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 GIR and the Mad Doctor

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GIR and the Mad Doctor Empty
PostSubject: GIR and the Mad Doctor   GIR and the Mad Doctor Icon_minitimeFri Dec 28, 2012 11:03 am

GIR and the Mad Doctor

Japan, Mountains, day

(We see Zim and GIR walking in the wilderness)

Zim: Well Here we are GIR in this Japanese Mountain ridge.


Zim: Have you ever noticed that some people will do anything to protect their own homes.

GIR: Really, Zim? Like What?

Zim: I heard a story about one guy in Australia who tried to electrify his own roof to prevent anyone from getting into his house.

GIR: Wouldn't that harm Santa?

Zim: Obviously.


Zim: Don't worry though Santa went through the front door to get into that house.

(Suddenly a huge metal creature jumps out of bushes and tries to attack Zim and GIR with a sword. It looks like this.)

GIR and the Mad Doctor Black_11

Zim: W-what is that thing?

GIR: It's Kamen Rider.

(Suddenly Tak appears.)

GIR and the Mad Doctor Tak_111

Tak: I can easily explain, this is Agent Number 119. On of the people I got my hands on.

Zim: Wait a minute, you actually broke a patient who was in cell number 119 out of a hospital. When did this occur to you that this was a good idea?

Tak: Whatever, now my Agent, slay these two.

(Zim and Agent Number 119 proceed to fight, 119 has access retractable Harpoons which he uses to launch at his opponents and is carrying a sword. Zim manages to defeat 119 by stealing his own sword and using it to break a great deal of his armor, causing him to fall down a hill.)

Tak: Well I guess I’ll call it quits for now but mark my words Zim it won't end.

(Tak Leaves.)

GIR: That was awesome.

Zim: I Don't Understand something, who exactly was that man?

GIR: Maybe he's a James Bond villain.

(Zim and GIR walk down the hill for sometime until they come across 119's broken armor. Zim notices that the chest plate is cracked open, a strange trail made up of what appears to be tire tracks, and a letter.)

GIR: Zim, what just happened here?

Zim: I have no idea, but I better investigate.

(Zim picks up the letter and reads it.)

Zim: *Reading* Dear chief replacements, I wanted to send you this friendly little letter to inform you of your imminent demise at my hand. If you're curious about the frequency of which I send these letters, it is merely to instill as much fear as I can, PS You remind me of my earliest creation, what a wretched girl.*Stops Reading* it doesn’t say who wrote it.

GIR: How odd.

Zim: Perhaps we could follow this trail to see where 119 is going, GIR.

GIR: MMMMM Klondike bar.

(Zim follows the trail to see it leads directly to a local town. It looks like this.)

GIR and the Mad Doctor B10

Zim: How peaceful, we better act quickly.

Village, day

(We see a silhouette wearing glasses approaches a man.)

Man: How can I help you kind sir.

(The silhouette starts to speak. NOTE: HE SPEAKS IN AN OLD AND RASPY VOICE)

Silhouette: I what can you tell me about The Disaster that happened in the 1980's?


Silhouette: Speak up now!

Man: OK, well it was caused by some kind of gas coming from a now dried up marsh, the towns people sealed up in the local temple, however it can only opened up by a certain person who was a descendant of the towns founders.

Silhouette: What is the whereabouts of this person?


(The Silhouette takes out a weird looking plant resembling a Venus flytrap)

Silhouette: Did you know that this plant I created has the ability to lay seeds into living things, the problem is that the subject who was infected by this parasitic plant doesn’t survive when it grows branches out of a persons body. I WILL USE THIS ON YOU IF YOU DO NOT TELL THE WHEREABOUTS OF THIS PERSON!!!!

Man: Shes at the Doctors office getting a check up!

Silhouette: Thank you very much sir.

(Suddenly we see Zim and GIR are spying on the Silhouette the entire time.)

GIR: What does he need marsh gas for?

Zim: I have no idea, we better ask someone else but first.

(Suddenly the Silhouette notices something and takes out the plant he throws it in the area Zim and GIR are at. Zim however narrowly manages to slice the plant in half with 119's sword. The Silhouette then leaves.)

GIR: What happens next Zim?

Zim: We have to get to the town's Health Clinic before he does.

GIR: It's getting dark Zim.

Streets, Village, Night

(We see the Silhouette, walk into a car.)

Rich Man: Good day sir my name is Mr. Monopoly, how can I possibly help-

(Suddenly the silhouette slaps him in the face.)

Rich Man: W-what was that for?

Silhouette: Now listen carefully, there's a girl at the Doctor's office that I need you to get me too.

Rich Man: What if I don't want to do that for you?

(Suddenly the Silhouette's glasses fall off revealing bloodshot eyes and he has needle-like teeth.)

Silhouette: *Whispers something in the Rich man's ear.*

(The Rich man looks terrified and starts driving the car to where the Silhouette wants to go.)

Silhouette: Nothing Can stop my plan now.


(We see a traffic jam happens.)


Rich Man: You Do realize there's a traffic jam sir.

Silhouette: Then Drive on the sidewalk!

Rich Man: It's called a SIDEWALK not a SIDEDRIVE!!!

Silhouette: *Whispers something in his ear*

(The Rich man Looks terrified.)

Rich Man: Y-yes sir.


(We see Zim and GIR running across the roof tops. Trying to get to the Health Clinic.)

Zim: Well I didn't expect that we would have tor run on top of the roof in order to get to a Health Clinic.

GIR: Yeah this is quiet the day, say Zim is that a traffic jam.

Zim: Yes GIR, it is.

(Zim and GIR jump across the roofs Zim looks down to see that one of the cars is driving on the SIDEWALK as people run away from it.)

Zim: Well I've never seen that before...........GIR.

GIR: OOOOO I found some pennies MMMMMMMM.

Zim: What GIR.

GIR: I always wanted to ask this but what do you know about 119, is he your best friend?

Zim: I don't know anything really except that he works for Tak, although he reminds me of someone I once met.

GIR: Could you tell me this story.

Zim: Certainly, I was minding my business and on my way to a store, until Prof. Membrane asked me to help him move someone out of their house and into the old folks home, we did exactly that until the person was too destructive and aggressive to control so we had to move him into a hospital. I don't know which cell he was placed in.

GIR: Oh.

Zim: I don't know what the man's name was so I gave him the alias Alphonse Elrich when I checked him into the hospital. I never forgot him because of his nature.

GIR: Amazing.

Zim: Shouldn't we be going to the health clinic?

GIR: Oh Right.

Health Clinic, night, inside

(We see a Silhouette approach the desk where a woman is operating it. she looks like this)

GIR and the Mad Doctor B13

Receptionist: How can I help you sir..........................what happened to you're head and face?

Silhouette: I'm the Medical Doctor for the child.

Receptionist: You can see her now................wait a minute, you're voice sounded completely different on the phone, aren't you suppose to be a woman?

Silhouette: That was my sister acting as a substitute.

Receptionist: Oh.

(the Silhouette leaves the room making a loud mechanical noise as he does. The Receptionist notices Zim and GIR who come in much later)

Zim: We came to see the child too were part of her family.

Receptionist: Of course..........That doctor is odd.

Zim: What do you mean?

Receptionist: His fingerprints resemble one of the patients at Hellingly Hospital

Zim: Why that was built in 1903.

Receptionist: Exactly.

Zim: What does the gas in the temple do?

Receptionist: It causes madness, paranoia, and hallucinations to the point of attacking anyone around you.

GIR: Oh.......................

Zim: GIR we cannot let this fall into the wrong hands! We Have to stop that man!

(Zim and GIR leave the room. As a woman walks up to the desk she looks like this.)

GIR and the Mad Doctor Miyo_t10

Lady: I'm the doctor here for the child.

Receptionist: Oh Good to see you.............................wait a minute..................................who was that freak with the exposed brain?

Lady: Who are you talking about? perhaps you're getting tired from you're hard work.

(Suddenly a married couple walk in to through the door. They look like this.)

GIR and the Mad Doctor B11

Husband: Hi Were the patient's patrents, is anything wrong?

Receptionist: No It's just a health check up.

Wife: That's a relife, do you want to answer any questions.

(The Receptionist hands them a form.)

Receptionist: By any chance, is one of you're relitives a Green Boy accompied by a Green Dog?


Wife: Are You OK miss.

Receptionist:......................My Night is getting weird, I shouldn't have had that spicy food for dinner.

(We See Zim and GIR sneaking through the health clinic and looking through all the rooms )

GIR: Didn't we check all the rooms, Zim.

Zim: Where could they possibly be?

Doctor's office, inside, night

(We see a little girl who looks like this.)

GIR and the Mad Doctor B11

Girl: Hi Doctor, wait.......what happened to your face? Why is your brain exposed?

Silhouette: that's not important, you will be coming with me right now.

Girl: Are you a duck?

Silhouette: JUST COME!!!!

Girl: OK, Where are we going?

Silhouette: You'll see, but first I need you to do something for me.

Girl: Like What?

Silhouette: Turn around and face the wall.

(The Girl does exactly as the Silhouette tells her to do. Suddenly the Silhouette stuffs the Girl in a Bag.)

Silhouette: Works on them every time.


(Zim and GIR arrive into the doctor's office.)

GIR: Were too late..........Zim what going to happen.

Zim: We either have two choices we can let this disaster happen or fight like men and save the day.

GIR: I pick the second one.

Zim: now come on, we have to get to the temple.

GIR: Right.

Temple, night

(We see a temple it looks like this.)

GIR and the Mad Doctor B12

Zim: It's time to enter the final battle of this grand plot, you ready GIR.

GIR: Were going to save this we can eventually conquer it for the greater good.

Zim: Exactly.

(Zim and GIR walk through the temple for sometime until they notice something isn't right.)

Zim: Where did that mad man go?

(We Hear a disembodied voice. NOTE: HE SPEAKS IN AN OLD AND RASPY VOICE )

Voice (off screen): Well You finally showed, up didn't you.

Zim: Show yourself.

Voice (off screen): Well I'm actually glad you showed up, I through with playing games with Idiots like you.

(We Finally see what the silhouette aka 119 looks like. it's an Old Scientist in a wheelchair who has pale skin, has needle like teeth, a mouth resembling a duck's bill, and an exposed brain. He looks like this)

GIR and the Mad Doctor Weird_10

GIR: *Screams in terror*

(GIR hides behind Zim.)

GIR: W-w-what is he doing here?!

Zim: Remember how I mentioned that I met an old guy I had to lock up into a hospital.

GIR: Yeah.

Zim: Well it's this guy.

GIR: WHAT????!!!

Zim: To be honest I’m just as surprised as you are right now.

Mad Doctor: Well I certainly expected that.

Zim: I just don't get one part, how were you able to move around in the suit of armor with out needing the wheelchair?

Mad Doctor: the armor is equipped with leg braces that allow me to stand.

Zim: What goals do you honestly expect to accomplish with using a gas that could turn the entire town dangerously crazy?

Mad Doctor: Simple, I’m not content with serving that wretched girl Tak, so I’ll simply use this army to overthrow her.

Zim: What?

Mad Doctor: Then I could use the army to get back at everyone who wronged me starting with you two.

Zim: You're crazy!

Mad Doctor: I knew you would say that so.......

(The Mad Doctor Takes out a bottle of fluid and pours into a coffin. Out rises an Undead Samurai. It looks like.)

GIR and the Mad Doctor Samura10

Mad Doctor: Slay them.

(Zim proceeds to engaged in a sword fight with the Undead Samurai as GIR proceeds to free the Girl.)

Mad Doctor: Oh You Little piece of junk, Slay that Green miscreant!

(As One of attacks of Zim and the Undead Samurai misfire it almost hits the Mad Doctor.)

Mad Doctor: Why Won't this battle function in my favor!?

(Zim battle for sometime as the Undead Samurai starts to loose, the Mad Doctor starts to realize that the Girl he needed for the plan.)

GIR: Bye.


(Suddenly the Mad Doctor looks frighten when he realizes that Zim and the Undead Samurai are fighting Zim eventually destroys the Undead Samurai. Zim turns to face him.)

Mad Doctor: Y-you aren't going to slay an old man............a-a-are you?

Zim: No I have something worse in mind.

Mad Doctor: Like what?

Zim: You were a patient at Hellingly Hospital, correct?

Mad Doctor: Yes, why?

(Suddenly all of the Citizens of the town show up to the temple.)

Zim: I therefore sentence you to 20,000 years of community service.

Mad Doctor: WHAT!!!???

(Suddenly the police drag the Mad Doctor off to face his time for community service.)

Mad Doctor: You can't make me! This is impossible! I'm am one of the greatest scientists! *Nervous giggle* This is a joke right! CURSE YOU ZIM AND GIR I WILL GET MY REVENGE-!!!

(One of the police officers force feeds the Mad Doctor Deadly Nightshade causing him to fall asleep. The Girl is reunited with her parents and they walk away.)

Zim: Well GIR it looks like our work here is done.

GIR: So what are we going to do now, Zim?

Zim: Get a bite to eat.


End Credits:

(We see the following scenes)

. Zim and GIR having dinner

. Zim and GIR watching a movie

. Tak planning to attack again

. Zim and GIR taking the Voot Runner back to their base

. The Mad Doctor being forced to pick up trash

. The Mad Doctor being dressed as a birthday clown and forced to preform in front of a group of children

. Zim and GIR putting on pajamas

. The Mad Doctor forced to operate a carousel

. Zim and GIR going to bed

. the Stars in the night sky



. The entire episode references Monopoly, the Nightmare Before Christmas, Kamen Rider, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

. the name "Alphonse Elric" was the Main Character's younger Brother in the japanese cartoon Fullmetal Alchemist by Hiromu Arakawa

. Hellingly Hospital is a real but now uninhabited hospital constructed in 1903

. The Guy who electrified his roofs name is Jumer Selimovski and is a real person

. The Entire episode was inspired by this song
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GIR and the Mad Doctor Empty
PostSubject: Re: GIR and the Mad Doctor   GIR and the Mad Doctor Icon_minitimeSat Dec 29, 2012 4:31 pm


Get ready for part two revenge of the doctor.

He really makes for a good bad guy

wow 20,000 years community service-you would make a good judge lol
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GIR and the Mad Doctor
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