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 Who is the "Team Mom"?

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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Who is the "Team Mom"? Empty
PostSubject: Who is the "Team Mom"?   Who is the "Team Mom"? Icon_minitimeMon Mar 04, 2013 5:36 pm

Who is the "Team Mom"? 099

Music for the First Half of the Article

there needs to be someone to hold this Gang together before they argue with each other and disbands or wander off into the woods or eat harmful chemicles. Almost always a female, Team Mom basically acts as the mother figure for everyone else in the group, regardless of age or family relations. In many cases, she actually is a older sister to at least one other character.

Not always The Leader in action or adventure, but the leader the team needs in everyday life and practical matters. Quells fights, makes sure everyone cleans behind their ears and eats their greens. Can be pretty bossy. Usually, they're gentle, cute, kind, and capable of stern mothering.

Often enough, she's The Medic. May be a Nice Girl, or a Messiah-like figure. If she's a more physical fighter, expect her to be a Lady of War (and maybe an Action Mom, if she's got her own kids aside of the group members). They are by definition never the loner, and will in fact tend to be the one who pulls them into the cast's orbit as a New Guy. If anyone can break through and bring about a reform it's the Team Mom.

While they tend to be less combat capable than their teammates, Whatout for the Nice GIrl most definitely applies, if any of her surrogate children or siblings are threatened, she can snap into unhinged mode and kick butt. Their absence (be it emotional or physical) will most certainly put the team on edge as their ability to function as, well, a team, comes into jeopardy. Thus these instances serve as a reminder of her value when the team grows complacent. And by the way? Villains should NOT threaten or harm her. Ever. Her family will not be pleased.

Often has a Romantic Relationship with the Team Dad

Music for the Second Half of the Article

Here are some examples:

Who is the "Team Mom"? 0119

Who is the "Team Mom"? Huggab10

Who is the "Team Mom"? 0120

Who is the "Team Mom"? Nazz_d11

Who is the "Team Mom"? Marie_10

Who is the "Team Mom"? 0506

Who is the "Team Mom"? 0125

Who is the "Team Mom"? 0124

Who is the "Team Mom"? 0126

Who is the "Team Mom"? Sally10

Who is the "Team Mom"? 0127

Who is the "Team Mom"? 0128

Who is the "Team Mom"? 0129

Who is the "Team Mom"? Great_11

The Irken Empire Shall be victorious

It's time for The Irken Empire Hour, Today's broadcast will feature Wario's Political beliefs and thoughts...

Who is the "Team Mom"? 079

...Oh Right

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Government Concil
Government Concil

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Who is the "Team Mom"? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Who is the "Team Mom"?   Who is the "Team Mom"? Icon_minitimeThu Mar 07, 2013 4:01 am

edit first line wher gang k each other and replace with argues with each other and disbands.

most gangs do not take out their own. usually rival gangs.

I like how you stated she holds the group together physically and emotionlll

The images and sound track were good
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Who is the "Team Mom"?
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