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 The Lost World: Jurassic Park

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The Lost World: Jurassic Park Empty
PostSubject: The Lost World: Jurassic Park   The Lost World: Jurassic Park Icon_minitimeFri Jan 01, 2010 7:45 pm

A family is vacationing on the island of Isla Sorna. A young girl explores on her own and runs into a baby Compsognathus. When the child attempts to feed the dinosaur, a large pack emerges and attacks the girl for more food. Her parents run to her when they hear her screams, and though it is not shown what happens to her, it is later stated that she survived.

Four years have passed since the disaster at Jurassic Park, and John Hammond has lost control of InGen to his ruthless nephew, Peter Ludlow . Despite having signed a non-disclosure agreement about the prior events, chaos theorist Ian Malcolm has gone public and revealed details of his experiences at Jurassic Park. Unfortunately for him, his stories are not widely believed, threats of legal action prevent him from producing any evidence, and his academic reputation is destroyed.

Hammond summons Malcolm to his home, where he reveals the existence of Site B, Isla Sorna. Sorna was the facility where the dinosaurs were actually engineered, before being sent to Isla Nublar when mature. The island was abandoned after a hurricane wiped out most of the facilities, and the creatures have been living in the wild ever since. Hammond reveals to Malcolm that InGen is bankrupt, and that Ludlow plans to exploit Site B. Hammond requests Malcolm's help in stopping Ludlow and preserving the dinosaurs' natural habitat, by creating a wildlife portfolio that will convince environmentalists to leave the island as a nature reserve. Malcolm initially refuses, but after learning that his girlfriend, paleontologist Sarah Harding, is already on the island, he goes along.

Malcolm is joined by Eddie Carr , an engineer who built the group's custom vehicles, and documentary producer and environmentalist Nick Van Owen . Shortly after arriving on the island, they find Sarah while coming across a Stegosaurus herd. When they return to camp, they find Kelly , Malcolm's daughter, has stowed away. He tries to contact the boat to take them home, but they are interrupted by the arrival of an InGen team sent by Ludlow.

The rival team quickly captures samples of several species, including Parasaurolophus, Stegosaurus, Gallimimus, Pachycephalosaurus, Triceratops, and a swarm of Compsognathus. That night, Nick and Sarah sneak into the InGen camp to free the dinosaurs and cut the fuel lines on the vehicles. The freed dinosaurs cause a huge commotion, compounded by the exploding vehicles. Roland Tembo (Pete Postlethwaite), the leader of the InGen team, admonishes his second-in-command, Dieter Stark , for the lack of security.

Tembo wishes to capture an adult male Tyrannosaurus, and creates a trap by breaking the leg of a baby T. Rex so that its cries might lure its parents. When he returns to the camp, Nick frees the baby, taking it back to their trailer so Sarah can set its broken leg. Eddie and Kelly hide in a tree stand while Malcolm returns to the trailer. The adult Tyrannosaurs come searching for their child and, after retrieving it, throws one half of the hinged trailer over a cliff with Malcolm, Nick, and Sarah inside. Eddie throws down a rope and tries to pull the trailer back up using one of the SUVs, but is torn in half and eaten by the Tyrannosaurs. The trailer falls off the cliff, but its occupants survive by holding on to the rope, only to be rescued by the InGen team. With all of the communications equipment destroyed in the attacks, both groups team up to reach the old InGen compound's radio station, right through a Velociraptor nesting site, while Sarah suspects the adult Tyrannosaurs will continue pursuing them.

On the way, Stark goes off in the woods where he is killed by compys. At night, the female Tyrannosaur comes across the group's camp and pokes her head into Sarah and Kelly's tent sniffing Sarah's jacket covered with blood from the baby's leg. One of the InGen team members wakes up and notices the Tyrannosaur. His shouts awaken the other group members and they all run, with the Tyrannosaur in pursuit. Tembo tries but fails to shoot the male Tyrannosaur, finding his ammunition disabled by Nick. Nick, Sarah, Kelly are later joined by Malcolm at a waterfall and escape safely after the female T-Rex takes off. However, Tembo uses a tranquilizing gun to try to knock the male Tyrannosaur out, taking him only 2 shots.

After fleeing the female Tyrannosaur, the InGen team passes through a field of tall grass and are picked off one-by-one by Velociraptors. Malcolm and his friends pass through the field unharmed and Nick reaches the compound, but the others are attacked by three raptors and go into hiding. Kelly wounds one of them by knocking it out of a window and impaling it on a metal shard and Sarah manages to pit the last two against each other. Ian, Sarah, and Kelly then run towards a building, where they reunite with Nick and contact a rescue helicopter. As they fly away, they see that Tembo has caged the male Tyrannosaur from tranquilizing it during the camp attack, and Ludlow preparing to ship it and the baby back to the mainland.

When the ship carrying the dinosaur arrives in San Diego, it crashes into the dock. A boarding party finds out the entire crew is dead. While searching for survivors, a guard opens the cargo hold and inadvertently releases the Tyrannosaur, which enters the city. Malcolm and Sarah learn that the Tyrannosaur stopped breathing due to a tranquilizer overdose, it was given amphetamines to bring it around, but not knowing the proper dosage, they administered too much and the dinosaur is out of control. Realizing that the Tyrannosaur will likely come for its infant, Malcolm and Sarah rush to the Jurassic Park arena to get the baby T. rex, which had been brought in separately by plane. They lure the adult with the baby and run back to the boat. Ludlow tries to intervene, but is trapped in the cargo hold and devoured by the baby. Malcolm and Sarah manage to tranquilize the adult before it can escape again, and seal it in the hold.

By morning, as Malcolm and Sarah fall asleep on the couch in their living room, Kelly watches television reports of the cargo ship on its way back to Site B, surrounded by a convoy of naval vessels. The program breaks away to an interview of restored InGen Chairman John Hammond, who explains that the island will now be left alone as a natural reserve so the dinosaurs can live free of human interference. He offers a quote by Malcolm, "Life will find a way." The scene cuts to Site B, where the family of Tyrannosaurs is shown reunited in the wild, alongside a herd of Stegosaurs migrating and a flock of Pteranodons flying overhead.

In my opinion this a cool film because it has DINOSAURS like aliens they are cool (at least thats how I feel
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The Lost World: Jurassic Park
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