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 Invader Zim vs. The Super Soliders

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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Name: Invader Zim
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PostSubject: Invader Zim vs. The Super Soliders   Invader Zim vs. The Super Soliders Icon_minitimeSat Oct 12, 2013 8:46 am

Space, Flagship, Inside

Invader Zim vs. The Super Soliders Flagsh10

(We see two silhouettes standing inside talking to two Irkens sitting on a couch. We can't see what any of them look like.)

Silhouette 1: At long last you're back Fleet Admiral and Vice Admiral! Now You're first order of businesses was to-

Silhouette 2: MMMMMM Cookies! W-wait what is the meaning of this the people that were suppose to be conquered and controlled are all destroyed!

Silhouette 1: Um Would you stop being so blunt to them, you're suppose to reserve it to lowest rank members!

Silhouette 2: How are we going to rule anyone on that planet!

(We finally see the Vice Admiral he looks like this)

Invader Zim vs. The Super Soliders C10

Vice Admiral: My apologies Emperors, every thing is entirely, unreservedly my fault.

Fleet Admiral: No it isn't it's those stupid Super Soldiers you funded fault.

Vice Admiral: Oh, well I though it was.

(Suddenly a group of silhouettes creep up behind them, they look like this.)

Invader Zim vs. The Super Soliders Twiste10

Silhouettes: *Giggling* spreading chaos is funny!

Silhouette 1: Listen carefully, I Want you to off one of our members, his name is Invader Zim and His  robotic companion GIR!

Silhouettes: Right!

Invader Zim vs. the Super Soldiers

Opening Theme:

London, Day

(We see Zim and GIR walking down the street.)

Zim: Well here we are in London, a place of high society standards GIR.

GIR: MMMMMM Rocks. So What are we doing today Zim?

Zim: Were going to See the sights and perhaps get something to eat!

GIR: Does it involve cows with blue mustaches?


GIR: Aw man. Well I think this place is beautiful Zim.

Zim: I know what could possibly go wrong.


(We see Eddy get up from a dumpster as he's struggling.)

Eddy: How the heck did I get here? How did I survive the explosion? I know! I, the great Eddy must be a vampire now!

(Eddy gets an idea and an evil smirk appears on his face)

Eddy: I have another get rich scheme!

(Eddy Runs out of the alley way and runs to a Candy Store.)

Candy Store, Inside

(We see Eddy runs in as Zim and GIR are selecting what to eat.)

Eddy: Gimme all you're money I got this twig! I'm not afraid to use it!

Cashier: Sir I can't do that, but all the candy is free.

Eddy: WHAT!

(Eddy Takes out a small burlap sack and proceeds to stuff the bag full of candy.)

GIR: Hey Zim, Who was that Guy?

Zim: I have no idea GIR!


(We see the silhouettes from earlier they are in a London street and are standing casually.)

Silhouette Leader: 3....2......1!

(The Silhouette starting the area as people flee they summon electricity and manage to use to destroy vast amounts of property we see they are SMILING as they do this. Suddenly Eddy Walks past them as this happens.)

Silhouettes: We demand you're candy!

Eddy: It's Mine! All Mine!

Silhouettes: Is that so, what are going to do pry it from you're cold body after were done with you!

(They fire beams of electricity at Eddy as they laugh and chase him down)


(Zim and GIR see all the destruction to the buildings as they walk by!)

GIR: Z-Zim What did That?

Zim: Probably a Super Solider sent by our Empire.

GIR: Super Solider?

Zim: Yes, recently the Irken Emperors experimented on 3 humans in an attempt to create the perfect bio-weapon through cybernetic implants. They succeeded  and drove them so crazy that all they could think of is blind destruction. They can blast beams of electricity.

GIR: What should we do?

Zim: We must stop these creatures and their evil!

GIR: Right.

(Suddenly Eddy Runs past them.)


(Suddenly the Super Soldiers we finally see them. They Look Like this. GIR looks terrified.)

Invader Zim vs. The Super Soliders C11

Super Soldiers: *Giggling* Hello Little Doggy.

GIR: Zim you know how you said that the Irken Emperors drove them so crazy that all they could think of is blind destruction.

Zim: Yeah?

GIR: That part is false, they were always this crazy.

Zim: How did you know that?

GIR: I Met them at a yard sale and they tried to throw me off a cliff into the jagged rocks below, For Kicks.

Super Soldiers: *Giggling* It's time for you to be reduced to molten slag little dog-

(Eddy Sneak up behind one of them and proceeded to crush him with a rock.)

Super Solider Leader: What the?!

Eddy: You Get a rock for Halloween like Charlie Brown!

Super Solider Leader: Attack!

(Suddenly the remaining minion goes after GIR, it looks like it's the end...........Until Zim attacks and manages to destroy him completely leaving the leader alone she freaks out and starts panicking as Zim looks furious at her)

Super Solider Leader: P-please Don't attack me!

Zim: Why! After you tried to harm GIR and the entire city!

Super Solider Leader: I can tell you who sent us to do this!

Zim: Make it quick!

Super Solider Leader: It's-

Voice (Off Screen): Self destruct sequence activated.

Super Solider Leader: *Shriek of Terror*


Zim: Looks our work here is done GIR!


Zim: Let's get something to eat but first.

(Zim gives Eddy a pass port ticket to Peach Creek.)

Zim: Thanks for you're help.

Eddy: No Prob.

(Zim and GIR walk into the sun set.)

End Credits:



. The entire episode is a spoof on Dragon Ball

. The Scene where Eddy robs a candy store is a spoof on the World Dumbest

. The Scene where the Silhouettes are talking was inspired by this scene

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Government Concil
Government Concil

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Name: spongebob
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Invader Zim vs. The Super Soliders Empty
PostSubject: Re: Invader Zim vs. The Super Soliders   Invader Zim vs. The Super Soliders Icon_minitimeThu Oct 17, 2013 6:10 am

I really want to reread this article.
Like the Halloween theme.

the images were cool
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Invader Zim vs. The Super Soliders
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