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 Return of the Queen

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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Name: Invader Zim
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PostSubject: Return of the Queen   Return of the Queen Icon_minitimeWed Nov 23, 2011 9:23 am

Return of the Queen

Irk, sports stadium, day

( We see an Announcer speaking on the Mayan Blue planet)

Announcer: Hello and welcome to another game of Space ball, but first please welcome our leaders the Almighty Tallest.

(The Almighty Tallest enter with confetti flying everywhere as they sit down on formal looking chairs.)

Almighty Tallest Red: Thank You, Thank you!

Almighty Tallest Purple: Hey Red are you going to eat that?

Government official: Sir the containment Zone has been fully installed.

Almighty Tallest Red: Purple that one thing that could cause us problems, it's out of the way.

Almighty Tallest Purple: YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!

Almighty Tallest Red: Um...what?

Almighty Tallest Purple: Our team gained a point.

Almighty Tallest Red: *sigh*

Earth, forest, day

(We See Zim and GIR walking through the woods.)

Zim: GIR you do realize that this place is very old.


Zim: I also wonder at times why some people created this is location.

GIR: Hey Zim what is this place called?

(Zim and GIR Walk in front of a bunch of lumber jacks who chop down several trees and a sign.)

Zim: Well according to this sign it used to be called “The one-hundred acre wood”.

(Suddenly a business man shows up to attend this deforestation.)

Zim: Who are you?

GIR: I bet it's Mr. Smith, Zim.

Mr. Smith: Correct my name “Smith” I changed it for legal reasons.

Zim: What do you want?

Mr. Smith: To make my new condo here this will be my 165th.

Zim: OK......that's wasteful.

(We see a protestor walkover.)

Mr. Robin: I'm Mr. Robin Down with this company.

Zim: Say Mr. Robin, have you seen anything weird lately.

Mr. Robin: Yeah some weird ruins, at the mountains.

Zim: GIR, let's take a look.

GIR: Right.

Mountain ruins, day, inside

(Zim and GIR walk through some advanced looking ruins.)

Zim: Wait.......this was built by the Irken Empire about 2 days ago.

(Zim approaches the object guarded in the center........a purple Chrystal glowing weirdly.)

GIR: OOOOOOOO. I like it.

Zim: I recognize this crystal..........


Zim: It's Angol Stone, used to contain the Angolan.

GIR: Who are the Angolan?

Zim: We don't know what exactly they are, but they are unbelievable ancient, probably the one original lifeforms in the universe. The Irken Empire Battled them and only four survived the fight.

GIR: That's good.

Zim: GIR, we have realized that the planet we attacked was not home and they came form a far off planet known as “The Core Of Macrocosm”. We have not entirely realized there Biology but there blood appears to be partially made out of energy.

GIR: Oh no!

Zim: It get's worse they are lead by ”The King Of Terror” and are capable of destroying a planet with a hand held weapon known as the “Lucifer Spear”. Fortunately they are allies with an alien species that we are confident can't conquer jello and the Angolan doesn’t remember the Irken Empire.

GIR: Why is it called the Lucifer Spear? Does it have something to do with a light source?

Zim: When it is activated the weapon causes an explosion in the form of a blinding light.

GIR: Which Angolan is this crystal containing? I Want to see.

Zim: The Queen of Terror or Angol Mois (pronounced “Mwa”) , the daughter of the King of Terror.

GIR: What should we do?!

Zim: I'll take it back to our Base, it will be safe there.

Mountain side, day

Zim: Let's get out of here fast.

GIR: Right Zim.

(The Angol Stone is swiped by Mr. Smith.)

Zim: Smith!

Mr. Smith: Get him lumber jacks.

(Zim battles the Lumber jacks as Mr. Smith gets away.)

Smith's condo

(We see Mr. Smith discussing something on the phone he then bangs his fist down in anger breaking the Angol Stone.)

Mr. Smith: Aw man.......

(Suddenly a silhouette of something rises from the crystal remains. It speaks in a voice that sounds soft and like a teenage girl.)

Silhouette: Ola!

Mr. Smith: W-what is that?!

Woods, day

Zim: We need to get the crystal back GIR!

(Suddenly a Bright White Light engulfs the Area, Zim activates the force field generator. Suddenly part of the woods is ruined. Zim stares in horror)


Zim: Do you know what this means?

GIR: what is it Zim?

Zim: Were all going to die right now, because Angol Mois has is free form her prison!

GIR: Cheer up we could just rebuild the city, although I’m going to miss all those humans.

Zim: Sadly the Lucifer Spear wasn't used at full power.

GIR: Um....what.

Zim: The Lucifer Spear is more like Death Star rather than a nuclear bomb. What am I going to tell the Irken Armada when the entire planet is gone?!

GIR: oh no!

Zim: I'm picking up her trail. She must not escape!

(as Zim and GIR leave Mr. Robin comes back and sees the ruins of the woods.)

Mr. Robin: My childhood play place...........NO! I'll just plant some new seeds.


(we see Zim and GIR are walking through the ruins of the woods.)

GIR: Um.....Zim there's one thing you didn't tell me.

Zim: What's that.

GIR: Well what does an Angolan look like? I want to be sure we don't mistaken someone for them.

Zim: I know an Angolan when I see one.

(We See Silhouette in the area of something)

Silhouette: *humming*

Zim: and that's the person.

(We see that while she walks into the light we finally see what the Angolan looks.....LIKE THIS.)

Return of the Queen C12

Angol Mois: Oh hello, want a cookie?

Zim: Well I’m....

GIR: I want one.

(She turns to face Zim.)

Angol Mois: say you remind me of an uncle figure that I know and work for except he was a darker shade of green.

Zim: What the heck are you doing here?

Angol Mois: Running some earns. Wait he once described someone who looked a lot like you.

Zim: Oh-

(Suddenly a fight occurs between Zim and Angol Mois, it looks Like Zim is about to win the battle until.....)

Angol Mois: I would love to stay and talk but I have to leave. Bye now!

(Angol Mois leaves as Zim and GIR stare dumbstruck.)

GIR; That weak alien they were allied with......what's their names.

Zim: We already met them, there the Keronians. Let's go home

GIR: Agreed.

Mr. Smith: My condo in ruins.......


. The one-hundred acre wood is the setting of Winnie the pooh

. Star wars is referenced

. The Scene Where Mr. Robin shouts is a spoof on this scene

. The Color Mayan Blue looks like this
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Government Concil
Government Concil

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Name: spongebob
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Return of the Queen Empty
PostSubject: Re: Return of the Queen   Return of the Queen Icon_minitimeWed Nov 23, 2011 4:47 pm

alien alien alien lol!

funny lol hundred acre woods lol! lol!

mr. Smith oh yeah Mr. Smith cheers

I like the way you should the picture of the one alien flower flower

I like the name the lucifear spear-cool

This was well worth the wait for the read-i can see how it took longer to write out cheers Exclamation Exclamation alien Arrow
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Return of the Queen
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