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 Likable Villains?

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Likable Villains? Empty
PostSubject: Likable Villains?   Likable Villains? Icon_minitimeSun Mar 31, 2013 6:46 pm

Likable Villains? 0207

Music for the First Half of the Article

When you have a stories where villains have qualities that make them more likable, go ahead and use them as much as you want

Other than making them funny you can also do many other quilites

You Can Make them Have some of the following qualties


Likable Villains? Darth_10

You can make them the equal and opposite enemy to the hero, who, save for the tragic circumstances of their life, upbringing, political ideology, or financial situation, might have been the hero's best friend. Unfortunately, though, they must be the hero's opposition. Evenly matched, with a sense of honor that allows the hero to trust them about a select few things, and an honest respect for the hero, this worthy opponent also fights to the same standards of fairness as the hero; they will not shoot you In the Back, and may even prevent someone else from doing so; in military situations, they will obey The Laws And Customs Of War. He will also do things like negotiate honestly or allow the wounded hero to escape to fight another day. They will invariably even the terms of a fight when they possess a clear advantage, often being unwilling to fight an unarmed foe (either discarding their weapon or allowing the protagonist to reclaim their own), and waiting until an unconscious enemy has woken and can engage in an honorable Duel to the Death, because they must settle things like gentlemen.

You Can Make them have cool traits such as with his stylish suit, wonderful sense of humor, and awsome abilties such as stopping time temperoraly or super strenght, and almost tank a Big Bang-level attack with a scaled-up version of his mech.

You can make him bold, charismatic, independent, and audacious. Capturing the audience with his charisma, incredible intellect, mastery of manipulation, and boldness of action, this character is a show-stealer, demanding your reverence at every turn.

So what makes a character a Magnificent Chessmaster? Let's break it down:

• He is brilliant and utterly devious, to an almost breathtaking, mind-boggling degree. Call it genius, call it virtual omniscience, but he always seems to know what everyone else is planning at any given moment, and exactly how to arrange the game so he wins most of the time.

• He is a smooth operator. He always knows exactly what to say to position you where he wants you, always has a backup strategy and never loses his cool. Even if on the remote chance something happens that wasn't in his plans, you'd never know it from his actions.

• He has a goal, he's not going to stop until he's completed it...whatever it is. To that end he will do almost anything. He'll move heaven and hell, and we want to see him succeed. Despite his choice of tactics, he is rarely if ever pointlessly cruel, and has a reason for everything he does.

• He is charismatic, often charming, his personality like a physical force. People tend to like him, sometimes even when they know he isn't on their side, and even those who hate his guts have to admit respect. Even when at his darkest, he has traits which one can't help but admire.


You Can Make Him Have attachment to another person even the toughest Bad around can still have a soft spot for dear old Mom. Sure, he has done some bad things, but she held him for nine months and took care of him when he was sick!

this is when a tough or intimidating character is made more endearing via a loving relationship with their parents.

Likable Villains? 114

One way to handle this is to present another character to befriend them. Ideally, this should be someone who could pose no threat or even be demanding, and depending on how the plot goes, the recovering villain becomes fond of this other character and may draw stability from their presence. This character that accompites him may even be somewhat pathetic (and will be told so), but has often gone through some anguish to which the recovering villain can relate secretly, or reminds the villain of someone he lost long ago.


Likable Villains? 118

You can show the antagonists to be outmatched, forcing them to rely on daring, cunning, skill and determination to hold their own against the heroes, or at least go out with a little dignity. They sometimes even continue a hopeless battle for higher reasons than spite! This often results in a tense back-and-forth as the heroes' raw power is set against whatever the villains brought.

Sometimes they win, sometimes they lose, but the mark of Villainous Valor is that it sees the "bad guys" in this story that you wouldn't expect from them. In fact, if you were just tuning in, you might even be confused about who you're expected to root for. A fight between the Knight in Shining Armor and The Commander with his Spikeed armor will often leave you cheering for The Hero, but what if The Commander locks swords with the hero and gets between the hero and his master, to allow him time to escape? The scene changes completely. Even if the villains are still bad guys, you might even find yourself pulling for the underdog anyway.

The Villian is pitted against near impossible odds, yet finds ways to still outsmart his opponents being outmatched and only to come out victorious in all of his impossible tasks, despite everyone pointing out that the odds are against him.

They are genuinely courageous in a fight, and is a true Determined when it comes to pushing himself harder and further to achieve the standards he sets himself a valiant effort in battle against h refusing to admit defeat

They never gives up on their ambitions, or allows herself the luxury of true failure. Evil as they are, you have to respect that. They even fought the Hero face-to-face at one point in the story without hesitation or fear. This happend at the point when the Hero hasn't just defeated all her allies and most of their troops before the battle but also he had the help of a nine foot tall creature with claws and teeth who has no problems taking down even the strongest Goons with just one punch. It takes guts to fight something like that.

This often appears in shows where the villains are sympathetic or the heroes questionable but there are many exceptions to this type of dymanic.

Music for the Second Half of the Article


Likable Villains? 115

nothing separating them from being normal, polite people except for the fact that they want to Take Over the World or use human souls to power their artifact of doom. They're not fakeing it — their friendliness is a genuine part of their personality, not a mask. If they have underlings, expect them to be a Benevolent. In one way, they're the opposite of an Anti-Hero. They may help someone on occasion, but won't hesitate to kick the person with steel-toed boots the next second if it helps them accomplish their goals. They may recieve a good opinion from the public.

This villain will invite the hero out to tea, offer him a favorite dish, make pleasant small talk, try to appeal to the hero's better nature, and convince the heroes that the villain's plan isn't worth getting involved in. Of course, if the hero still won't change their mind, the villain will remind them that they are, after all, still a villain. It may or may not involve a Death Trap, depending on how nice the villain really is when crossed. Of course, inviting the hero's mom out to tea might send a stronger message. The friendliness of said villains can serve to humanize these guys.

He will never hit an unarmed woman, has a policy for always saying the truth, is respected and loyally followed by his comrades, can even be nice if he when in a good mood and his respect for those who have earned it is genuine.

He can stand out as the only villain who is really a nice guy. He is undeniably the most polite, classy, generally mannered and the LEAST violent villian of all. Also, unlike other villains, he technically isn't evil, but just willing to do whatever to get what he wants and will often join hero in silly antics like loving to play video games and considering the Hero his roommate

They often demonstrate traits such as being Suave, Gentlemanly, Mysterious, Aggressive, Powerful, Deadly, Stubborn, Polite, Sophisticated, Graceful, Greedy, Determined, Selfish, Scheming, Sinister, Cunning, Charismatic, Shady, Wicked, Paranoid and Sympathetic

Over the course of a series' many Story Arcs, the two will develop a grudging respect for their eachother. It can sometimes grow to the point that the villain will refrain from killing the hero in a "cheap" or dishonorable way, and even start to concoct bizarre excuses to avoid doing so entirely, spare his life, or even saving him. In these cases

They are shown to have become good friends after all of their encounters and fights, resulting in Villian asking The Hero to look after his child for him and hide him from the government after he dies, and The Hero being accepting of this.

Good Intentions

Likable Villains? 119

You Can Make the villain who has an overall goal which the heroes can appreciate in principle, but whose methods of pursuing said goal (such as mass destruction and havoc) are problematic; despite any sympathy they may have with his cause, the heroes have no choice but to stop him. Taken to extremes, he may want to create a Utopia but have very destructive methods of creating it. Such an idealistic extremist will eaiter aim For Happiness or For Great Justice.

Other times, the villain may be out for simple revenge against a person or corporation or other entity that has undeniably wronged him. Again, the heroes may sympathize with his plight, but are obliged to stop him because he cares not who gets in the way of his planned revenge. However, the heroes will often investigate the villain's grievance themselves and will complement stopping the villain with taking down the offending party as well.

Likable Villains? 110

You Can also a villain who is convinced that his actions are acceptable or even helpful. These villains aren't justifying their wrongdoings. They aren't compelled by unnatural forces. They just don't comprehend that they're doing anything wrong. This can be achieved in several ways:

Their perceptions could be tainted with somekind of mind altering substance.

• They could have a legitimate but completely alien value system.

• They could just be NUTS.

• They could just be stupid.


Likable Villains? 0210

You can make him a villainous character who does good in spite of himself. The Noble Villain doesn't care that he has a bad image — he actively cultivates and embraces it. He'll practice his evil laugh and iron his cape so that it billows just right when he makes his entrance. However, every so often a situation presents itself and he's just not willing to go the extra mile necessary to be completely evil. He'll topple your castle, but he'll do it right after everyone has cleared out first. He'll also be obsessed with explaining this behavior so people won't think that he's gone soft. Destroying enemies or servants who have failed but are loyal is "a waste of resources" and his inevitable newfound friends are "tactically advantageous allies." Their goals are evil but their means, not so much.

A lot of this behavior is sometimes explained as the result of a complex they acquired when they felt weak and helpless, and all they really need is to be loved. A villainous Noble Villain isn't nice, but being noble and powerful seems to imply they are above petty and malicious acts, or at least uninterested in them.

Although he chooses to be evil and may in fact embrace his villainous reputation, when the time comes for him to walk the walk, he turns away. This type of anti villain has a set of standards, certain lines that he will never cross. As such, he is the first one to say Even Evil Has Standards when faced with someone who offends said code of conduct. Unlikely to Harm someone but will help someone.

Normal Behavior

Likable Villains? 112

Music for the Last the Half of Article

Not all heroes and villains are actively out for each others' blood, some heroes are reasonable and tolerant, and a few baddies can be perfectly civil. On more extreme ends, enemies who are opposites (ideologically or otherwise) can engage in a peaceful activity to have a bout of diplomacy. But some scenes can show even the antagonists have a good side, likewise rivals can sit down and have a nice chat every so often. In the end, they're not there to engage in fisticuffs, though they may engage in a bout or two of social combat. Rather, they're there just to meet as friendly rivals and maybe, just maybe, win the other person over to their point of view.

Essentially, the heroes join the Villains Out Shopping. Occasionally, it will be a dinner date, and it can happen frequently when the hero is Living With The Villain. If the bout is meant to emphasize their mutual intelligence, they'll probably play chess.

Likable Villains? 0209
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Government Concil
Government Concil

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Likable Villains? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Likable Villains?   Likable Villains? Icon_minitimeMon Apr 01, 2013 11:07 am

Liked all the images My favorite is the likeable Quality. That picture was so cute LOL

The qualities of Darth Vader really on target. In other comommentaries-and you see Darth Vader
Black suit cool voice you know he is more than just others.

Darth Vader I don't remember having Like able qualities or friendlieness LOL but fun to see it.

Good Job

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Likable Villains?
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