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 The Weird Minion

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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PostSubject: The Weird Minion   The Weird Minion Icon_minitimeTue Mar 05, 2013 1:16 pm

The Weird Minion 0510

Music for the First Half of the Article

They can vary quite significantly, and is chiefly defined by looking or acting wildly different from the other members, adding color to the group. It's this member that stands out for one reason or another, and may be considered the "freak" or loose cannon of the group, particularly by her own members. Even though they can be eaither gender they are often female. They are often completly oblivious to the idea of right or wrong and are the most likely to reform.

If in an optimistic setting, she will be the one most likely to be redeemed and not die horrifically (and probably hook up with The Hero or The Number 2). If not, then she becomes a Yandere for The Hero if she holds any type of romantic interest towards him at all.

Simply put, the Evil Counterpart to The Load. Just as the heroic Load represents diversity and an emphasis on emotion, so, too, does the The Weird Minion. He/she (the gender ratio is fairly evenly split, literally at least in post-1970s works) is the member of the villainous ensemble that adds a certain indescribable quality. How it does this can vary. For example, if this member is woman in a male dominated organization, she'll also base a lot of her actions and dialogue on how she is breaking gender stereotypes.

This member is often defined based on the opposite of the rest of the group.

If the other members are deadly serious, this is the member that constantly jokes around and pokes fun at the other members, much to their irritation. If all the members of the group are in it for the money or power, this is the person that's just in it for the hell of it. It's fairly frequent that the other members of the organization either don't take this member seriously and/or even actively hate them, but put up with them because they get results or are needed for some facet of the plan. More often than not in a fighting series, they are commonly the weakest or at second weakest compared to The Brute.

However, also as frequent is for this member to be defined by their tactics. If the other members revolve their plans around stealth infiltration to get things done, this is the member whose plan involves a 'distraction' - often involving them and a small explosive device. If the organization involves manipulating people through blackmail, then this is the member that seduces people to further the plans. Also common is for this member to factor emotion into their tactics moreso than the other members. Instead of setting up a plan based on the logical actions and reactions of the parties involved, they instead set up emotional strife that has little to do with their roles but sets up their actions.

They are often the least evil member of a bad guy group

Music for the Second Half of the Article

They are sometimes very funny

While they can be eaither gender they are often female

Here are Some Examples:

The Weird Minion Gir_an10

The Weird Minion 0130

The Weird Minion 0136

The Weird Minion 0137

The Weird Minion This_i10

The Weird Minion 0140

The Weird Minion 0138

The Weird Minion 0133

The Weird Minion 0134

The Weird Minion 0135

The Weird Minion 0139

The Weird Minion 0141

The Weird Minion 0142

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Government Concil
Government Concil

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PostSubject: Re: The Weird Minion   The Weird Minion Icon_minitimeSat Mar 09, 2013 2:09 pm

My favorite is grr with hello kiity

The music was really fun to listen to. I never heard the second song befor-really fun !!!!!!!!!!

The article was good . The character as you pointed out is the opposite f the main character-which
gives some diversity.

Good article
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The Weird Minion
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