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 Another Dimension or Alternate Reality

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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Another Dimension or Alternate Reality Empty
PostSubject: Another Dimension or Alternate Reality   Another Dimension or Alternate Reality Icon_minitimeFri Nov 16, 2012 2:54 pm

Ladies and Gentlemen gather round for this show

Another Dimension or Alternate Reality 510

Shall We leave this place we call home......

Another Dimension or Alternate Reality 410

Let take a walk away from the world that we call home and enter this new world.

Another Dimension or Alternate Reality 0479

Music to accompy you as you wander Alternate Realties

Very, very old setting, still used today. Another Dimension refers to universes that are "next" to our own, which require magic or technobabble to travel to and from. In theory, from our world they are in a direction other than the directions we are familiar with.

At smallest the number of Alternate is any where to 52 to 536,330 at smallest and 536,330 to Infinity

Alternate universes are often just a variety of Another Dimension. Unlike AUs, though, other dimensions don't necessarily have to resemble the "home" universe. There may be a Void Between the Worlds to go through.

Travel to and from another dimension is usually via some sort of door, vortex, portal, gate, window — the exact term depends on the story. Sometimes some kind of teleportation suffices like this one here:

Another Dimension or Alternate Reality 310

Let's talk about the Multiverse, a universe almost exactly the same as ours, but with slight differences. Some settings refer to not just one other dimension, but to a whole set of other dimensions and universes. A system of distinct worlds exists, often interconnected in a way that allows characters to travel to and from them. It might be as a tourist who just goes to look and tries not to change anything, or as a participant who goes in and interacts with the people in the other universe.

Basically, the travelers have cross-usniverse travel powers. While it is possible they don't have a choice in their destination, sometimes they do. There are a wide variety of Interdimensional Travel Devices available but the most common are gates or magic.

Ever heard of a Pocket Dimension, they are spaces that are too small or too easily accessible to be truly considered a separate dimension and are referred to as a small extra pocket of space that is attached to our own. Much like an actual pocket, they are often used for some extra space where you can get things Bigger on the Inside. A Speculative Fiction favourite, the uses are plentifold. Storage for a Bag of Holding, hiding places, transportation, an explanation for physics defying superpower: a Pocket Dimension can do them all. Can't make Mexican Food though.

Also can serve as a Small World with its own ecosystem and lifeforms. This is a quite handy place for keeping some nasty lurksome monsters; it lets them be very alien and make intermittent contact.

Some places are like a Magical Land. It may lurk down a rabbit hole, at the bottom of a pool, over a mysterious mountain range, or through a wardrobe. What is certain is that people from other worlds will be visiting it. It can also be a mysterious "unexplored territory", uncharted island, or Lost World, which is more common the farther you go back

Magical Lands are usually based on Medieval Europe, and while they may be vastly different, they usually have a couple of things in common:

• Usually feature some sort of sentient non-human species.

• Are almost always a monarchy.

• Contain magic.

• Are a Fantastic Nature Reserve for supposedly mythical creatures.

• Are relatively small compared to the "real world".

• Usually welcome young heroes from other worlds swooping in and saving the day, even if they're obviously inexperienced in using swords and sorcery and underpowered, they'll still be The Chosen One.

• Lack any technology beyond 1923, if they even got that far, even if thousands of years pass throughout its history.

• Usually have a different flow-rate for time; one year inside can be a day, hour, or even minute outside.

Ever heard of a Phantom Zone it's Another Dimension where a cast can have adventures and epic battles without generally affecting any place outside of this dimension or vice versa (although that possibility might crop up as a multi-part arc). It's a different story for anyone inside of course.

This also allows said battles to be Invisible to Normals.

The laws of physics may not apply in this space, and characters might have powers they wouldn't normally possess.

Do you know what happens When Dimensions Collide? This is what happens:

Another Dimension or Alternate Reality 210

This happens when Two worlds exist and the physical laws or geometries of one bleeds over into the other.

This usually takes one of two forms:

1. A world with overly simple rules and internal logic which is entered by somebody from and Earth-like world. These works are more prone to humour as the native inhabitants fail to understand or loudly disbelieve things which would be obvious to normal humans.

2. A world which has an alien set of physical laws (or somebody from it), that then interacts with an earth-like world. Type II worlds are almost always in the horror genre. Visitors from these worlds are often either The Fair Folk or Cosmic Abominations.

Importantly although this sometimes overlaps with alien geometries it is not about the alien shapes involved, (although they can be a side-effect) but rather the idea that something is invading a world sending their laws of physics first.

Most "fairy lands" in Celtic Mythology and European fairy tales are effectively Another Dimension.

Well that's all folkes thank's for watching this presentation

What do you think of the show?

Do you like the idea of alternate dimensions?

Well It's time to take you back to your home dimension see you next time

Another Dimension or Alternate Reality 111

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Government Concil
Government Concil

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Another Dimension or Alternate Reality Empty
PostSubject: Re: Another Dimension or Alternate Reality   Another Dimension or Alternate Reality Icon_minitimeFri Nov 16, 2012 6:01 pm

Great article- I love the alternate Universe. Like the lion witch and the wardobe-
Alice in wonderland-i think even Winnie the Pooh-hahahahahahahah

The music was fun to listen to while reading- Great job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Another Dimension or Alternate Reality
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