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 Gamera the Brave

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PostSubject: Gamera the Brave   Gamera the Brave Icon_minitimeSat Oct 31, 2009 8:21 am

In 1973, Gamera self-destructed to destroy several Gyaos, which were attacking a small village. One of the survivors was a little boy. Thirty three years later, the little boy has grown up and owns a small restaurant in the Japanese coastal town of Iseshima. He has a son named Toru.

Toru's mother has recently died in a car crash, and this is his first summer without her. When playing on the beach with his friends, he sees a strange red glow emanating from a nearby rock formation. He decides to investigate it. Toru finds an egg lying on top of a strange red rock with patterns carved into it. When he picks up the egg, a baby turtle hatches. Toru names him "Toto," which is what his mother used to call him.

Toru takes Toto home but keeps him a secret from his father who doesn't allow pets in the house. The only people he tells are his friends and his next door neighbor, a girl named Mai. Toto soon reveals himself to be no ordinary turtle, as he flies and shoots fireballs. Mai begins to suspect that Toto is actually a baby Gamera and she tries to convince Toru that keeping him is not a good idea. Toru tries not to believe her, reasoning that Toto can't be a Gamera; otherwise he would be 200 feet tall.

Toru can't bear the thought that Toto might be a monster. But soon Toto starts to grow and quickly becomes the size of an adult turtle. Too large to hide, Toru and his friends move Toto to an abandoned shack on the beach to keep him. Unfortunately, one day Toru comes up to check on Toto and realizing he is gone, is devastated.

Meanwhile, off the coast of Iseshima, many bizarre shipping disasters have been occurring. No one knows what is happening, or what is causing the disasters. As Toru is sulking over the loss with his friends, tornado sirens begin blaring. Heavy stomping begin to be heard, and soon the giant lizard monster Zedus, the creature responsible for the shipping disasters, appears.

Zedus rampages through the city, eating several people trying to run away. He corners Toru and his friends but before he can eat them, Toto appears, having grown to gigantic size. Sporting tusks, Toto is ready for battle. Toto gets pummeled by the far larger Zedus in his first battle but manages to hide inside a bridge that Zedus is too large to fit in, so Zedus uses his chameleon-like, spear-tiped tongue to try to impale the baby Gamera but Toto grabs onto the tongue, getting pulled up to Zedus and manages to topple the maneater off the bridge with a fireball point blank to the face, dropping Zedus into the sea. Toto received a deep gash in his neck from Zedus' tongue, causing him to lose consciousness and the government arrives to capture and investigate Toto. In order to combat this new menace, they hook Toto up to a machine which feeds him a liquid version of the strange red stone that Toru had found the egg laying on, which scientists theorize gives Gameras their power, hoping it will allow him to overcome Zedus.

Zedus attacks again, and a newly revitalized, much larger Toto flies out to battle him. Zedus uses his agility and long kicking legs to his advantage against the young kaiju. Toto needs to eat the stone his egg rested on if he is to truly become a Gamera and be able to vanquish the evil lizard. Unfortunately, Toru had given the stone to Mai earlier for good luck for her hospital operation. From a news report Mai also knows of the stone's power, and children create a courier service where one child delivers the stone to another, always repeating the words "For Toto!"

The stone eventually gets to Toru, who runs into the evacuated city to give it to Toto. His worried father catches up to him and tries to stop Toru out of fear that he will be killed if Toto self-destructs like the original Gamera did in 1973. Toru's father eventually decides they might as well continue as they are already in a perilous situation.

They go to the top of the building where Zedus had lodged Toto earlier, and after a short monologue, Toru throws the stone into Toto's mouth as he is knocked out of the building by Zedus. Toto breaks his fall with his jets, now a fully fledged Gamera. Toto then flies towards Zedus and tackles him, knocking him off the building. Toto tears off Zedus' deadly tongue after the lizard stabs him through the shoulder with it. He takes advantage of Zedus while he's reeling in pain from the loss of his tongue by charging energy into his chest, heating up his body and incinerating the piece of Zedus' tongue still lodged in him and using the energy to launch a powerful fireball, which hits Zedus in the chest, killing the sea monster once and for all in a massive explosion. The government surrounds Toto to study him, but Toru stalls them long enough for Toto to escape. The film ends as Toto flies into the sky and Toru says "Goodbye, Gamera."

This film is somthing espeacully Zedus. Oh and did you that also During a scene involving Toto exploring the Aizawa home, he wanders into the kitchen where Kousuke is feverishly cooking. As Kousuke turns, he knocks a knife off of the counter and it lands with the bottom edge sticking into the ground and the point rising up above Toto's head, looking quite similar to the alien monster Guiron from Gamera vs. Guiron. He shoots a fireball at it with an angry expression on his face and wanders away, leaving Kousuke to pick up his singed knife with a confused look on his face.
Zedus's long tongue is similar to Gamera's first opponent, Barugon, who also had a long, chameleon-like tongue. Ironically, Zedus came from the ocean while Barugon was weakened and killed by water.
The Twin Towers where Toto fights Zedus is located at Nagoya Station.
Some of the roars used by Gamera and Toto are from the 1976 remake of King Kong.
Zedus is the first Gamera foe with no clear origin story given, he just appears at sea wreaking havok
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Gamera the Brave
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