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 GIR went down to Hershey Park

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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GIR went down to Hershey Park Empty
PostSubject: GIR went down to Hershey Park   GIR went down to Hershey Park Icon_minitimeMon Aug 13, 2012 9:07 am

Opening Theme:

(We various things happen)

. A silhouette stands near the planet holding a rod that has a crescent moon on one end and an asteroid on the other end

. Zim putting his disguise

. GIR putting his disguise

. Zim and GIR walking down the street

. Zim engaging a group of girls in a dance contest

. Zim and GIR being chased by a bunch of aliens wearing prison jumpsuits

. five silhouettes plotting something only for their leader picked up by some other silhouette glaring at him

. Zim and GIR having a picnic, GIR is eating a sandwich with rocks in it

. The Irken Empire winning a battle

. Zim and GIR visiting a mall

. Zim, GIR, and MANY other characters orbiting earth

GIR went down to Hershey Park

Hershey Park, day

(We see Zim and GIR in Hershey Park.)

Zim: Well GIR here we are at Hershey Park.

GIR: MMMMMMMMM Paper. What are we going to do here?

Zim: Well Were going to have today's worth of fun.

GIR: OOOOOOO I like rides. So what do you want to talk about Zim?

Zim: For starters what did you use on my lunchbox?

GIR: What do you mean?

Zim: I still can't tell what that thing is so I simply came up with that it's what happened when the guy who made the power-puff girls went to a night club and got intoxicated.

GIR: So why do you think that?

Zim: Take a look at this if you can come up with anything better let me know.

(Zim takes out his lunch box and shows GIR the front image.)

GIR went down to Hershey Park B10

GIR: It's something.

Zim: You're guess is as good as mine, so let's go to the park, GIR!

GIR: ALL Right.

(We see a montage of scenes where Zim and GIR are having Fun they include.......)

.Zim and GIR riding on a roller coaster

. Zim trying to swim while GIR is simply sitting around underwater

. Zim and GIR on the swing ride

. a Bunch of kids walk up to Zim and GIR, thinking their mascots take photos with them

. GIR: Eating a toy Hershey guy and Zim trying to stop him

. Zim and GIR on the merry go round

. Zim and GIR eating lunch at the fast food restaurants

. GIR trying to play various games.

(After this Zim and GIR approach a Hershey candy bar Guy)

GIR: Let's get a picture with him, hey Hershey guy were not going to eat you.

Hershey Guy: Oh...........thank goodness

(They take a picture.)

Hershey Guy: No one's allowed in the factory portion of the park.

Zim: why not?

Hershey Guy: New management I think.

Zim: That's strange what do you think GIR.

GIR: MMMMMMMMMM Hershey's chocolate is the best.

(Zim turns around and sees GIR taking bites out of a statue of the mascots.)

Factory, inside, day

(We see Zim and GIR sneak into the factory.)

Zim: something's very fishy about not letting us in the factory, what do you think GIR?

GIR: Perhaps the candy came to life and started to attack people.

Zim: That sounds far fetched.

(Zim and GIR walk for sometime and approach a vat of chocolate..................suddenly a massive blob of chocolate rises up and forms a humanoid shape. It looks like this)

GIR went down to Hershey Park Black_10

Zim: What the heck?!

GIR: OOOOOOOOOO a mass of chocolate.

(The Blob proccedes to Sing, as Zim attacks him)

The Chocolate Monsters song Part 1

Hey Hey Hey

Who The Heck are You?!

Zim and GIR , Yes?

Whoa how Scary!

So your the person from all those rumors eh!

No Way! No Way I can't believe it!

You're joking it can't be you!

You Guys look like Tim Burton stop motion puppets!

When the ominous boogie comes around.....You Better be careful.

Because the Chocolate monster is in town.

If you're not quaking in fear you should because this is the end!

Zim: Were here to stop you at once.

Chocolate Monster: Time to end this you guys its time to gamble

Zim: What Are we Gambling?

Chocolate Monster: Nothing all that valuable really only your lives.

Zim and GIR: *Gulps*

The Chocolate Monster Song Part 2

The Sound of rolling dice makes me feel really grate!

I'm a very good gambler even tough I am a cheat!

Betting on lives is the best!

That's right slim it's yours!

this should be fun!

Zim: W-what?

Oh brother!

You're such a rascal!

Do you not understand the situation?!

Don't you think you'll come home alive?!

Because I'm the chocolate monster and you cannot-


Zim: It's over

(The chocolate monster is disintegrated.)

Zim: That was weird.

GIR: I saw that in a movie where a giant bag of bugs sung a song like to Santa.

Zim: GIR, what films are you watching lately.

GIR: Well it was maid by The N-

(Suddenly a man shows up.)

Factory owner: Hello I'm the factory owner, thank you for freeing me from the monster. As a reward I Shall give you some free tickets to the candy bar maker

Zim: Sweet! I'm making white chocolate with sprinkles!

GIR: I'm Going to make some dark chocolate with nuts!

Zim: This is the best ever!


Ending Theme:

(We see various scenes)

. Zim and GIR standing triumphantly as they are about to conquer the planet

. A silhouette with the rod earlier falls asleep

. Zim and GIR sitting on a mobile throne as a group of people follow them in a parade

. 5 silhouettes about GIR'S height walking around dazed

. Zim casually taking with a group of humans

. Zim and GIR looking into the horizon

. Zim reading a book in pajamas

. GIR sleeping

. Zim getting ready for bead

. Zim's base with all the lights turning off

. The Stars Night sky


. The entire episode was based off the author's trip at Hershey Park

. The Chocolate Monster's personality was based on the phrase Faux Affably Evil

. The entire chocolate Monster sequence is based on the music by Cab Calloway.

. The film GIR is referring to is actually real, He's talking about Tim Burton's the Nightmare Before Christmas

. The Title is a spoof on the devil went down to georgia
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Government Concil
Government Concil

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Name: spongebob
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GIR went down to Hershey Park Empty
PostSubject: Re: GIR went down to Hershey Park   GIR went down to Hershey Park Icon_minitimeMon Aug 13, 2012 3:43 pm

THAT WAS ALOT OF FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It makes you want to have a hershet Bar-YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like the music you selected

The chocolate monster was something els.
I enjoyed the premise of the chocolate coming to alive that why people are not allowed inside-cool
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GIR went down to Hershey Park
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