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 Invader Zim and the Curse of the Queen

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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Invader Zim and the Curse of the Queen Empty
PostSubject: Invader Zim and the Curse of the Queen   Invader Zim and the Curse of the Queen Icon_minitimeFri Oct 05, 2012 3:22 pm

Zim's Base, Inside, night

(We See GIR taking out bowels of candy for any Trick or Treating as Zim walks in.)

Zim: So GIR you ready for Trick or Treating tonight?

GIR: MMMMMMMMM Pumpkin Insides. Yes Zim.

Zim: Say GIR what did you get the decorations, I've been making the costumes for us to wear.


Zim: What?


(GIR Turns on the radio and starts dancing.)

Zim: Odd Song Choice.

GIR: That's nothing.

(GIR clicks several devices and suddenly advanced decorations come out and stars showing bright lights everywhere.)

Zim: Well This is a New One, Say GIR?

GIR: Yes.

Zim: is that the McDonald’s Logo on our house?

GIR: Yes Zim, why.

Zim: Never Mind Let's just get our costumes on and Go Trick or Treating.

Invader Zim and the Curse of the Queen

Opening Theme:

City, Streets, Night

(We see Zim and GIR walking down the street.)

GIR: This is Fun What's our Halloween Costumes Zim?

Zim: I'm The Onceler, You're a Barbaloot.


Zim: Well we had quiet the year so far.

GIR: What do you mean Zim?

Zim: We had to fight various kinds of different alien lifeforms, including ones that can destroy planets,visited an Alternate Dimension that was populated by all kinds of bizarre creatures, got our spaceship stolen by the Hinata family and that one alien platoon who couldn't invade a jello bowl, fought a psychotic blue haired girl who possessed your body, and had to deal with the return of an Old Enemy who tried to destroy us and steal our mission, saying that it's been a hard knock year is an understatement.

GIR: Well I kind of thought it was fun.

Zim: True we did at least get to see some places. By the way GIR want to know something I noticed lately?

GIR: What's that?

Zim: You know the show Pokemon, how exactly do those critters communicate if they only say their own name all the time.

GIR: Well it's because their the same species.

Zim: Yeah but what happens if one species of Pokemon tries to have a conversation with a completely different species. Considering they only say their own name all the time how do they understand each other?

GIR: Um................I don't know.

Zim: How dim witted can those Critters be if they can only say ONE WORD?!

GIR: You're right.

Zim: Well it's Halloween what can possibly go wrong?


(We see a silhouette of something on the city roof tops. It Looks Like this.)

Invader Zim and the Curse of the Queen Shadow10

Silhouette: MMMMMM Candy, got to find some for Uncle and his friends. Now all I need is a disguise.

(The Silhouette looks around and spots a costume.)

Silhouette: Oh. That Looks nice time to use my abilities.

(The Silhouette suddenly bursts into light and is slowly changing their outfit to resemble the costume it saw.)

Silhouette: Now it's time to look for somewhere to gather it.

City, Streets, night

(Zim and GIR walk for sometime until GIR notices a very large building.)

GIR: Halloween Party!

(GIR Dashes into the building and runs straight into it.)

Zim: WAIT!!! GIR you need a invitation to get into that party.

(Zim realizes that GIR is gone and starts to look for him outside desperately.)

Zim: OH I have to find GIR! Think! Think! THINK!!!

(Zim starts to try to think of an idea, suddenly he has a satisfied look on his face.)

Zim: I got it.

Halloween party, inside, night

(We see someone approach a window, suddenly Zim breaks through it with various.)

Zim: Well that was a crazy experience. But Now What?

(Suddenly Zim is approached by a Teenage Girl Dressed as a Witch, she takes out a book that says “How to Speak Spanish”. She looks like this.)

Invader Zim and the Curse of the Queen Witch11

Girl: Ola Senior, Bienvenidos a este partido multa.

Zim: What are you saying?

Girl: Oh sorry didn't know you spoke English, really sorry.

Zim: It's Okay Miss, could you help me look for a friend.

Girl: Sure thing.

(We see a montage of Zim and the Girl looking everywhere for GIR. Zim takes out a small device)

Zim: Wait a minute.

Girl: What is it.

Zim: For some reason I detect some kind of weird of energy signature in this room, it behaves exactly like a sun or star but I can't see it.

Girl: Wow really.

Zim: Um have you got a clue where it's coming from?

Girl: No Idea.

Zim: Looks Like We Better Keep Looking

(They Continue Looking for GIR.)


GIR: MMMMMMMMMM Candy! I also like the taste of this wallpaper!

Man 1: Who is this guy?

Man 2: Beats me I didn't read the invitation list?

(Suddenly Zim and The Girl Enter the Room.)

Zim: GIR I found you.

GIR: Hi Zim how it's going.

Outside, night

Zim: GIR next time don't leave me like that.

GIR: Sorry Zim I didn't hear you.

Zim: It's OK, Thank you miss for finding him, now who exactly are you?

Girl: Oh better get out of my costume.

Zim: Wait, What.

(Suddenly the Girl bursts into a bright blinding light.)

GIR: Um, are Halloween costumes suppose to do this?

Zim: T-this can't be happening! NOT AGAIN!!!

GIR: Has this happened to us before?

(Suddenly the bright light clears revealing an alien creature. She Looks Like this.)

Invader Zim and the Curse of the Queen Angol13

Angol Mois: My name is Angol Mois, The Queen of Terror and after the destruction of The King of Terror, the current ruler of the Angolan.

GIR: What's an Angolan?

Zim: a Group of aliens from the Planet Macrocosm that destroy planets and reduce them to molten slag with the Lucifer Spear.

Angol Mois: Wait what, the Angolan don't do that now that I Have the power

Zim: Really, what do you spend your time doing.

Angol Mois: Living my life Disney princess style.

Zim: Oh. Well that does make sense.

GIR: SO what are you doing here on Halloween.

Angol Mois: Well You're currently Standing in the way of my plans to give my babysitter whom I call “Uncle” candy. So you want pumpkin bread?

Zim: What are you implying!?

Angol Mois: Well I'm going to have to fight you for the last amount I need. Sorry about that.

Zim: WHAT!!!???

(a Fight occurs between Zim and Angol Mois, after sometime of fighting it seems like Zim is going to win the fight until suddenly........)

Angol Mois: Bye.

Zim: What the Heck are you doing?

Angol Mois: I'm Bored fighting I want to go home and meet my Uncle.

Zim: W-well Happy Halloween.

Angol Mois: Your Too Kind.

(Angol Mois leaves.)

GIR: Too Bad We Don't Have Any candy. What was she talking about Zim?

(Zim Takes out a two huge bags of candy.)

Zim's Base, night, inside

(We See Zim and GIR watching TV as they eat out of the bags of candy.)

Zim: Well GIR that was one heck of a Halloween.

GIR: Yeah, so what film do you want to see.

Zim: As long as it's not scary I’m watching it.

GIR: Let's see..........The Mummy.

Zim: Sure why not. Oh and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!


End Credits:



. The Entire Halloween party sequence was inspired by this song

. Zim's Costume was inspired by this image Invader Zim and the Curse of the Queen Mr_onc11

. GIR'S Costume was inspired by this image Invader Zim and the Curse of the Queen Barbal10

. The Lorax, The Mummy, Frankenstein and Pokemon are all referenced
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Government Concil
Government Concil

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Invader Zim and the Curse of the Queen Empty
PostSubject: Re: Invader Zim and the Curse of the Queen   Invader Zim and the Curse of the Queen Icon_minitimeTue Oct 09, 2012 6:03 pm

My favorite nightmare before christmas. And Aaron song at the end.
Love irs line-I thought it was fun though. He likes eating wallpaper paste-LOL LOL LOL

great Halloween Treat.

Maybe you should go to college for audio tecnology for movies-great music selection
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Invader Zim and the Curse of the Queen
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