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 Super Sentai Chapter 30: Go Go Sentai Boukenger

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Super Sentai Chapter 30: Go Go Sentai Boukenger  Empty
PostSubject: Super Sentai Chapter 30: Go Go Sentai Boukenger    Super Sentai Chapter 30: Go Go Sentai Boukenger  Icon_minitimeThu Jul 26, 2012 6:44 pm

Super Sentai Chapter 30: Go Go Sentai Boukenger  0444

Gōgō Sentai Boukenger (Boisterous Squadron Boukenger ) is the thirtieth program in the Super Sentai franchise, airing from 2006 to 2007.

SGS ("Search Guard Successor") is a private philanthropic organisation dedicated to the preservation of historical artifacts and treasures. The most dangerous of these relics, possessing powers beyond that of modern human technology, are designated as "Precious".

To stop these artifacts from falling into the wrong hands, SGS have created the GoGo Sentai Boukenger: an elite team of Adventurer Archaeologists who channel the spirit of adventure as they search the four corners of the globe for the mythical Precious. Opposing them are the "Negative Syndicates", a designation that SGS gives to any hostile organisation that seeks to misuse the Precious for their own ends.

.Satoru Akashi / Bouken Red: The Hero who's pretty much Married to the Job.

.Masumi Inou / Bouken Black: The rebellious Number 2, and sometimes The Big Guy due to him carrying the heaviest weapon there is (Drop the Hammer).

.Souta Mogami / Bouken Blue: The Smart Guy

.Natsuki Mamiya / Bouken Yellow: The bumbling Load, Cheery Ditz, and Distressed Damsel in one package.

.Sakura Nishihori / Bouken Pink: The brains and brawns and Lady of War. Way too stoic, at least at first. The official second in command for Satoru.

.Eiji Takaoka / Bouken Silver: The Extreme Herbivore Sixth Ranger.

The Main Villians are the A "Negative Syndicate" is any of the fictional antagonistic organizations who seek out the Precious in. This title is given to them by the Search Guard Successor Foundation, as the Negative Syndicates seek out Precious for selfish reasons or to further their goals in taking over the Earth.

They Are:

Gōdom Civilization

The Gōdom Civilization is a mysterious civilization that once ruled the sea 40,000 years ago and worshiped the Destruction God Gōdom (Hakushin Gōdomu) that came from outer space. With the Organs (the Heart and Brain) of Gōdom (both Precious relics) as their underwater power source, Gōdom ruled the world as "gods" themselves until they were sealed at the bottom of the ocean by those who feared their power. However, it was due to Masumi & Natsuki that the seal was broken and its sole survivor, Gajah, was released from suspended animation. The Gōdom Civilization, in addition to wielding mystic powers, also has technological know-how in creating the Gōdom Engine.

Jaryuu Clan

The Jaryuu Clan is a race of Reptilian humanoids, the result of genetic manipulation of Dinosaur DNA. But their true origins are tied to the ancient civilization of Lemuria, which is said to be the very first civilization to exist in an unknown ancient continent and mastered genetic research. They are bent on reverting the earth to the age of the dinosaurs, exterminating all of humanity, and ruling the world with the power that the "Precious" provide, because they believe that, with their dinosaur genes, they are the true heirs of Earth. However, according to Souta, they are not very smart. A Jaryuu can go for eternity without water.

Dark Shadow

Dark Shadow is a stealth attack-group descended from the ninja order called the Society of Shadow. They are experts in espionage that work to obtain the Precious for the highest bidder. Dark Shadow has no footsoldiers of its own, but Yaiba and Shizuka do utilize the Karths on several occasions. After Yaiba's betrayal and Gajah's final attack, Dark Shadow halted its actions and left the country.

Ashu Tribe/Questers

The Ashu Tribe was apparently an unknown branch along the human evolution line. Each Ashu has a concentration of life force, namely a "soul", which gives it particular fighting abilities. Feared and hunted down as "youkai" (demons) in ancient times due to their feline-gargoyle appearance, they were ultimately sealed within another dimension using the "100-Demon Mirror", only Gai and Hyouga remaining free. According to Mr. Voice, humans seeing the Ashu is what inspired the various monsters in myths. They first appeared in Task 17 to obtain the mirror to release their brethren. However, only Rei was freed before the mirror was shattered to keep the others from entering the human world. Eiji Takaoka, as a member of the Takaoka clan, has been fighting this group even before joining the SGS. After their first defeat at hands of the Boukengers, Gajah uses his power to bind Gai's and Rei's souls to the world long enough to install his Gōdom Engines into them. With the Gōdom Engines in them, Gai & Rei formed new bodies for themselves and became Questers, robotic-armored versions of themselves. The Questers possessed the ability to create wavelengths with the Gōdom Engine, which interfere with the power of the AccelSuits' and GoGo Vehicles' Parallel Engine, and can melt into the ground. The two soon left Gajah and became freelance Treasure hunters, using the Gōdom Engine technology and the Precious for their benefit of eliminating the human race, making the Questers the most dangerous of the Negatives. In Task 42, after the Homunculus was destroyed, the Questers challenged the Boukengers to battle, with Gai being defeated by Eiji, while Rei was destroyed by the Dual Crusher, finally destroying the remaining Ashu Tribe on Earth. Eiji would later set up gravemarkers for the Questers out of respect.

Super Sentai Chapter 30: Go Go Sentai Boukenger  Great_11

The Irken Empire Shall be victorious

It's time for The Irken Empire Hour, Today's broadcast will feature Wario's Political beliefs and thoughts...

Super Sentai Chapter 30: Go Go Sentai Boukenger  079

...Oh Right

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Government Concil

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Super Sentai Chapter 30: Go Go Sentai Boukenger  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Super Sentai Chapter 30: Go Go Sentai Boukenger    Super Sentai Chapter 30: Go Go Sentai Boukenger  Icon_minitimeThu Aug 30, 2012 7:28 pm

How cool a group of archiologist that have technology and ninja in them-sweet.

A think wow a branch of the human evoloution that noone knew of that is Totally COOL.

I would love to see how that turns out Exclamation study lol!
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Super Sentai Chapter 30: Go Go Sentai Boukenger
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