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 Extreme Easter Egg Hunting

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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Name: Invader Zim
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Extreme Easter Egg Hunting Empty
PostSubject: Extreme Easter Egg Hunting   Extreme Easter Egg Hunting Icon_minitimeFri Mar 30, 2012 2:32 pm

Extreme Easter Egg Hunting

Opening Theme:

England, country side, day

(We see Zim and GIR walking across the English country side discussing something)

Zim: well GIR other than that Easter is here in England, I would like to point out that lately I have been noticing some rather odd energy signatures.


(Zim and GIR bump into a stand where an odd rabbit-like thing is running the place, It looks like this.)

Extreme Easter Egg Hunting Kuromi11

Rabbit-like thing: Welcome to the Extreme Easter Egg Challenge looks like we have two contestants.

Zim: Wha-

GIR: Who is this girl Zim?

Rabbit-like Thing: This challenge hasn’t been won in a total of 50 years, you're reward is a golden Easter egg if you win.

Zim: Deal, where do we start?

Rabbit-like Thing: Over near that tree.

(Zim and GIR see a massive tree that towers most of the town.)

GIR: What's the plan again?

Zim: It's elementary GIR, remember we have jet packs.

GIR: Oh right.

(Zim and GIR activate jet packs that allow them to rocket up slowly to the very top of the tree.)

GIR: I'm king of the world.

Zim: We finally made it to the very top and we got the egg beat that you challenger.

Rabbit-like Thing: What are you talking about, that's the only the first challenge.

Zim: What do you mean it's the first challenge?

Rabbit-like Thing: You have about 3 more to go.

Zim: Where's the next location?

Rabbit-like Thing: In the Swamp.

GIR: I always wanted to visit a swamp, Zim.

Swamp, day

(We See Zim and GIR walking through a swamp and Zim is getting mud on his boots.)

GIR: I kinda like the Lilly pads, why aren't you enjoying this Zim.

Zim: Not counting the fact I have to wash these when we get out of this mud infested place, it reminds me of something.

GIR: You mean something that lives in a place like this.

Zim: More Like an entire planet.

(Zim finds the egg in a large pit and then proceeds to look for the Rabbit-like Thing.)

Rabbit-like Thing: Excellent, now you're next challenge is to look for the egg in the lake I put it on a raft.

Zim: Well were half way there.

Lake, day

(We See Zim and GIR sailing across the river looking for the egg.)

Zim: something can't be right about this information.

GIR: What is it Zim, MMMMMMMMMMMMM fish.

Zim: Well the raft contain the egg is suppose to be here but I can't see it.

(Underneath the boat we see something move by.)

GIR: I think I see something in the water.

Zim: How big is it GIR?

GIR: It's bigger than a bred box.

Zim: GIR there is a thing in this water, were in Loch Ness, do you know what lives here?

GIR: What?

(A Shadow appears over Zim as he stares up in amazement and horror.)

Zim: Well...............THAT THING BEHIND YOU!!!! RUN RUN RUN!!!!!

(GIR turns around to see a huge lake monster looming over head, it looks like this.)

Extreme Easter Egg Hunting Loch_n10


(The Monster then proceeds to inhale Zim and GIR.)

Monster's Stomach, day

(We See Zim and GIR inside the monster.)

Zim: first thing's first we have to find the egg and get out of here.

GIR: Wow for once in my life I know how all those inanimate objects feel.

Zim: Well first things first we have to find a way out of here.

(Zim and GIR continue to walk around in the Monster's stomach, and find the Easter egg.)

GIR: Hooray!

Zim: Now to find a way to get out of here.

(GIR notices a oxygen tank lying around and then proceeds to unleash all the gas out causing the monster to inflate and sent flying in the air. The monster opens his mouth to release all the objects in his stomach including Zim and GIR, The monster survives but is reduced to being 2 inches tall.)

Garbage Dump, day

(Zim and GIR then crash land in a garbage dump.)

Zim: Well at least we survived the crash now to look for the final egg.

GIR: Found it!

Zim: Wow that is very anti climatic way to end a show.

Stand, day

Rabbit-like Thing: Congratulations you won this golden Easter egg.

GIR: It's celebration time. Um Zim, what do you suppose caused those energy signatures found earlier.

Zim: Well it could be a star or something a lot worse.

GIR: So you want to look for a fast food restaurant?

Zim: Sure.

End Credits:


. The Scene in Loch Ness spoofs Godzilla

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Government Concil
Government Concil

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Name: spongebob
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Extreme Easter Egg Hunting Empty
PostSubject: Re: Extreme Easter Egg Hunting   Extreme Easter Egg Hunting Icon_minitimeFri Mar 30, 2012 5:25 pm

this would be a cool contest for Adult to celebrate an easter egg hunt-EXTREME cheers cheers

I love the opening credits music-i haven't heard it in ages alien alien alien

I also love the challenges-i dont know which one was worse-i say the monster stomach-YUCK cheers affraid affraid affraid

The trophy music and Alice in Music land-greatt choices for the study study study

p.S. what fast food resturant dos Zim and Gir choose-just curious alien Exclamation Question Question Question

Great way tp start the vacation
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Extreme Easter Egg Hunting
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