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 Time for Yoga class

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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Time for Yoga class Empty
PostSubject: Time for Yoga class   Time for Yoga class Icon_minitimeTue Jan 24, 2012 11:44 am

Time for Yoga class

Tibet, day

(We see Zim and GIR walking across Tibetan mountain side)

Zim: Well GIR here we are at Tibet, famous for mount Everest.

GIR: So this is where mount Everest comes from.........MMMMMMMM Snow.

Zim: Tibet is also famous for several other things such as various temples.

GIR: Zim, I can't wait to eat the candle ashes.

Zim: as much as I respect you do think about anything other than food?

Tibetan Temple, day, outside

(Zim and GIR continue walking toward the temple, where they see a man with a bandaged mask leading a group of people.)

Zim:You know GIR I once met a guy who did something like that.

GIR: What was he like.

Zim: well I met him one day-

Back flash, alien planet, day

(We see Zim walking through a odd landscape where he bumps into a green's YODA)

Zim: Hello sir what are you doing.

Yoda: unskilled in martial arts you are. Training you need.

Zim: You want to get some sandwiches I got some mustard.

Tibetan Temple, day, inside

GIR: Then what happened.

Zim: We went out for lunch and got some green tea.

GIR: He sounds like a nice guy.

(The man in the mask walks over to them.)

Masked man: Hello sir would you like to precipitate in yoga.

Zim: OK, who exactly are you.

Bodhisattva: I'm a wandering Bodhisattva, these Tibetans are monks.

GIR: Can I have you're autograph.

Zim: Wow well OK well participate.

Tibetan temple, inside, day

(We see a Zim and GIR along with a group of monks.)

Bodhisattva: OK let's begin with meditation.

(Everyone meditates, they go into various yoga exercises for sometime.)


Zim: Thank you for teaching us.

Bodhisattva: You're quiet welcome.

GIR: How about I teach you monks how to dance.

(GIR takes out a radio and begins to play music.)


Monk: Great music.

GIR: Dance!

(Everyone proceeds to disco dance.)



. The title “Bodhisattva” is a Buddhist term for an “Enlightenment Being”, for more information go here

. The mask worn by the Bodhisattva looks like this
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Government Concil
Government Concil

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Time for Yoga class Empty
PostSubject: Re: Time for Yoga class   Time for Yoga class Icon_minitimeTue Jan 24, 2012 3:51 pm

First hought WHOA!!!!!!!!!!! with the buddha mask (wow)

I really enjoyed the yoda cameo-funny cheers cheers cheers

I liked the dojo music that was funny.

The part when he says i respect you but all you talk about is food alien alien LOL

I thought the trivia section was really informative. I read the site it was cool

Great read study study study

i may look up some oga routine for beinners.
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Time for Yoga class
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