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 Pool Toy Story

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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Pool Toy Story Empty
PostSubject: Pool Toy Story   Pool Toy Story Icon_minitimeFri Jul 12, 2013 10:52 am

Night, City Streets

(We see Eddy walking down the City Streets carrying a huge bag of Something.........he then pauses)

Eddy: Is this a good idea? I better ask my conscience.

(We see a pair of Demons on both of Eddy's shoulders they look like this.)

Pool Toy Story Scanty10

Demon 1: Look what you got us into, now our father's going to be ticked off at the fact that we did manage to capture those guys who made a Faustian bargain with us!

Demon 2: What the French Toast are you talking about, you were the one who suggested we have the guy make the Faustian bargain with us in the first place!

Eddy: Um Guys.......................

Demon 1: Whatever I just my nails done.

Demon 2: Well Mother always liked you best!

Eddy: I am right here Guys!

(Both Demons ignore him. The First demon shows he teeth to her sister in an attempt to intimidate her but it fails completely.)

Eddy: HEY GUYS!!!!

Demon 1 & 2: Yes Eddy?

Eddy: Am I doing the right thing.

Demon 2: Yeah anything you do is right Eddy.

Demon 1: Live an indulgent life style it won't hurt anyone.

Demon 2: Crush anyone if you need to.

Eddy: Go it.

(We see a silhouette watching them with a pair of binoculars)

Silhouette: *Evil Laugh*  

(He Trips down a flight of stairs)

Opening Theme:

Pool Toy Story

Double D'S House, outside, day

(We see Double D walk outside and admiring a weather in peace until he notices something odd.)

Double D: A pink surfboard? This belongs to Nazz, I really need to return this to her.


(We see Ed eating ice cream as Eddy shows with a huge bag of something.)

Eddy: Hey Ed I need you to help me with my latest scam are you willing to do it?

Ed: Well I guess as long as it doesn’t harm anyone.

Eddy: That's great mono-brow I need to you to help me assemble a stand to sell all my items.

Ed: Can We have rotten cheese with that?

(Eddy just stares at Ed in complete confusion, he then whacks Ed, causing Ed to see stars.)

Nazz's House, day, inside

(We see Double D ring the door bell, Nazz shows up and Hugs him, causing him to blush.)

Nazz: Hi Double D, it's great to see you!

Double D: Nazz, I found you're surf board lying in on my front yard. Do you have any idea what it's doing there?

(Nazz stops hugging and pauses)

Nazz: No, why?

Double D: I have a sinking feeling that Eddy might be behind this, Nazz.

Stand, day

(As Double D and Nazz approach the Stand they see Eddy arguing with Rolf, as Ed plays with a game boy.)

Rolf: Rolf Has has enough of you're tomfoolery, give Rolf back his watering equipment!

Double D & Nazz: What's going on.

Rolf: This Ed-boy has stolen Rolf and his family's watering equipment in his half baked scam.

Double D: Eddy, What are you doing?

Eddy: Selling sprinklers and pool toy's.

Rolf: You have disgraced my family Ed boy!

(Suddenly an angry mob of kids stand before Eddy armed with pitchforks and torches.)

Eddy: So what I stole pool toys,big deal, Anthony Hopkins did the same thing and he got an Oscar for it.

Double D: Eddy, Anthony Hopkins is an actor not a criminal.

Eddy: Really?

(The Mob proceeds to take all their pool toys back as the other two Eds help them leaving Eddy Behind.)

Eddy: How could this get any worse.


(We see Eddy spying on everyone and sees that Ed, Double D, Nazz and Rolf are having a pool party without him.)


(We see a  kids eating ice cream suddenly a silhouette looms over him smiling. It's the same one from ealier)

Kid: Who are You?

Silhouette: I am the shadow of the moon at night, I am the surprise in your cereal box-

Kid: What's you're name

(The Silhouette pauses.)

Silhouette: Oh................Wait why should I tell it to you! That's Classified Information! Soon one day I shall rule the world you live on.

Kid: You're crazy.

(the Silhouette responds by slapping the ice cream out of the kid's hand in anger.)

Silhouette: I'm the best around, oh yeah! Who's Bad, I'm Bad!

(The Kid punches the Silhouette in the stomach and runs off, the silhouette notices the pool party going on.)

Silhouette: Those Kids could pose a threat to me, I better think of a plan. *Pauses* Wait.................................why am I worrying, I have more important things in mind. Mostly conquering this planet and the inhabitants that live on it.

End Credits:



. The title is a spoof of toy story

. Anthony Hopkins is a real actor, he played Alfred Hitchcock in the biographical film "Hitchcock"

. the Silhouette quotes the Nightmare Before Christmas

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Government Concil
Government Concil

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Pool Toy Story Empty
PostSubject: Re: Pool Toy Story   Pool Toy Story Icon_minitimeFri Jul 12, 2013 7:09 pm

This was such a fun summer read cheers cheers cheers 
It makes you want to have a party lol lol
what a change to have 2 female as the bad guys-very interesting.
Like the music selection-a funny line when the two females are talking ed can say um I can hear you I am right! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! 
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Pool Toy Story
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