and the giant lizard Barugon is born. Barugon emerges from the ship as it comes into Kobe harbor, destroying it. Barugon then attacks Osaka, freezing large parts of the city with its freezing tongue spray, and destroying a missile strike with its rainbow back ray. Gamera, attracted by the rainbow ray, arrives on the scene. Barugon and Gamera fight. Gamera does well, until Barugon uses the freeze ray. Gamera then gets frozen solid and falls inert onto the ground. Victorious, Barugon departs Osaka for the next large urban target.

Keisuke and Karen find Onodera, and wrest a confession about Kano's death from him. In the ensuing fight, Keisuke beats up on Onodera and ties him up. Keisuke and Karen then go to the Japanese defense ministry. There Karen outlines the Diamond Lure defense. This plans uses the giant diamond of the Black Tribe to lure Barugon into a lake to drown. The plan is effective but fails to move Barugon out into the lake. Afterwards it is theorized that the infrared radiation has made Barugon immune to the effects of the Diamond Lure. Another plan, the Infrared Diamond Lure defense is created. This would involve putting the Black Tribe diamond in an infrared generator and using the resulting ray to lure Barugon to a watery death.

Karen reveals that rain weakens Barugon and the Japanese military keeps Barugon doused with artificial rain. The Infrared Diamond Lure defense is put into effect. Onodera, however, gets wind of the plan and resolves to steal the Black Tribe diamond. The plan is executed and this time Barugon follows the lure without hesitation. Just as Barugon is about to be drawn into heavy water, Onodera bursts on the scene and steals the Black Tribe diamond. Barugon approaches the boat carrying the infrared generator and destroys it. Barugon then eats Onodera and the Black Tribe diamond.

Having failed, the Japanese military keeps Barugon sedated with rain. In dejection, Keizuke and Karen visit the site of Barugon's attack on the missile battery and discover an anomaly, everything but glass has been destroyed. From this comes the theory that Barugon's rainbow can be reflected. With this information, the Reflect attack plan is created. A giant mirror is constructed and put in front of Barugon. Barugon is then goaded into firing its rainbow ray. The mirror reflects the ray back upon Barugon, but the monster stops firing before the ray can be lethal. This exchange again attracts Gamera, who has thawed out after last battling Barugon. This time, Gamera manages not to get frozen, and Gamera is assisted by the military who mortally wound Barugon with missile fire, and Gamera when manages to drag Baragon into the lake, where the monster is at last killed.

In my opinion this film is very slow
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Gamera vs. Barugon (showa era 2)
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