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 I Love Earth

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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PostSubject: I Love Earth   I Love Earth Icon_minitimeFri Apr 29, 2011 2:04 pm

I Love Earth

Zim's Base, day, inside

(we see GIR playing with some toys as Zim shows up.)

GIR: Cool box Zim, what's it for? Can I eat it?

Zim: Recycling for earth day.

GIR: Gee how come?

Zim: Well I don't know the origin for earth day but it involves making the planet as green as possible.

GIR: How are we effected by this?

Zim: I can't have this planet filthy.

GIR: OK......Can I eat the unrecognizable waste.

Zim: EWWW!

Recycling plant, day

(We see a lot of people waiting in line for the time to recycle)

Zim: GIR, This stock pile up reminds me of the Time I worked on the planet Foodcourtia.

GIR: How did that happen? Did it involve weapons.

Zim: After Operation Impending Doom I was flunked because of me I was banished there for several years under the work of the Fry Lord known as Sizz-Lorr he had a nasty temper and would put me on drive through every night.

Foodcourtia, night, inside

(We see Zim walk up to a speaker and we see a image of the alien ordering food.)

Zim: Welcome to Shloogorgh's Flavor Monster monster, thank you for using the fly through how can we help you?


Zim: I'm bleed from the ears sir, let's calm down. Were dealing with food not lasers.......NOW DRIVE AROUND!!!

(Then another space ship and an image of another alien.)

Zim: Hi miss can I take you're order

Alien #2: spth, sptha and pickles and this pickles and some larjis and pickles....

Zim: OK miss you seem to like pickles a lot. Are you trying to confess to me through the speaker? What are you even saying?! Hello!

Back to the Present........

Garbage guy: Sir it's time for you to unload.

Zim: GIR It's our turn.

GIR: right.

(Zim hands the garbage guy some of his items he's carrying.)

GIR: I like the way you think Zim.

Garbage guy: all these look right except for the cube.

Zim: What's wrong?

Garbage guy: what the heck is it?!

Zim: A hyper energize cube.

Garbage guy: Very well.

Zim: Time to go home.



. the entire drive through was based on a comedy skit the author has seen.

. the first alien looks something like this I Love Earth Mole_r10

. the second alien something looks like this I Love Earth Blobbi10

. Foodcourtia looks like this I Love Earth Foodco10

. in the back flash Zim is dressed like this I Love Earth Fast_f10

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Government Concil
Government Concil

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I Love Earth Empty
PostSubject: Re: I Love Earth   I Love Earth Icon_minitimeSun May 01, 2011 3:59 pm

i want to get a t-shirt that says I LOVE EARTH alien affraid alien alien alien alien

i thought it was sunny cheers cheers The Fly through window alien alien So cool

I like the aliens and how different font and sounds they make when placing their order cheers cheers

A REALLY GREAT FUN READ-and the effort really does have the spirit of EARTH DAYstatrted 41 years ago
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I Love Earth
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